Vocabulary List for All Quiet on the Western Front Directions

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Vocabulary List
All Quiet on the Western Front

  1. From the list on the back, choose 25 words that you do not already know.

  2. Define each word, including the part of speech (adj, adv, n, or v).

  3. Write an original sentence about All Quiet on the Western Front using each vocabulary word correctly.

  4. To get full credit, sentences must also be accurate (true) for the story and free of errors (spelling, grammar, punctuation).

  5. Words, definitions, and sentences must be typed.

  6. Be sure your words are numbered (#1-25)

  7. Follow the clear formatting of the example format (see below).


  1. Do not share your work; this is an individual assignment.

  2. There will not be a quiz over these words since everyone will have a different list.

Example Format:

All Quiet on the Western Front Vocabulary List

  1. sagacious (adj): wise or shrewd: having or based on a profound knowledge and understanding of the world combined with intelligence and good judgment.

Paul used to think his teachers were sagacious, but now he realizes they really knew nothing about war and what it means to fight for one’s country.

  1. reprimand (v/n): a severe reproof or rebuke, esp. a formal one by a person in authority.

Himmelstoss was reprimanded by a lieutenant for making Kropp and Paul clear the barrack-square of snow with a hand-broom and dust-pan.

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