Vishrama Ghat

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At this place Nanda Baba and Krishna used to milk the cows. Pai means to milk and thus this place is called Paigram. Hare Krishna!


This village is the place where once Balaram concerned about His younger brother who had killed so many demons, asked Krishna if He was alright. Kharaut means are you well and so this name was given to this place. Haribol!


At this place Krishna proclaimed to the gopis that He was Shesh Bhagavan, and that He sleeps on the bed of Ananta. The gopis immediately challenging Him demanded that He back up his boasts by showing them. Krishna then called Anantadeva who came to this kunda. Krishna took His seat upon him and the gopis saw that Krishna was indeed what He claimed Hari! Haribol!


We have now arrived at Khelanvan it is full of esoteric meaning. When Krishna left for Mathura, Srimati Radharani was looking all over Vraja for Him. She went from one village to another. She went to all the twelve sacred forests, still She could not find Krishna anywhere. Finally She came here to Khelanvan. As She was coming, She was telling Lalita devi, “I looked everywhere for your friend, but I could not find Him. Maybe He is in Khelanvan playing because He used to love to play there. Come let us go there.”

Then Srimati Radhika called Vishaka saying, “Yamuna devi let us go, I want to see where Krishna is”. Yamuna devi said, “Don’t you see Krishna is playing with His hands outspread in the middle of these blue lotuses in my waters.” Srimati Radharani said, “Is that so?” Taking Vishaka’s hand, She jumped into the Yamuna. Yamuna devi is Surya the sun god’s daughter, so suddenly they both found themselves on the planet of the sun. Surya began to ask Her why was She lamenting so much, because the person She was looking for was right there. Yamuna devi then told her father not to make the mistake of thinking that by his power he could alleviate their mood of separation. Like when on the night of rasa lila Krishna had disappeared and caused Radharani and all the sakhis much consternation. Then when Krishna assumed His four handed Vishnu form just to make us forget this feeling of separation, we completely disregarded it and only asked for our beloved Shyamasundar. But He was not able to maintain that Vishnu form any longer in the presence of Srimati Radharani’s love and was forced to again manifest His two-armed Krishna form. So like this you can see that here simultaneously is existing the mood of separation as well as the ecstasy of reunion. Gaura Premanandi!

Ram Ghat

Now we are at the place of Balaram’s pastime called Ram Ghat. When Krishna was in Mathura, He refused to come to Vraja. Even after repeated requests, He still would not come. So Lord Balaram told Him there was not a single person as cruel as Him in this whole world. He said, “You are very cruel, My brother. You are traveling all over this earth. You are going to Hastinapura, Mithila, to the Madras provinces, even to the heavenly planets, and still you cannot make the trip to Vraja. Even if you do not want to stay, at least You can go and see Your father and mother and find out how they are doing. Is there anybody that can just totally forget His parents? And what about Your friends and the gopis? They are all waiting desperately to see You. You’re not just going to turn Your back on those that love You? You are the only person that I have ever seen with such peculiar habits. Come, My brother, let both of Us go to Vraja and see Our parents and meet with all Our friends and girlfriends. Let Us go at once.”

Krishna, hearing the words of His brother, broke down and crying said, “It is true, it is a fact. There is nobody more capricious or ungrateful than Me. What can I do? My heart is just filled with capriciousness. I do not want to be ungrateful to those who have loved Me and taken such good care of Me, but I cannot help it.” Talking like that to His brother Balaram, Lord Krishna fell down on the ground unconscious. At this time Balaram decided that even if Krishna would not go, He would go. Leaving Krishna in Dvaraka, He came to this place Rama Ghat.

When Lord Balaram arrived in Vraja, He met with His mother and father, Yashodamayi and Nanda Baba and His cowherd friends, and the residents of Vraja and all the gopis.

There are two classes of gopis: mother class and sakhi class. The mother classes are the older gopis who feel the mood of vatsalya rasa towards Krishna and Balaram. The sakhi class are those gopis that feel that they are the beloved of either Krishna or Balaram in the mood of madhurya. There are five types of sakhis: nitya sakhis, prana sakhis, priya sakhis and param prestha sakhis. Many of them are attracted to Krishna only in madhurya rasa, and many of them are attracted to Balaram only in madhurya rasa. The factual etiquette is that those gopis attached to Krishna in the mood of madhurya rasa would be attached to Balaram always in the mood of friendship only. And those gopis who were attached to Balaram in the mood of madhurya rasa would be attached to Krishna in the mood of friendship only. It is not possible for any gopi to be attracted to both Krishna and Balaram in the mood of madhurya rasa.

At that time Lord Balaram made a solemn promise to the gopis who were attracted to Krishna that He would in the future bring Krishna to them. Then Balaramji, assembling His own gopis, danced rasa lila here at Rama Ghat to His full satisfaction, while the gopis attracted to Krishna watched in appreciation from a distance.

Actually many people wonder why is Balaram performing the rasa dance? This has already been explained very nicely in the Caitanya Bhagavat. Balaram is the Supreme Lord. The only difference between Balaram and Krishna is just in the color of their complexion. Other than that there is no difference. They are both the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

After performing the rasa dance, Balaram and His gopis became enchanted by a marvelous scent. The demigod in charge of the ocean, Varuna, sent his daughter Varuni in the form of liquid honey which flowed from the hollow of the trees. The sweet smell of this liquid honey made the whole forest aromatic. Captivated by its allure, Balaramji and His gopis drank the honey which was like the nectar of the soma drink.

After drinking this delicious ambrosial beverage, Balaramji and the gopis became thirsty. Lord Balaram requested Yamuna devi to come so that they could refresh by drinking her waters and enjoying water sports. But Yamuna devi, not truly understanding Lord Balaram’s exalted position as Jagadiswar, the Lord of the universe that maintains everyone, refused to come. When Yamuna devi refused to come, Lord Balaram became very angry. With His plough He ploughed a path, and forcibly brought Yamuna here by His irresistible power.

Actually the Yamuna was flowing straight from Vrindavan to Mathura, but because of Lord Balaram, she began flowing in the wrong direction and became curved. When Yamuna devi saw the power of Lord Balaram, she realized that she had made an offense. She came forward in person and fell at His lotus feet begging His forgiveness with choice prayers.

Yamuna devi has two manifestations. One as the wife of the ocean and the other is her manifestation of the river Yamuna, which is very dear to Krishna. Yamuna devi is an expansion of Vishaka devi and only a partial manifestation of Vishaka devi is the river Yamuna. One must always understand these details in the proper perspective, otherwise one will be unable to factually comprehend the true significance of these pastimes.

Let us astutely analyze the situation. Lord Balaram forced the Yamuna river which is a partial expansion of Vishaka devi, to render him service. He did not force Vishaka devi, to the contrary, that would be rasabhasa, then there would be a wrong exchange of rasas because Vishaka devi is one of Krishna’s beloved gopis. Only Krishna can be her Lord and no other can ever execute that authority. The same exact rule applies to the gopis attached to Balaram.

After hearing the choice prayers of Yamuna devi, Balaram became pleased and forgave her. Then He and His gopis quenched their thirst in her excellent waters and enjoyed many water sports. Now let us give our full obeisances to this spot, Rama Ghat. Begging for Lord Balaram to always forgive us like He did Yamuna devi, let us take this water upon our heads. Jaya Baladeva! Hari! Haribol!!

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