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This place Matvan is where the people here use to make pots. Mat means pot and so this village which use to make all the clay pots for Brahmanas, wedding ceremonies and many other things. Hare Krishna!


Lakshmi devi came here to do tapasya, desiring to participate in the rasa dance. Krishna told Lakshmi devi it was not possible for her to be admitted into the mellow of rasa lila in her present condition and status. Krishna told her that first she must be born as a gopi and then in the line of gopis, she would be allowed to enter the rasa dance. Lakshmi devi is the goddess of fortune and she performed tapasya for many, many years in order to be able to enter into the arena of rasa lila. But still Krishna told her she was not eligible to enter rasa lila until she was able to have the supreme good fortune of being born as a gopi in Vraja. So this excellent example of etiquette can give an astute and erudite devotee an understanding of how extremely elevated the position of the gopis truly is. Hari! Haribol!

Mana Sarovara

The place that we have just arrived at is called Mana Sarovara. Maan as you know is very transcendental. Maan means anger which is born from extreme love and possessiveness for the lover. But this maan cannot be compared to the materialistic conceptions that a male and a female exhibit in a relationship. What they consider to be maan is nothing more than simply mundane low down lust. But we are not talking about lust, we are talking about maan. This maan that we are talking about is even revealed within the scriptures. For example in the Srimad Bhagavatam we see that Kaikeyi did maan during the pastime of Lord Ramacandra. To make her come out of that mood of maan, Dasarath had to give up his life. But Srimati Radharani’s maan is not this type. When she is in maan, all the time She feels increasing ecstasy. She feels more and more the sublimest of mellows. She is more and more intoxicated by divine bliss. There is a world of difference between Srimati Radharani’s maan and the maan of this material world, which is mere lust. This place is therefore called Mana Sarovar because Srimati Radharani came here in this mood of maan.

Srimati Radharani is strongly vama, which means left winger. If She should at any time become subservient to Krishna’s mood, then the conjugal exchanges between them would be unbalanced and not exude that delicious taste of rasa that gives them both such exultation and satisfaction. Left winger means the beloved feels that the lover belongs entirely to her. She is able to feel independent from Krishna at times, but She always thinks He is Her sole property.

During the rasa dance one time Srimati Radhika was showing a very favorable attitude to Krishna. She told Him that Her legs were a little fatigued so if He wanted to carry Her anywhere He liked it was quite alright with Her. When Krishna heard this, He was immediately intrigued and pondered thinking, “My Radhe is a left winger. She never gives so easily what I desire even when She wishes to. How come She has become so submissive? I wonder what She is up too.” Krishna is not as attracted to Srimati Radhika in this mood of submissiveness, thus the taste of rasa is not as equisite and succulent for him. The Goswami’s have described that once during rasa lila Srimati Radharani became very insulted at the different qualities of gopis present. It seems that there were some gopis included that She did not feel were internally qualified to associate on the same level as She and Her sakhis. Anyway She left in a huff of maan, and Krishna, immediately missing Her presence, went chasing behind Her. She however totally ignored all His supplications and Krishna’s attempts at cleverness and wit were completely futile. She was so angry in this mood of maan that She kept Her face turned away and wouldn’t even look at Him. Finally in desperation Krishna threw Himself down at Srimati Radharani’s lotus feet embracing them. When Krishna raised His head up to look at Her, there were red marks on His face head from the alta, the red dye that anointed Srimati Radhika’s lotus feet. Only at that time did Srimati Radharani deign to look at him with side long glances and half closed eyes, to see what he was doing.

This is maan, transforming into the change of maan. This is the very special quality of Krishna’s pastimes. That is why He has four qualities which are extraordinary above all other incarnations. One of these is lila vaishista or the uniqueness of His pastimes. Such pastimes as He performed with Srimati Radharani it the form of maan and in the form of maan banjan. Maan banjan means, where Krishna tries to break Srimati Radhika’s maan. These types of activities give the extraordinary uniqueness to Krishna’s pastimes.

In the material world, maan is always identical with confrontation and conflict. Here on earth, maan is simply the exploitation of one personality over another to establish or increase in oneself a value of worthiness. In the material conception one has to nullify completely the emotional stability of the other, but not so on the spiritual plane. On the spiritual platform when Krishna falls at the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani, His ecstasy quadruples madly in an exorbitant abandon of leaps and bound onto immeasurable heights of indescribable delights.

Srimati Radharani is Krishna’s hladini Shakti. That means She is the embodiment of happiness, bliss and ananda. Every single particles of Her being is completely saturated and filled with this bliss. Ever cell, every molecule, every atom of Her most worshipable self is pure spiritual bliss. Srimati Radharani is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna’s highest internal potency. How could She possibly be anything else other than the purest spiritual bliss?

Srimati Radharani’s girlfriends and sakhis are repeatedly beseeching Her to forget Her mood of maan. The gopis are both fearful and concerned that their Lord and lady might have difficulties in reconciliation. So they do everything in their power to facilitate reunion. Sometimes they plead with Her, sometimes they even threaten Her, depending on how unrelenting Srimati Radhika has become towards Krishna’s advances. While the gopis are engaged in those activities the cowherd boy friends of Krishna, like Sridam, Sudam, Madhu Mangal and others would make funny faces to try to get Srimati Radhika to laugh or smi1e and break Her mood of maan.

While you are minutely reflecting over all these considerations, remember that with spiritual maan, the main impetus and primary aim of all these activities is solely to increase and enhance Krishna’s ecstasy and joy. This is actually the essence of bhakti yoga, to always seek to increase the pleasure and satisfaction of the Supreme Lord through our devotional service. Jay, Jay Sri Radhe! Jay, Jay Sri Radhe!! Jay, Jay Sri Radhe! Shyam!!!

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