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Scott D. Vander Ploeg
British Renaissance and Seventeenth-Century Poetry—Donne, Milton, Shakespeare, et al.; Generalist—American Literature, the Novel, Popular Culture

Madisonville Community College Home--

Humanities Division, Office 338A 537 West Center Street.

2000 College Drive Madisonville, KY 42431

Madisonville, KY 42431 (270) 836-1363

(270) 824-8684 --voicemail


Ph.D. in English, University of Kentucky, 1994: British Renaissance and Seventeenth-Century Literature

Dissertation: John Donne's Aesthetics: Art Against Doubt, dir. by John T. Shawcross

M.A. in English from Purdue University, 1982; B.A. in English from Purdue University, 1979

Language Proficiencies in French, German, Spanish ('small' Latin)
Professional Positions

Full Professor, Humanities-- Madisonville Community College, 2001-present

Tenured Associate Professor, Humanities-- Madisonville Community College, 1994-2000

Assistant Professor, Humanities-- Madisonville Community College, 1991-1994

Instructor, Humanities-- Madisonville Community College, 1988-1991

Teaching Assistantships, Departments of English-- University of Kentucky, 1984-1988

Purdue University, 1980-1982

Commentator: Essays (100+) for PBS Radio affiliate, WKMS, Murray, Ky., since May 1997.
A Thousand Acres of King Lear: Reading Shakespeare Through Smiley.” The Critic, Summer 2006.

“Guardian Angel,” American Popular Icons : The People, Places, and Things that Shaped American Culture. Dennis Hall, Susan Hall, Eds. Greenwood Press. 2006.

“But Can They Write Well? Teaching Quality to Composition Students.” The Writing Consortium, October 26, 2005.

"Stoker’s Dracula: A Neo-gothic Experiment?" in The Fantastic Vampire: Studies in the Children of the Night, Holte, ed. Westport, CT: Greenwood P, 2002.

"Reading the Caves of Davis McCombs," The Journal of Kentucky Studies 18 (Sept. 2001) 96-100.

"Framing Wyatt's Poins," Kentucky Philological Review 14 (March 2000): 40-44.

"Mason’s Characters Get Some College," Border States (April 1999): 47-55.

"Donne's 'Witchcraft by a Picture' as Evidence of a Performative Aesthetic," West Virginia Shakespeare and Renaissance Association Selected Papers, v 19 (1996) 51-61.

"Our Development as Professionals: A Tending of Conferences," Kentucky English Bulletin 1996, 77-81.

"Reflexive Self-Reference in Donne's 'The triple Foole'," Kentucky Philological Review, 1995, 39-45.

"Coping with LAN Syndrome," Networking Computer Composition Across Kentucky, Spring, 1992, 2-5.

Publications--As Contributor
Book Review: Jesse Stuart—The Heritage: A Biography, in Kentucky Philological Review, forthcoming 2005.

Book Review: An Instinct for Dragons, in Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. 2005.

"Dr. Faustus," "Pericles," "Richard II," "The Spanish Tragedy",Cyclopedia of Literary Places, Salem Press, (2003).

"Guy Davenport," "William Gass," "Ursula K. Le Guin," "Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.," in Critical Survey of Short Fiction, 2 Rev. Ed., article updates, (2003).

"The English Novel," Article Update, Critical Survey of Long Fiction 2 ed., Salem Press: April, 2000.

"Role Playing Games," Encyclopedia of U.S. Popular Culture, (1999).

"Fantasy Games." The Encyclopedia of Sport in American Culture. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 1999.

“Nocturnal Upon St. Lucie’s Day,” Masterplots II: Poetry Series Supplement (1998): 3270-3272.

With Kenneth Phillips. "Playing with Power: The Science of Magic in Interactive Fantasy." Journal for the Fantastic in the Arts (1998): 62-75.

"Boiardo," "Butler," "Donne," "Gascoigne," "Kesey," "Lovelace," "Milton," "Raleigh," "Pirsig," "Skelton," article updates in Cyclopedia of World Authors, 3 ed., Salem Press (1997).

"Poul Anderson's The High Crusade," "Stephen Brust's Brokedown Palace," "Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series," "Fritz Leiber's The Big Time," "Jack Vance's The Dragonmasters," in Magill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature 4v (1996).

With Yukie Asaoka Groves. Editor/Translator: Etsuro Hatakayama, "Reflexivity in John Donne's Songs and Sonnets." Tohokyu Gaukin Review, 1988. (Appended to dissertation, for publication, 1994).

