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Nanda Bhavan

Now we have come to Nanda Bhavan in Nandagram. This temple has the Deities of Krishna and Balaram. Krishna is next to Yashodamayi, and Balaram is next to Nanda Baba. This is where Krishna and Balaram spent Their childhood pastimes. This is the palace of Nanda Maharaja in Nandagram where he and his family resided. Nanda Maharaja and Vasudeva were cousins, both of them had the same grandfather, Surasena. Surasena had two wives, one was from a Kshatriya family and one was from a Vaisya family. From these two wives he had two sons. The Kshatriya son was the father of Vasudeva and the Vaisya son was the father of Nanda Maharaja. Nanda Maharaja had four brothers Upananda, Abhinanda, Sunanda and Nandan. They were the five sons of Parjanya. Now all these sons except for Nanda Mahara had only daughters and Nanda Maharaja at that time did not have any children although he and Yashodamayi earnestly desired one. Parjanya during this period was very old, but he still had the hope that he would see a grandson before he died, which is a natural wish for any grandfather. He would go to the temple of Lord Shiva here and pray to him that his son, Nanda Maharaja would bless him with a grandson. Lord Shiva did indeed bless him and the Supreme Lord Krishna appeared. Hari! Haribol!!

Yashoda Kunda

This body of water that we see in front of us is called Yashoda kunda. Everyone used to go and take bath in Pavana Sarovara and it was always crowded mostly by men. Yashodamayi wanted to take bath in a quiet and private place, so she chose this place for her own and sometime she would bring Krishna here for bathing. Let us go on top, up here is where Krishna performed his haubilau pastime. Hare Krishna!


Once Krishna was so engrossed in playing that forgot about everything, bathing, eating and resting. On this day He just did not care what time it was or what He had to do. Mother Yashoda was very anxious and worried about Him. She was nervously looking and waiting for her little son to appear so she could bathe Him and feed Him and let Him take a nap. Still Krishna did not come. Finally she sent Mother Rohini to go find Krishna, Balaram, and their friends and bring them back. Rohini devi came to this place and began calling loudly, Krishna, Balaram it is time for taking baths and having lunch; but when the two boys heard her calling They ran the other way and hid themselves. Rohini devi ran after them, but it was not possible for her to catch these two mischievous boys as They ran round and around trees and large stones.

Exhausted, she told them that she was going home to tell Yashodamayi and have her come and get them. When Mother Yashoda was informed she marched down here and began calling and looking for Krishna an Balaram. But the two boys were so busy playing that They did not even notice that Yashodamayi had come. She quietly crept upon Them and in a soft voice she said, “What are you two boys supposed to be doing? Don’t you know it’s well past the time for Your bath and lunch? You should both be taking rest at this time. You boys go home also and if your mothers are angry with you for being late you can come and take your lunch with Krishna and Balaram.” In this way she tried to entice them, but Krishna and Balaram were not willing and immediately they ran away. Mother Yashoda, knowing that she would be unable to catch Them, suddenly had an idea. She said, “If you don’t hurry up and come the bogeyman will get you.” The boys turning around asked, “What is a bogeyman?” Yashodamayi answered, “You don’t know the bogey man? With huge mouth and sharp pointy teeth, long ears, and horrible red eyes with hair sticking straight up and fire coming from his nose. This bogeyman is coming to get Us and put Us in a sack for his supper if we don’t hurry away from here. He is just around the corner. Krishna and Balaram told her, “There is no bogey man, we don’t believe in that.” But Mother Yashoda said, “Oh yes there is. I can hear him coming now.” Looking back, behind fearfully she let out a cry and turning back towards the boys she began running in fear. Krishna and Balaram, who had never seen Yashodamayi act in this way before, thought that it must be true. Grabbing each others’ hands with all the cowherd boys ran after her as fast as they could all the way home.

When they got home safe but out of breath, mother Yashoda quickly bathed and dressed Krishna and Balaram. She then brought them to the dining room where Nanda Maharaja was waiting patiently. Each boy sitting on either side of him began relating to him between bites about the dreadful hau and how they narrowly escaped capture. So this is the place of Krishna’s haubilau pastime and it is a little above Yashoda kunda. Haribol!

Charan pahari

You may remember that we already had darshan of Charan pahari in Kamyavana. Now we are looking at the lotus feet impression of Krishna here, it is near Pavan Sarovar.

When Akrura came to Nandagram from Mathura and alighted from the shiny, new chariot that Kamsa had given to bring Krishna and Balaram back to Mathura, Akrura looked on the ground at the numerous footpints and he immediately recognized the lotus feet impressions of Krishna. When he saw the Lord’s lotus footprints, known by the symbols of Lord Narayan and Lord Vishnu, the chakra, the flag, the goad, the lightning bolt, the lotus flower, all together the nineteen symbols which appear on Lord Krishna’s lotus feet. Both His feet and His hands are marked with different symbolic impressions, and these symbols have never been seen in any other incarnation except in the incarnation of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. When Akrura saw the dust on the ground that had been blessed by the lotus feet of the Lord, he instantly fell down like a stick and began to roll in this dust in ecstasy. The little lake that we just had darshan of is known as Khir Samudra or the ocean of milk and now we will go to the top of this little hill and have darshan of Ksirodakasayi Vishnu. He is lying on the bed of Ananata Sesa and Laksmi devi is massaging His lotus feet. So we will now go and beg Ksirodakasayi Vishnu for whatever mercy He desires to give us and after offering Him our humble obeisances move on from here. Gaura Premanandi!

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