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Gopal Bhatta’s Bhajan Kutir

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Gopal Bhatta’s Bhajan Kutir

This place was the bhajan kutir of many of the Goswamis. In fact Gopal Bhatta Goswami did bhajan here for a long, long time. Where we are presently is his bhajan sthali. Also in some places in this area Srimati Radhika and Krishna would swing and sometimes in some hidden grove Krishna would perform rasa lila. There are many little intimate pastimes like this in the area of Sanket. Hare Krishna!


This mountain that you see is called Nandisyara. This is the place of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva had prayed ardently to Krishna to be allowed to witness His transcendental pastimes. Lord Shiva performed tapasya for many centuries and Krishna becoming pleased asked him what he wanted. Shiva said please allow me to become a mountain in Vrindavan, then the gopis stepping upon me would leave me the dust from their lotus feet. If that is to much to ask for, let me be just a stone on the road so that those blessed souls who are the sweepers of the Holy Dham and who are constantly in contact with the dust of Vrindavan, would as they pass by sweeping, rub their feet upon me. This is all that I desire. At hearing this Lord Krishna became very pleased and granted Shiva this boon. Shiva took this form of Nandisvara Mountain and Nandagram is built upon him. So now let us pray to Lord Shiva that he bless us to always have humble desires like him that will please the Supreme Lord Krishna.

Nanda Maharaja and his community lived in Nandagram jusi prior to the advent of Lord Krishna. Once due to unfavorable sign a meeting was called of all the residents and an assembly led by Upananda, the elder brother of Nanda Maharaja decided that it was better to leave Nandagram at once and find a more suitable place for living. They reasoned that Nandagram must not be very auspicious at the present time because Nanda Baba and Yashodamayi are not having any children, there is hardly any nice grasses growing for the cows and the Yamuna is so far away, thinking like this they decided to move to Gokula immediately.

It is very beautiful there, right on the bank of the Yamuna, with nice fresh and sweet grasses for the cows to graze, they will become fat and healthy and maybe this place will be so auspicious that Nanda Maharaja will get a son. So they got everyone to pack. All the people from the village, the Vrajabhasis, even those from the lower classes who lived outside the viillage, everyone was called and they all moved in mass to this new place called Gokula. Very soon after moving to Gokula, mother Yashoda bore Nanda Maharaja, the Supreme Lord as their son, Krishna.

Many people, especially the modern day Vrajabhasis who are a little unknowledgable and misinformed about the actual tattva think that Krishna actually appeared in Mathura. This is not the truth. Krishna appeared in Gokula in His full fledged form as the Supreme Lord with all His potencies. Krishna’s partial expansion, His four armed expansion of Narayana, appeared in Mathura in the womb of Devaki in the dungeon of Kamsa’s palace.

After staying in Gokula three years and four months they began to be harassed by the demon friends of Kamsa, like Putana and Trinavarta. So leaving Gokula, Nanda and Yashoda took Krishna and Balaram and with their community went to Chattikara and Vrindavan. And Vrishabanu Maharaja and his community went to Raval. After here Nanda Maharaja went to Dig and after there he went to Kamyavan, the place of Yashodamayi’s parents. Vrishabanu Maharaja at this time also came to Kamyavan with his family. After this they went to a place named Kelanvan and after staying there for some time they returned to their original places of Nandagram for Nanda Maharaja and Varsana for Vrishabanu Maharaja.

Here in Nandagram is the first time Krishna and Balaram took out the cows for grazing. Before in Vrindavan and Chattikara and at other places, they took only the calves for grazing. Now They had grown enough to be allowed to take the cows. Kokilvan is also very near here and Krishna used to disguise himself and meet Srimati Radharani there. This is also where all the gopis got married.

From here Krishna would take the cows for grazing. We will go there later. That is where Rupa Goswami was doing his bhajan. In the evening when it was time to return home, Krishna would play the flute and calling the cows, they all would come running. The cows were divided into herds by their color: red, black, white, or yellow. In each color there were twenty-five further divisions making a total of one hundred herds. Added to this were eight groups for the cows that were spotted, speckled, with heads shaped like a mridanga or with tilak marks on their foreheads. This totaled up to be 108 different herds of cows.

The reddish cows had names like Aruni and Kumkumi, the blackish cows had names like Shyamali and Krishangi, the whitish cows had names like Dhavali and Candani and, the yellowish cows had names like Pitambari and Pingali. Each of the 108 different herds had a herd leader and when Krishna would call them with His flute, each herd would happily come running to meet Him. As they would come Krishna would touch the herd leaders snout with His hand and count each herd on a string of 108 jewel beads. If any cow was missing amongst the nine lacs milking cows belonging to his father, Krishna would immediately go chasing after her and call her by name. Krishna knew the name of every cow in all of the 108 different herds and the cows hearing their names would bellow in joy and come running.

You see this road coming from Varsana to Nandagram. This the way Srimati Radharani used to come along with Paurnamasi to cook for Krishna each morning. This is the place where Krishna and the entire family would take prasad. Nanda Maharaja would sit down with Krishna on one side and Balaram on the other. He would feed the first mouthful to Balaram and the second bite he would give to Krishna. Then he would take food himself along with his family. The cowherd boys and their families would take their meals at the same time and they would all enjoy prasad together.

Sometimes when Krishna was sitting here eating, Srimati Radharani would be looking from that window to see what Krishna was doing. She had just made some special laddus some manohar laddus that are very sweet and very nice and She was anxiously watching to see how Krishna would react when He ate them because she had cooked them especially for him. When Rohini devi placed the sweets on His plate, Krishna knew immediately that Srimati Radharani had made them. Looking from the corner of His eye to make sure that She was looking, Krishna picked it up with a big smile on his face. But no sooner had He bitten into it then His smile changed to a frown. Knowing that Srimati Radharani was watching He would slyly slip them all onto the plate of Sridam, Her younger brother, who would eat them all beaming with pleasure. The actual esoteric understanding is that the way to surely please one’s beloved is to please the loved ones of one’s beloved. This is the actual way to please one’s beloved. Srimati Radharani’s younger brother was fully satisfied and so naturally seeing him satisfied and understanding that Krishna had been only playing, She also became fully satisfied.

Now let us all reverently and humbly pay our obeisances to this place. These places are rarely to be seen by such exalted beings like even Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva. We have been able to come here only by the accumulation of pious actions in our past lives and by the mercy of the Vaisnavas. From here we will go to the place where the Brahmar Gita was spoken and after we will go to the place where Nanda Maharaja called the assembly when he was worried about Krishna’s health and well being. It is a very important place because the Supreme Lord Krishna is always thinking about everyone’s well being, always concerned about everyone else, but who thinks about the Supreme Lord’s well being? It is Nanda Maharaja and that is what we will learn about next. Gaura Premanandi! Hari! Haribol!!

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