Vishrama Ghat

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The place we have just arrived at is called Annyor. The reason why it is called Annyor is because in Bengali annyore means bring more, bring more, and after hearing the story of Annyor you will know why it is called this.

Once the Vrajabasis brought thousands of samosas, pakoras and kachoris and tons and tons of milk and filled up Manasi Ganga and also filled up Surya kunda. Thousands and thousands of puris and milk-sweets like rasagullas, sandesh, gulabs and tons and tons of sweet rice. Just then Krishna came and said, why are you doing all this? They said, we are bringing all these things to worship Indra because he is the demigod in charge of rain and water is very important for our living. Krishna said, there is no need to do it. You don’t have to worship Indra for rain. Where does it say that only by worship of Indra one can receive rain? There are so many places that do not do worship to Indra that still receive rain. Also we do not derive any special benefit from Indra, even if he is in charge of rainfall, he pours rain on the ocean, and the ocean certainly doesn’t need any water. It is better that we offer all these nice preparations to the cows, to the Brahmanas and to Govardhana hill, then all our desires will be fulfilled. Look at all the cows eating happily the nice grasses of Govardhana and from that grass we get milk and from the milk we get butter and yoghurt and so many nice eatables. So you can see that actually Govardhana hill is providing all this for us, not Indra. As the name suggests, go means cows and vardan means increasing the pleasure of. Go also means the calves, the cowherd boys the senses. So Govardhana means to please all of these and he is the maintainer of all of these. So let us worship Govardhana hill a once. So began the splendid and magnificent puja and worship Giri Govardhana with tons of ghee and yoghurt and all the things necessary to execute the ceremony properly by the brahmanas.

After this in order to erase the last doubts of any Vrajabasis who still were unsure about His authority on the matter. Krishna said, have everyone bring as much prasadam as they have and Govardhana will accept everything. Then Krishna jumped up on top of Govardhana hill and took the form of Govardhana himself. He became huge with long arms that extended miles and wherever, when prasadam was offered immediately he extended his long arms and collected it and started putting it into his huge mouth and eating it. Within minutes he ate all of the prasadam that was offered to him, all the thousands and thousands of rasagullas, gulabs, ladhus and puris and all the tons of sweet rice. In seconds all the kundas and all the lakes that were filled with milk and yoghurt, He just drank right up. All the mountains of pakoras and samosas and kachoris were suddenly gone. Everything was finished. Not a thing remained. Krishna as Giri Govardhana had eaten everything by a mere twinkling of an eye. Then Giri Govardhana started calling out loud, annyore, annyore, bring more, bring more, annyore, annyore, bring more, bring more. The Vrajabasis realising that they had no more to give all became dismayed and began to worry. Then Krishna taking on his small cowherd boy form once more folded his hands together and started praying to Giri Govardhana. He prayed, O Giri Govardhana we are just poor cowherders. Where will we get more? How can we offer more than what we have already given to you? But Giriraja Govardhana ‘continued to cry out loudly, annyore, annyore, bring more, bring more! Krishna then said, whatever we had we collected and gave it to you for your complete pleasure and satisfaction then we worshiped you as opulently as we could. So kindly accept this and be satisfied, blessing us for our endeavour. Then the Brahmanas offered fresh tulasi leaves to Giri Govardhana and only after receiving these did he became totally and completely satisfied. He said, tiptos meen, tiptos meen, which means now I am completely satisfied, and then exhibiting his wonderful mystic powers, Krishna as Giri Govardhana miraculously returned all the food that he had eaten exactly as it was given to him. All the lakes and kundas were filled once more with milk and yoghurt and sweet rice. And the thousands of rasagullas and gulabs and ladhus and puris and samosas and pakoras and kachoris were given back just like they were before except now they were mahaprasada. It is a fact and this confirms it that when one gives to Krishna, you never lose, You can only benefit by giving to him. Krishna always gives back thousands of times more. Many times in ways we cannot even perceive. You can never, ever lose by giving to Krishna. Never! Gaura Premanandi!! Hari! Haribol!!

Govinda Kunda

Now we have arrived at Govinda kunda. Here, after Indra’s pride was smashed by Lord Krishna he came in great fear and accompanied by a surabhi cow from Goloka Vrindavan, he immediately fell down at the lotus feet of Krishna. He was conscious of his offense to the Supreme Lord and now being well aware of his subordinate position he appeared before the Lord and offered many prayers. After he had finished Lord Krishna said, my dear Indra although you are king of the demigods, I have stopped your yajna to revive your memory that I am your eternal master. You should always remember that. After this the transcendental surabhi cow offered her obeisances and along with Indra performed abhishek to Lord Krishna. Ganga devi appeared from the heavenly planets and Krishna’s lotus feet were bathed with Ganges water, milk, lotus flowers and Tulsi manjaris. this place, Govinda kunda was originally filled with these ingredients from the abhiseka ceremony of Krishna’s lotus feet along with yoghurt, honey and ghee. Of all the places of pilgrimage this place is one of the most auspicious. Govinda kunda is directly manifested by the will of Lord Krishna.

