Visit to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Visit to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art
A favorite activity of both native New Yorkers as well as tourists is a visit to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The “Met” is one of the largest and most comprehensive museums in the world. There are nearly three million works of art from a variety of periods. Egyptian, Far Eastern, Greek and Roman, European, and American cultures are all represented.
One of the most intriguing areas is the Egyptian art. There were beautiful displays of jewelry and unique sculptures, excavated from Egyptian tombs. There were also many displays of mummies and their beautifully carved and painted sarcophagi. But the most outstanding exhibit in the Egyptian collection was the Temple of Dendur. This Egyptian cult temple was built around 15 B.C. in ancient Nubia in honor of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Instead of being completely submerged by the waters of the Aswan dam, the Egyptian government gave the temple to the United States as a gift of friendship.
The temple was painstakingly disassembled in Egypt, and then reassembled in the United States. Today it is displayed in a light and spacious gallery in the Metropolitan Museum. It appears exactly as it did when it stood on the banks of the Nile centuries ago.

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