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Sequencing Vocabulary skills

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Sequencing Vocabulary skills

Teaching Vocabulary Using Storybooks
Critical Design Features of Storybook Instruction

  • Repeated readings of stories (alternated)

  • Classic stories or on lists of recommended readings

  • Performance reading style (Extended intro; few interruptions during reading, dialogue after reading)

  • 3 target words per story

  • Scaffolded story grammar intro and retell

  • How to Select Words to Preteach

  • Identify words that are critical to story understanding that are not explained in the text.

  • Select words students will "encounter" again (moderate frequency words)

  • Preteach meanings of words using examples, synonyms, definitions

  • Provide children opportunities to use the words.


Vocabulary Taught


Harry the dirty dog




Put in the ground and covered with dirt
Someone (or something) that you don’t know
Fast and wildly

Directory: kozloffm
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kozloffm -> Making Sense of What You Read and Hear, and Making Sense When You Teach Martin Kozloff You need to know this, and you need to teach it to your students

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