Vocabulary – Pre Civil War/Antebellum Era Gabriel Prosser

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Vocabulary – Pre Civil War/Antebellum Era
Gabriel Prosser – African-American slave who planned a failed revolt of more than 1,000 slaves in Richmond, VA

Harriet Beecher Stowe – author of the anti-slavery novel called Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Nullify – To void or do away with a law

Popular Sovereignty – the concept of allowing people to decide, by voting, whether or not they wanted slavery in their territory or state

Nat Turner – African-American slave who became an electrifying preacher and led a stunning revolt against Southern whites in Southampton County, VA

Abolitionist Movement – the crusade to end slavery immediately

Secede – to leave the Union

Fugitive Slave Act – law that required slaves who escaped to free states to be forcibly returned to their owners in the South

Stephen Douglas – Illinois Democrat who defeated Abraham Lincoln in 1858 for a seat in the United States Senate

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