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Javat is the place of Srimati Radharani’s husband’s family. As you know Jatila is Srimati Radharani’s mother-in-law and Kutila is Her sister-in-law. We should always remember never to criticize them no matter how abominably it may seems that they treat Krishna. We should give one thousand dandavats to their lotus feet because they are always worshipable by us.

Once Jatila saw Krishna and she became immediately alarmed and disturbed. She called out to Him saying, “Oh You black snake! You venomous poisoner and ravisher of young girls! What are You doing here?” Krishna looked at her and with a slight smile replied, “Oh you evil witch hiding amongst the elderly gopis, I have come to bite you with My fangs.”

At the time Uddhava was accompanying Krishna. When he heard this most unusual exchange of words, he fell down on the ground laughing. Krishna turning to him said gravely, “You know Uddhava, when all these old ladies of Vraja hurl abuses and chastise Me, at this time I became very blissful and happy. There are so many great sages, philosophers, and erudite scholars who compose very sweet and wonderful verses praising Me in such delightful ways. But I do not feel even one drop of the joy or ecstasy from hearing them as I do from the association and exchanges that I have with the elderly gopis of Vraja.

Now I will relate to you a nice little lila that happened here. Once when Srimati Radharani was small she was playing with Her girlfriends. Suddenly the powerful sage Durvasa Muni appeared coming in their direction. All Her girlfriends ran away to their homes as soon as they saw him; but Srimati Radhika remained there where She was. When he came closer, She offered him dandavats. Seeing this, Durvasa Muni became very pleased and blessed Her saying, “O Radhe, whoever eats food cooked by You will enjoy the taste of ambrosial nectar, will never become ill, and their life span and youthfulness will surely increase.” Blessing Her Durvasa Muni went on his way.

Everyone very soon came to know about this blessing. So Yogamaya as Purnamasi along with Mother Yashoda came and told Jatila that she must send her daughter-in-law Srimati Radharani to the house of Nanda Maharaja everyday so that She can cook for Krishna. Hearing this, Jatila was feeling very much uneasy, but she could not but follow the instructions given by Purnamasi. So from that day on she would send Srimati Radharani every morning to cook for Krishna, accompanied by Her sakhis and girlfriends.

Now although Jatila sent Srimati Radharani, she was not at all very eager and pleased to do so. So she would create difficulties and situations that would impede and hinder Srimati Radhika from going. Once when Jatila acted in this way, she caused Srimati Radharani to feel the excruciating agony and pain of love in separation from Krishna. Just a moment would feel like yugas, and in separation from Krishna the whole world appeared to be empty to Her. Caitanya Mahaprabhu expressed a similar mood many times as verified in His Sikastaka.

yugayitam nimesena caksusa pravrsayitam

sunyaytam jagat sarvam govinda virahena me

(Sri Siksastaka, verse 7)

“O Govinda! Feeling your separation, I am considering a moment to be like milleniums. Tears are flowing from my eyes like torrents of rain, and the world seems void without You.”

Srimati Radharani’s husband, the son of Jatila is named Abhimanyu or Ian Gosh as he is called in Bengal. He is a mayic expansion of Krishna and his purpose is for enhancing Krishna’s pastimes.. Actually Abhimanyu is none other than Krishna. He is the manifestation of Krishna’s shadow. Krishna is the husband of all the gopis. Nobody else can be the husband. When Brahma stole all the cowherd boys and calves, Krishna expanded into all the cowherd boys and calves. What was but a moment to Brahma was a full year on earth. In that year, Krishna told His father that the coming year was a very auspicious year for marriages. All the cowherd boys and gopis should take this opportunity and get married as soon as possible. Purnamasi had also agreed that the coming year was very favorable for marriages. So all over Vraja, Krishna expanded as all the cowherd boys married all the gopis including Srimati Radharani.

Srimati Radharani is the embodiment of Krishna’s Hladini shakti, His highest internal potency. So it is out of question that Krishna’s shadow Abhimanyu could have any contact with Srimati Radharani or any of the gopi’s husbands have any contact with them. The gopis were totally surrendered to Krishna in every condition that exist in life and no other position was desired. It would not have been possible for Abhimanyu to even as much as touch Radharani’s hand. Her status of being married to him after Krishna released him and all the cowherd boys from Brahma’s abduction was a formality only to help insure that ecstatic madhurya rasa would be ever present in Vraja. How else could the delicate mellows which precipitates the intimate conjugal relationship between beloved and paramour be able to remain ever fresh

Some pranks of Srila Vishvanath Chakravarti Thakur

The name Javat is symbolic too. Ja means there and vat means tree. Under this banyan tree was the house of Srimati Radharani’s in-laws, the home of Her husband’s family.

Once Krishna, feeling so much separation from Srimati Radharani, pretended to be bitten by a snake. Krishna fell down and became unconscious and everyone frantically began looking for someone who could cure Him before the poison took full effect. Many people were called, but none was found suitable by Mother Yashoda. Finally Paurnamasi arrived with Gargacarya. After consulting with each other, they advised that the only way that Krishna could be saved was that if in the whole of Vraja there was one chaste woman. Chaste woman means a woman who is totally devoted and faithful to the man she loves in thoughts and in actions. This chaste woman should carry a pot with one hundred holes in it,filled to the top with Yamuna water and not spill a drop. With that water she should bathe Krishna. Then by the power of her chastity, this woman would be able to nullify the poison and Krishna would be saved. The power of this chaste woman would be so great that the water from the Yamuna would not be able to run out of the hundred holes. Immediately they began asking who was the chastest woman in Vraja.

