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The place that we are now in is called Vatsavan. This is where Krishna killed the demon Vatsasura, who had come disguised in the form of a calf to kill him and his elder brother Lord Balaram. Here also was the pastime where Lord Balaram killed the demon Pralambasura, who had taken on the form of one of the cowherd friends of Krishna while they were playing. When Krishna and Balaram detected that a demon was among them, Krishna put his arm around the demons shoulder saying, “Now you will stay with me and I will always stay with you, even if you want to go I will not let you.” So they started playing a game where they divided themselves into two groups with Krishna on one side and Balaram on the other. The condition was that whichever side won would become the riders and the side that lost would have to become the horses and carry them. So Krishna’s side lost .At that time Krishna with his arm still encircling the demon handed him over Lord Balaram whose side had won. Lord Balaram took him from Krishna and hopped upon the demons back. Immediately, the demon bolted with the speed of wind far away into the distance. Krishna then gave his brother a secret sign, and Balaram prepared himself. At that time the demon flew up into the air and took on a huge horrible and terrifying form. But no matter how big he became, Balaram’s weight felt like it was going to crush him. The demon twisted and turned trying to dislodge him off his back. Then Lord Balaram simply hit the demon’s head with his two fists and cracked it open like a coconut and the demon crashed down to the ground dead. So this took place here and now let us all give our humble obeisances to this place and beg Balaramji for his causeless mercy.

Here also is where the cowherd boys use to wrestle with each other. One time Krishna was bragging in front of the gopis how He had valiantly completely defeated Sridam. Then Krishna went further saying, “In fact I defeated all the strongest cowherd boys. Nobody is as strong as I am.” The gopis looked at Him and laughing said, “You are just a big liar. You are not telling the truth. We have already heard that Sridam defeated you ten times in succession. So just stop all your bragging. We know it is all lies.”

Krishna still insisted that he was the strongest. The gopis challenged Him that if he could defeat the strongest among them, then they would agree that he was a good fighter. If he could not, then he would have to never again come around them and bother them with his empty boasting.

So Lalita devi took Srimati Radharani and tied Her hair and pulled Her sari up tight and tucked it into Her waist, getting Her ready to wrestle. But when they began, Krishna naturally, quite easily caught hold of Srimati Radharani and threw Her effortlessly to the ground. Then all the gopis cheered amongst much laughter. So these are just some of the radiantly wonderful pastimes that took place here. Hari! Haribol!!


This place called Parikham is where Brahma tried to test Krishna. Pariksha means to test. When Krishna killed the demon Aghasura, Brahma was flabbergasted when he saw the atma from the demon enter the feet of Krishna. Seeing this in wonder and amazement, Brahma stole away Krishna’s cowherd friends and cows to test His potency. It was extremely perplexing for Brahma to accept how this little cowherd boy could act so wonderfully He wanted to test and see if Krishna really was the Supreme Lord as he had been informed. So coming from the word pariksha is this place called Parikham. Hare Krishna!


Now we are at Chaumuhan. Chaumuhan means four heads. After Brahma had been confused and totally befuddled by Krishna’s superior mystic potencies, he realized that he had made a grievous offense. Falling down like a stick, Brahma placed his four heads in the dust at the lotus fee of the Supreme Lord, then weeping began offering choice prayers from his four mouths. Some of the cowherd boys seeing Brahma for the first time began laughing asking Krishna who is this with four heads. So this place got to be called Chaumuhan, from the four heads of Brahma. Haribol!


This place is where Krishna killed the snake demon, Aghasura who was the younger brother of Putana and Bakasura. He was sent by Kamsa to finish off Krishna and Balaram and get vengeance for the killing of his brother and sister. This demon was as big as a mountain and very long. But when Krishna saw all His cowherd friends fearlessly entering the demon’s huge mouth depending on Him alone, Krishna also entered the mouth of this demon. Expanding Himself in the demons throat, he caused the demon to suffocate and lose its life. Hare Krishna!


This is one of the twelve forests of Vraja. You must try to imagine how beautiful this forest was five thousand years ago when Krishna enjoyed His pastimes here. The cuckoos were constantly singing the sweetest of songs. The peacocks were dancing madly all over the place. The parrots were chattering gaily. The tamal and kadamba trees were exuding the most fragrant of scents. This whole forest was busy in the activity of being a beautiful place for Krishna to enjoy. Haribol!


Now we have come to Bhandirvan. This is the place of the rasamaya and rasamayi. One is the hero, the possessor of all the different mellows, and the other is the possessor of all the emotional sentiments that make up a heroine. We must be cautious and take great care that we do not see this in a mundane material way. Actually there is no such thing as rasa in this material world. What the rhetorical wranglers and speculative philosophers have attributed to be rasa is just lowdown lust.

There is a very nice description by Srila Jayadeva Goswami, where he talks about when Lord Krishna was an infant and Srimati Radharani, the daughter of King Vrishabanu was also very young. Some of these informations are also available in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana. Once when Nanda Maharaja was out with Krishna grazing the cows they came here. Suddenly the sky was overcast with dark billowing rain clouds and the rumbling roar of thunder could be heard in the distance. Nanda Maharaja was in a dilemma. He could see that a torrential thunderstorm was approaching and he did not want Krishna to get wet and catch cold. But if he left to take him home, what would happen to the cows? By the time he return, the cows would be scattered everywhere. Just then he saw Srimati Radharani passing by not far away. He called out to Her saying, “O my dear sweet Radharani. I see you are going home. Please take little Krishna along with you or else I am afraid He will catch cold from the rain that is surely coming.” Little Srimati Radhika agreed and Nanda Maharaja embraced his son fondly and bid Him farewell. Both Srimati Radharani and Krishna were about four years old at the time and taking each others hand they walked together for some distance and where they went and what they did we will find out when we go there next. Hari! Haribol!!

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