Vocabulary: Battle of Bull Run

 In the East, seize Richmond, Virginia the

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In the East, seize Richmond, Virginia the Confederate capital; quickly capture the Confederate government

 In the West, seize control of the Mississippi River; prevent the South from using the river to supply its troops

 This maneuver would also separate Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana from the rest of the Confederacy
Confederate Plans

Fight a strictly defensive war until the Northerners tired of fighting

 When the war became unpopular in the North, Lincoln would stop the fighting and recognize the South’s independence

 The Confederacy counted on aid from Europe

 Cotton was grown in the South; European textile mills needed their cotton

 Europe, in need of this Southern cotton, would recognize the Confederacy as an independent nation

 Thus, continue to buy the South’s primary resource -- COTTON
Early Encounters
Forward to Richmond! Forward to Richmond!

Every day for more than a month, the New York Tribune published this on the front-page of their newspaper

Giving into popular public pressure, Lincoln ordered an ATTACK!!!
Battle of Bull Run

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880 -> Us history Super staar 131 Facts! Fort Burrows
880 -> Main Idea: In writing the Constitution, Americans drew on ancient traditions, Enlightenment ideas, and their own experience
880 -> Us history Fort Burrows The Nation Grows and Prospers 1790 1825
880 -> Main Idea: President Jackson showed the strength of his will in his fight with the Bank of the United States
880 -> Us history Fort Burrows Review Chapter 12 w/Yellow Answers
880 -> 10. 5 The War of 1812 Main Idea
880 -> Conquistador – ‘conquerors’ tribute – ‘payment of food & valuables’
880 -> Main Idea: Spain’s conquest, exploration, and colonization of the Americas brought wealth to some and tragedy to others
880 -> The American Revolution 1775 1783 1 Fighting Begins in the North read pgs 166-172
880 -> Vocabulary: Battle of Bull Run – first major battle of the Civil War, fought in Virginia in 1861

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