It was reported to them by many that Kutila who was the sister-in-law of Srimati Radharani was such a lady of chaste and faithful character. Also her mother Jatila was also considered to be one of spotless chastity. Both of them were rather proud of their status as the chastest women of Vraja. Being mother and daughter, they both considered that it was due to their family lineage that they alone held this honor. So when she was approached to save Krishna, Kutila came forth willingly saying, “Yes, what you say is true. My mother and I are the chastest women in Vraja. I will take the water and save Krishna with it.”

She took the pot with the hundred holes and, dipping it in, filled the pot with water. She then confidently lifted it up. But to her chagrin and embarrassment, no sooner had she taken the pot out of the water, than all the water ran out of it. Without hesitation everyone started jeering and laughing at her saying, “Look at the very, very chaste woman who was going to save Krishna! The water ran out even before she pulled it up. Ha, ha, ha! You are not chaste at all. Let us go and find her mother.”

But Jatila, seeing the fate of her daughter and caring not to be insulted also, had already slipped away. Taking another pot with only few holes in it, she went to a pond to secretly test if she was as chaste as she thought she was. She dipped the pot in and as soon as she pulled it up, all the water immediately ran out. Seeing this, Jatila decided it was better not to be seen in the vicinity for a while. So she discreetly disappeared and could not be found when she was sought by the Vrajavasis.

Now the whole community was in a predicament because if there was no chaste lady to be found, Krishna could not be saved. They were beginning to feel desperate. Finally Paurnamasi, who was considered the guru of everyone in Vraja, and whose word was absolute law, came forward and said, “I think that we have all wasted enough time. We must now go and call Srimati Radhika. She is the only one who can do it and then Krishna will be saved.”

So all the people went to Srimati Radharani to request Her to do it; but She immediately refused saying, “No, no, no! I am not going to do it. Everyone is always ridiculing Me, saying that I am a kalakini, a woman of ill repute, and that I do not have a good character. Especially My mother-in-law Jatila and her daughter Kutila, they complain about me the most. No, no, no, it is out of the question. I could not think of doing it. You must find someone else.” Hearing this, the people became dismayed. They informed Her that Paurnamasi said that there was nobody else who could do it now that Kutila had failed, and Jatila could not be found. When Srimati Radharani heard that, She replied, “If Jatila and Kutila come to Me and insist that I go, then, and only then, will I do it.”

So all the people went and got Kutila and they brought Jatila out from where she was hiding. Paurnamasi and Yashodamayi and others told them that they must go at once and tell Srimati Radhika that She must go and save Krishna. “She will only go if you both insist, and if She does not go then there is nobody else who can save Krishna.” Then Paurnamasi, exhibiting her mystic potency, told them, “Both of you have tried and both of you have failed. So now you must do your part and insist that your daughter-in-law go save Krishna. If anything happens to Krishna, then Nanda Maharaja will leave his body, Yashodamayi will leave her body, and then I, Paurnamasi will also leave my body.”

Hearing this, Jatila and Kutila out of fear hurriedly went to Srimati Radharani and ordered Her to go. But she refused. Then they tried asking Her nicely, but she still refused. At last out of desperation, they began begging Her. She still refused saying, “No, I am not going. You always accuse me of being kalakini and so I do not want to see another man’s face.” Hearing this, Jatila and Kutila finally fell down at Srimati Radhika’s lotus feet and begged Her to forgive them and to please go and save Krishna before it was too late.

At that moment, Lalita and Vishaka came and entreated Her to go. Then Srimati Radharani relented and agreed to go. Srimati Radharani went to the Yamuna, took the pot, and dipped it in. When She raised it out of the water, not a single drop fell out. She then took the pot upon Her head and, gracefully like a celestial swan, carried the pot to Nanda Maharaja who was waiting for Her. And he and Gargacharya sprinkled the water upon Krishna. Krishna regained consciousness by the power of Srimati Radharani’s chastity and became alright once again.

Once Abhimanyu came home, and as soon as he arrived his sister Kutila came to him saying, “My brother, you never believe me when I tell you the truth. Go out to the forest this minute and you’ll see what’s going on in your family. You always say that your wife never meets with any other man, so I am telling you now to go and see for yourself.” At first Abhimanyu did not want to go, but after sometime when Kutila kept insisting, he thought, “Why should my sister lie to me? She must know something.” Thinking like this he quickly made his way into the forest.

Meanwhile Srimati Radhika was feeling a little edgy and nervous. A lot of time had passed and She felt that if She did not leave soon, She would be caught. Looking out among the trees, She saw Her husband approaching rapidly. She became extremely fearful and in anxiety began to panic. Krishna consoled and pacified Her saying, “Do not worry, just stand exactly as You are and leave the rest to Me.” Suddenly Abhimanyu angrily stomped in. But when he came in although Krishna was standing directly in front of him, he did not see Krishna. Instead he saw the form of Kali and Srimati Radharani worshipping mother Kali’s feet. Such was the power of Krishna’s mystic potency, and such was the splendor of the pastimes He performed here.

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