Our great acarya, Sri Madhavendra Puri also came here feeling deep separation from Sri Sri Radha Krishna. He had taken a vow that he would not beg for his meals; but he would only take what came to him of it’s own accord without any effort on his part. So three days passed by and Madhavendra Puri hadn’t eater anything. On the fourth day a beautiful blackish boy dressed in yellow dhoti came with a pot of milk and placed it before Madhavendra Puri. The beautiful blackish boy smilingly said, please drink the milk I have brought you because nobody fasts in my village. What kind of meditation are you doing? Madhavendra Puri in turn asked the boy how did you know that I was fasting and who are you and where do you reside? The boy replied, I am cowherd boy, I reside in this village and I must go very soon to milk the cows; but I shall return and with that he left. That night Madhavendra Puri could not sleep. At the end of the night after chanting Hare Nama he dozed a little. In a dream he saw the very same boy. The boy came to him and taking his band took him to a bush in a jungle. The boy said, my name is Gopala. I am the lifter of Govardhana hill. I was originally installed by Vrajanath, Krishna’s great, grandson. When the Mohammedans attacked, the pujari who was serving me in the temple hid me in this bush. Please bring the people from the village and have them remove me with care. Then please build me a temple on top of Govardhana and install me in that temple. Madhavendra Puri followed the instructions of Gopala perfectly and after installing the Lord with great pomp and splendour spent quite some time here in ecstasy performing devotional service and bhajan. The place of his bhajan kutir is still here and if you look can see it looking very elegant on the other side of Govinda kund.

ayi dina-dayardra natha he

mathura-natha kadavalokyase

hrdayam tvad-aloka-kataram

dayita bhramyati kim karomy aham

"O my Lord! O most merciful master! O master of Mathura! When shall I see you again? Because of my not seeing you, my agitated heart has become unsteady. O my most beloved one, what shall I do now?"

This verse was originally spoken by Srimati Radhika, when Krishna left Vrindavan to accept the kingdom of Mathura. By Her mercy Sri Madhavendra Puri composed it again. This was so that Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu would have the transcendental pleasure of tasting it afresh. Only Srimati Radharani, Lord Caitanya and Madhavendra Puri are able to understand the true purport of this verse. From this you can beGiri to understand the extremely, elevated position of Sri Madhavendra Puri.

Sri Madhavendra Puri was the guru of Isvara Puri who was the guru of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He was also the guru of Prabhu Nityananda and Advaita Acarya. Sri Madhavendra Puri is the original seed of the tree of devotional service to Krishna in madhurya rasa. His line belongs to the Brahma Madhva sampradaya originating from Lord Krishna to Brahma, from Brahma to Narada, from Narada to Vyasa and from Vyasa to Madhvacarya. Sri Madhavendra Puri’s acceptance of this sampradaya in the line coming from Madhvacarya means he is also in our parampara lineage of disciplic succession. Now there were 14 spiritual masters in disciplic succession between Madhavacharya and Madhavendra Puri, and during that time the process of deity worship had become dreadfully dry, full of ritualistic ceremonies with very little feeling of love for the Lord.

Sri Madhavendra Pun was the first person in our disciplic succession to exhibit ecstatic symptoms of love for Krishna in madhurya rasa. Before him there was no realisation of vipralambha, intense love in separation from Krishna, nor had anyone in our parampara line previously exhibited devotional service in madhurya rasa to Krishna. Sri Madhavendra Puri introduced these feelings for the first time and it is in him that this most precious seed of devotional service first fructified. Without being in the parampara line of Sri Madhavendra Puri it is not possible to have access to the sublime mellows of ecstatic transcendental devotional service.

krsna prema tanha yanha tanhara sambandha

tahan vina e iprmara kahan nahi gandha

‘This kind of relationship can be experienced only when one has a relationship with Madhavendra Puri. Without him, even a scent of such transcendental ecstatic love is impossible." (Sri Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya lila 17.173)

So we, the members of the Brahma Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya in the Madhvacarya line are eternally grateful to Sri Madhavendra Puri for this great benediction and wonderful blessing. Now in all humility let us give our full obeisances to Sri Madhavendra Puri for his mercy where he use to sit and perform bhajan here at Govinda kunda and for giving us the greatest benediction ever blessed upon this world... Krishna prema! Gauri Premanandi!! Hari! Haribol!!!

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