Copy Editor: Oberwarth, Julian C. The History of the Profession of Architecture in Kentucky. Ed. William B. Scott, U Kentucky Press, 1988.
Presentations in Renaissance & Seventeenth-Century Literature

“Bordering on Heresy: Donne’s Strategy in ‘Metempsychosis.’” Rocky Mt. Medieval & Renaissance, June 2005

“Speaking in Ears: Milton Trumps Evil Annunciation,” Conference on John Milton, October 2003

“John Donne’s Art of Names,” MLA, December, 2002

"'Tis got by Chance, 'Tis kept by Art': Reflexive Lyrics and Donne's Spiritual Aesthetics," Invited Paper, South-Central Renaissance Conference, April 2002

"Shakespeare's Developing Fantastic," Intn'l Assoc. on the Fantastic in the Arts, March 2002

"The Secret Voyage of Hamlet, the Pirate," Plenary Session, Kentucky Philological Assoc., March 2002

“Inherent Medieval Heresy in Donne’s ‘Metempsychosis,’” Int’l Congress on Medieval Studies, May 2000

“The Nocturnall,” panel discussion, John Donne Society, February, 2000

“John Donne's Art of Naming,” American Names Society, December,1999

“Framing Wyatt's Poins,” Kentucky Philological Assoc., March 1999

“Milton at Swords,” Int’l Congress on Medieval Studies, May, 1998

“Malvolio’s Revenge,” Kentucky Philological Assoc., March, 1997

“Donne’s Problematic Names,” Clinch Valley Medieval/Renaissance Conference, September, 1996

“Language That Succeeds: Donne’s Curse in ‘The Apparition,’” Int’l Congress on Medieval Studies, May, 1996

“Good Knight, But Good Art?: Chaucer’s Narrative Game,” Sewanee Mediaeval Colloquium, March, 1996

“Raising Art by Razing Art: Guyon's Violence at the Bower,” Kentucky Philological Assoc., March, 1996

“Place Value in Rasselas,” Southern Humanities Council, February, 1996

“Donne's ‘Witchcraft by a Picture’ As Evidence of a Performative Aesthetic,” WVa Shakespeare and Renaissance Assoc., April, 1995

“Reflexive Self-Reference in Donne's 'The triple Foole,’” Kentucky Philological Assoc., March, 1994

“Critical Trends in Donne Scholarship: Implications for Readers,” Kentucky Philological Assoc., March, 1993

“Milton’s Leviathan,” Kentucky Philological Assoc., March, 1991

“Middlemarch and Madame Bovary,” Kentucky Philological Assoc., March 1986

“Donne's Sommerset Epithalamion,” John Donne Society, February, 1986

[ALSO: thirty-five presentations on other literary, pedagogic, and cultural topics.]
Professional Memberships
Kentucky Philological Association--elected Secretary 1998-2002; elected Executive Director, 2002

MLA, SAMLA, John Donne Society, International Association of the Fantastic in the Arts, South-Central Renaissance Conference, Popular Culture Association of the South

Teaching Experience & Awards

Instructor, Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program, Bellarmine U, summer 2006, 2007.

Teaching a 5/5 course load since the fall of 1988--with as many as 118 students per semester: Writing I, Writing II, English Literature Surveys I and II, American Literature Surveys I and II, Western Literature Surveys I and II, Introduction to Literature, Business Communications, Telecourse Introduction to Literature, Internet-based Writing I and II, Intermediate Writing, Writing I as a Computer-Aided Course.

Robert Giles Distinguished Advisor, Phi Theta Kappa, national award, 2003

Teaching/Scholarship Travel Grant—Oxford University—Regent’s Park College, June, 2003

Three-time Nominee to Who's Who Among America's Teachers in Two-Year Schools, ‘03, ‘00 & ‘98

Nominated by Madisonville Community College's Student Government Association for the UK Alumni Association's "Great Teacher" Award, 1995

Nominated by Madisonville Community College as "Outstanding Freshman Advocate" to the National Resource Center for The Freshman Year Experience, 1993

Institutional/Community Service

Board of Directors, Ky Humanities Council, 2001-2006 Great Books Discussion Leader, 1989-present

Chair, AA/AS Degree Committee, 2000-2001 Coach, Academic Team, 1989-1998

Advisor, Student Government Assoc., 1990-2002 Computers Committee, 1990-present

Advisor, Phi Theta Kappa, two-yr. hon., 1988-present Chair '99 SACS Graduation Reqs. Self-Study

Chair, Search Committee (5 times) Search Committee Member (9 times)

Faculty Council, 1994-1996, 2002-2003 Tenure and Promotion Committee, 1996-1997

UK Com. Coll. Sys. Honors, 1997-1998 UK Com.Coll. Sys. Dist. Learning 1994-1995

Tai-Chi Continuing Ed. Instr., 1992-present Senator to KCTCS, 2000-2002

Distance Learning Committee, 1997-2000 Chair 1990 SACS Library Self-Study

Chair Watershed Watch Steering Com.. 2000-present Kentucky Colonel, 1999-present

Hopkins Co. Library Funding Board, 2000-present PTA President, Jesse Stuart Elem., 2002-2004


Dr. John T. Shawcross Professor Sarah Oglesby Dr. Mary Werner

4818 Hartland Pkwy Madisonville C. C. Madisonville C. C.

Lexington, KY 40515 2000 College Drive 2000 College Drive

(859) 273-1233 Madisonville, KY 42431 Madisonville, KY 42431 (270) 824-8625 (270) 824-8691

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