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At this particular place only Krishna’s beloved sakhis and manjaris were allowed to come. Others in the mood of less than ecstatic madhurya rasa had no eligibility to enter here. This is where Vrinda devi makes all the arrangements for the meetings between Srimati Radhika and Krishna This place is in between Nandagram and Varsana and is very near Jaccati. This was the meeting place of Srimati Radharani and Krishna and this is the place where only ecstatic loving pastimes were performed.

Both Srimati Radharani and Krishna would always find some way or the other to get out of their palaces and come and meet here in Sanket. They would fool their parents and then by prearranged plan meet here. They would cover the light in their bedrooms so no one could see their shadow or they would pretend to fall asleep early in the evening so they could be excused to go to bed and then slip out and meet. These pastimes are all described in detail in the Govinda Lilamrta and because we don’t really have the eligibility to speak about these intimate pastimes it is better we leave it like this.

In Sanket no male person could ever enter. This was a dark deep forest and even sunlight could not enter. Each one of the sakhis and manjaris had their different groves and kunjas and no unauthorized female was ever allowed in. So from this you can see that extremely intimate pastimes took place here Sometimes Krishna would go to Srimati Radharani’s grove while Chandravali and her party led by Padma would make a nice bed of forest flowers. After Krishna had spent some time with Srimati Radharani He would go to Chandravali’s grove and the hour being very late Krishna would relax on a beautiful bed of wild forest flowers covered from head to foot with kumkum and sindhu from the intimate associations He just had with Srimati Radharani. Chandravali and Padma seeing this would wish to make fun but because Chandravali loved Krishna in a mood of passivity she would not address Krishna directly about this but would refer to it in an indirect manner. Krishna still being totally bemused and bewildered by His association with Srimati Radharani would answer Chandravali by calling her Radharani. Many confidential and intimate pastimes like these were enacted here. These pastimes are not for our observations at this time because they are too elevated and esoterically profound for our comprehension. Now let us take the sacred dust from this place and apply it upor our head and wish, hope and pray that in some distant future birth we may be able to take part as a listener and hear about these highly confidential and intimate pastimes.

Sanket devi

Now we are at the mandir of Sanket devi. Sanket devi is Yogamaya. She arranges the meetings between Srimati Radhika and Krishna in Sanket. Krishna comes at a certain time in the night and Srimati Radharani as well, after receiving a sign fron yogamaya. The sign might be a double rainbow in the sky at an auspicious time or a smile on the face of the moon when it first rises or darkish rain clouds over head with excessive lightning bu no thunder, things like that.

Sanket Bihari

Now we are at Sanket Bihari mandir. Bihar means to do pastimes and murtis of Krishna and Srimati Radhika and the gopis are here for having ennacted so many pastimes at this place.

Rasa Sthali

This is Rasa Sthali so named because it was a favorite site of rasa lila for Krishna. By Krishna’s mystic potency, when yogamaya would give a sign that was very auspicious. Srimati Radharani would gather up the gopis and they would all come and meet Krishna here for the rasa dance. Now we shall hear a very nice lecture about Krishna’s mystic potencies.

Krishna spent 96 years and eight months in Dvaraka and then after finishing His transcendental pastimes, Krishna took all his associates and devotees in their original forms and returned back to the spiritual world. Although it is mentioned that the members of the Yadu dynasty were fighting amongst themselves and that they all totally destroyed each other, factually all this was going on like activities in a dream state. In reality it did not happen at all; but like one’s consciousness during a dream appears as real these activities were perceived as real also.

These transcendental pastimes of Krishna are extremely esoteric and difficult to comprehend. It is impossible for them to be understood by mundane considerations such as logic, reason or mental speculation.

All these exhibitions of the Yadu dynasty fighting and killing each other, Nanda Maharaja and Mother Yashoda crying their eyes out, Srimati Radharani and the gopis lamenting and almost dying due to separation from Krishna, these things are not actually transpiring at all. This is not the proper way to perceive these activities. This is not the correct understanding. These exhibitions are all happening due to the mystic potencies of Krishna. Factually they all went back to the spiritual sky in their original forms along with the Lord and evexything else was simply caused by Krishna’s transcendental mystical potency.

This mystic potency of Krishna is powerful and bewildering. When Brahma stole the cowherd boys and calves, even Lord Balaram who was at home that day celebrating His birthday, was not able to comprehend that Krisha had expanded into an exact duplicate of each boy and calf along with their corresponding mentalities, personalities and all of their accompanying paraphenalia; their flutes, their goads, their bugles, their buffalo horns, their binding ropes, their lunch tiffins, their jewelery, everything.

This is just one example of the many millions of pastimes that show the magnitude and awesomeness of Krishna’s transcendental mystic potency.

We read in the scriptures that Lord Krishna does not take a step out of Vrindavan or in Mathura it is said that He never leave Mathura and in Dvaraka it is said that He never leaves Dvaraka. The same understanding applies for Lord Balaram. So where does Krishna go? This is the meaning of aprakrita lila. This is the lila that appears to disappear. These aprakrita lilas are still going on they are eternal, but we can not see them. So when the Lord displays these aprakrita lilas only the rasik devotees can see them from within their hearts and they can see them manifest in the real Vrindavan and not the maya Vrindavan, which is all that we are able to see. These aprakrita lilas are eternally and constantly going on. By the mercy of the spiritual master and the Vaisnavas we may be blessed in some distant, future life to see these pastimes manifest within our hearts also. Vancha kalpatarubhyas ca, krpa sindhubhiya eva ca, patitanam pavanebhyo, vaisnavebhya namo namaha.

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