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Now we have come to Kokilavan. Kokila is a cuckoo. Sometimes Krishna used to dress up like a cuckoo bird and cry out in a high voice imitating the sound of a cuckoo. Do you know why Krishna would act like this? You see this badri tree here? Krishna would climb up this tree in the night and call out loudly like a cuckoo in a high voice. Krishna had already informed Vrinda devi that as soon as she heard his cuckoo call, to come immediately to this place. He would also call the gopis by imitating the cuckoo’s call. The gopis, upon hearing it, would sneak out of their houses in the middle of the night and hurry to meet Him. So like this Krishna enjoyed His pastimes. Hari! Haribol!!


This village is called Parsau. Here when Akrura was taking Krishna and Balaram to Mathura, the gopis, crying and weeping, came and blocking the road forced the chariot to halt. Krishna feeling pained at seeing their distress climbed down and consoling them promised He would return safely and that it would surely be either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. In Vraja, parsau means day after tomorrow. So because Krishna made a promise here that He would return the day after tomorrow this vil1age got its name. Haribol!


This place Chatravan is the place where Krishna used to proclaim that He was the king of Vrindavan. He used to also have a white umbrella, which is a symbol of royalty for the Yadu and Vrishni dynasties. He told the cowherd boys to go and inform all the gopis that they must stop coming here taking all the fruits and flowers that rightfully belong to the king. If they continued to do so they would be punished. This happened here in Chatravan. Hare Krishna!


Here all the gopis proclaimed Srimati Radharani to be the Queen of Vrindavan and that as yet She has not chosen a king. So any rascal who proclaims to be the king but who has not been chosen by the queen must be caught and chastised. The gopis, hearing of Krishna’s boasting that He was the king of Vrindavan, got together many thousands of gopis and capturing Krishna and His friends brought them to Srimati Radhika and forced Krishna to bow down to the lotus feet of Srimati Radhika. Umerao means monarch and here Srimati Radhika became the monarch over Krishna, thus this place is called Umerao. Haribol!


Now we are in Khadirvan. This name is taken from Khaira. Khaira means to chase or pursue. When the demon Vatsasura assumed the shape of a calf intending to kill Krishna and Balaram, the two brothers pursued him through this place before catching and killing him. Here too is the bhajan place of Lokanatha Goswami and also in this forest are many, many mimosa gum plants Hare Krishna!


This place is called Baithan. Whenever there were any problems concerning Krishna. Nanda Baba, Upananda and all the senior Vrajabhasis used to meet here and solve whatever difficulties that may have arisen at the time. Haribol!

Charan Pahari

This range of low lying rocks is called Charan Pahari. We will now all go see and give our obeisances here to Krishna’s lotus feet imprints along with some of his cows. The sound 0f Krishna’s transcendental flute caused the rocks to melt. Hare Krishna!


Now we are at Kosi. What is the meaning of Kosi? Kosi is taken from the Sanskrit words kah asi, which means who are you? This was the answer Srimati Radhika gave Krishna when he came once to see Her. Sometimes at night Krishna would be coming from this direction on His way to Nandagaon and He would pass by Srimati Radharani’s house. But due to the ever present vigilance of Jatila and Kutila, Krishna would be unable to call to Her, so He wou1d make various noises with His hands, mouth, and fingers to attract Srimati Radharani’s attention.

Hearing these noises She would come to the window and say, “Who are you?” Krishna softly would reply, “It is Hari”. She would answer, “Hari?” In Sanskrit hari mean lion. So Srimati Radhika would reply, “We do not need any lion here at the moment. What do you want to do, eat us? Better you go back into the jungle where you belong.” Krishna would say, “No, no I am not that hari, I am Sri Hari.” She would reply, “Srehari you say?” Srehari is another name for monkey and so She would tell Krishna, “Isn’t it past your bedtime, monkeys must go to bed early at night so they can be a nuisance and pester everybody during the daytime. Monkeys are always causing mischief, stealing butter and fruits and breaking things all the time. No! No! It is better you go back to your home and go to sleep.” Krishna then said, “No, no, no. I am not that kind of srehari. Actually, I am Shyamasundara.” Another meaning for Shyamasundara is fresh blackish rain clouds. So Srimati Radharani answered, “What do we need rain for at this time? All this will do is put out are fires and we need them to boil the fresh cow milk that we have. If you must rain somewhere, better you go do it far away from here in a desert someplace! I am sure your water will be useful there.” Krishna then said, “No I am not that Shyamasundara, I am Cakri.” This is another name for Krishna who holds the cakra, but cakri can also mean potter. Whenever there is a marriage the potter makes many, big, earthen pots for cooking large amounts of food for the guests. So Srimati Radharani told Krishna, “We have no need for a potter here. No one is getting married. Best you look elsewhere for a wedding to sell your pots.” Krishna replied, “I am not that kind of cakri. Don’t you know me? I am Madhusudan.” Now madhusudan can also mean bumblebee and Srimati Radhika quickly used Her wit and retorted, “I am sorry, Mr. Bee, but all the flowers are asleep for the night. You will not be collecting any honey here.” Krishna then stopping all pretenses of disguise and wit finally answered, “It is me, Krishna.” But She knowing that Krishna can also be the name of a black snake told him, “You are dangerous, you have come here to bite us, we do not like snakes around here. Please go away at once.” In this way Srimati Radharani and Krishna enacted their pastimes. Whatever Krishna would say, She would cut it up and make a joke out of it. Thus increasing their transcendental pleasure.

These are just a few of the millions of pastimes that they performed in these places and they are still being continuously enacted eternally. Gaura Premanandi!! Haribol!

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