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Sri Rupa Goswami’s Bhajan Kutir

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Sri Rupa Goswami’s Bhajan Kutir

This is Rupa Goswami’s bhajan kutir, he lived here a long time writing about the transcendental pastimes of Krishna. So many important Vaisnava literatures he wrote, like Ujjvala Nilamani, Padyavali, Lalita Madhava, Dan Keli, Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu just to name afew

Tera Kadamba

Here also is the famous Kadamba tree that Rupa Goswami would sit underneath when he wrote. Whenever he would write about the paintul pangs of separation that radha and Krishna would feel, all the leaves from this tree would fall off, just like tears running downthe face of someone in pain. The tree would be actually crying feeling the mood of Sri Rupa Goswami. Yet when Sri Rupa would be writing about shambo or the ecstatic loving reunion between Srimati radhika and Krishna, then this kadamba tree would immediately start sprouting and blossoming fresh new leaves and flowers, so joyful was he that Sri Radha and k where again reunited.

These events occurred less than 500 years ago you may speculate and question how is it possible? Trees are subject to the an even lower evolutionary position than the humans are, yet by the mercy of a Vaisnava this kadamba tree was able to understand and appreciate intimate and confidential subject matters which even we are not yet eligible to comprehend.

So you can see that even a tree can be delivered by the mercy of a Vaisnava who is a bona fide representative of the Supreme Lord. Let us all now give our humble obeisances to this most wonderful kadamba tree that gave Sri Rupa Goswami sweet fragrances and shelter from the sun. Even companionship to the extent that this tree was able to assimilate and then reciprocate the same mood as Rupa Goswami and express it visibly by the shedding and regrowing of it’s leaves and flowers. Let us beg this all merciful tree to shelter us from the darkness of ignorance and to bless us to always desire the sweet nectarean fragrances of Sri Sri Radha Krishna’s pastimes. Hari! Haribol!!

Chach Kunda

Mother Yashoda use to churn yoghurt here and from that she would extract the ghee, and whatever was left was called chach. There was so much milk, yoghurt, butter and ghee in those days that all the chach would just be thrown away in this kunda. This is why this kunda is called Chach kunda. Of course today with so much modernisation and new methods of making milk products, fresh chach is very rarely made except by a few grandmothers who can still remember the process that they learned from their grandmothers. I can recall sometime before when some very tasty chach was presented to me; but for all practical purposes chach is very rarely heard of today although back then there was so much of it, it had to be thrown away in this kunda. Hare Krishna!

Lalita Kunda

Now we have come to the place where Lalita devi would arrange secret meetings between Srimati Radharani and Krishna.

Just look around, see how beautiful the place is. There are very nice kadambha and tamal and pilu trees decorating this area. These trees are very old and ancient, look their are one, two, three, four peacocks flying overhead and if you notice it feels like it is always spring here. This place is overflowing with the nectarous pastimes of Sri Radha Krishna. I will now narrate to you just one of the millions of pastimes that took place here, which I have heard from the mouths of the Vrajabhasis here.

There is an authoritatively accepted branch of sastras called stela purana which is the history of a particular place passed down from generation to generation by the local brahmanas and pandits of the area. So this narration can be considered as part of the stela purana of the this area.

One time Srimati Radharani and Krishna were talking very intimately, Krishna was discussing Narada Muni very extensively, He was explaining that Naradaji was famous for instigating disputes and quarrels between people. So Krishna instructed Srimati Radharani to be very careful and no to ever closely associate with Narada. He will start such a fight between us that we will be totally finished and not want to see each other again. Srimati Radharani said, “What fight could he possibly cause between Us? We will never have a fight.” Krishna shrugging His shoulders said, “Anyway, do not say I did not warn You.”

One day Narada Muni was in the area of Vraja and he came to Vrindavan singing the glories of Krishna, hoping to be fortunate enough to see some of the Lord’s pastimes. Krishna, hearing the very sweet singing of Narada and becoming extremely pleased, granted him a wish. Narada humbly folding his hand said, “My dear Supreme Lord, I have only one request, that You and Lalita devi sitting side by side, swing together in this spot, I only want to see this.” So Krishna said, “All right, this is not such a big request. It will come to pass.” Narada Muni receiving the Lord’s blessings went away.

One time Srimati Radharani was a little late in coming here to meet Krishna for a scheduled rendezvous. Krishna took this opportunity to fulfil His devotee’s request and called Lalita devi to come and swing with Him. Lalita devi, of course, refused because she gets pleasure from arranging and watching Srimati Radharani and Krishna’s intimate relationships. She does not want to participate, so she refused.

But Krishna insisted. Taking her by the hand, He made her sit next to Him and the sakhis began to swing them. When Narada who was passing by saw this happening, he immediately went to Srimati Radharani’s house and told Her, “Oh, You are sitting here so complacently. Don’t You know what is going on? You better go and find out what is going on! In the same place where You were supposed to have a rendezvous with Krishna someone else is already there in Your place. Actually You trust Lalita too much, You think she is so faithful to You. Maybe in front of You she is, but behind Your back it is another story. If I were You, I would immediately run to that spot and see for Yourself.”

Srimati Radharani became very anxious and went straight to the spot. From a distance She could see Lalita devi enjoying with Krishna on the swing, being swung by all the sakhis. Seeing this, Srimati Radharani became very upset and ran away from the place crying.

After sometime Krishna found out that she was very angry with Him and was not talking to anyone. Krishna tried to pacify Her in many ways, but She rejected all His attempts. She was not willling to hear any excuses. Lalita devi thought, “Oh my goodness, what am I to do? I had no intention of causing my lady any pain or sorrow, and now She is upset with me as well.

Krishna tried in so many ways to coax or cajole Her, but She would not relent. Finally Krishna said, “I warned You never to fall into close association with Narada Muni did I not? But You did not listen to Me. Now see what a mess we are in.” Krishna then told her of the request that he granted Narada, explaining to Her that Narada was so expert at causing riffs and arguments that he even fooled Her. So now I hope You understand and in the future never trust this person again.

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