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Where we are now is the birthplace of Vishaka devi. She was born here from father Subanu Gopa in the womb of mother Devadani. One time Srimati Radhika was sitting here putting on her makeup while the gopis were dressing themselves very nicely. She was just about to put on some anjan, which makes the eyes look extremely beautiful, when Krishna began playing His flute. She and all the gopis started running towards Him. Krishna took Srimati Radhika’s hand and sat Her down on His left side and looking at Her began to think how beautiful She looked. But then He looked at Her and asked how it was possible that there was no anjana on Her eyes? Srimati Radhika told Him that She had no time, for as soon as She heard His flute, She immediately ran to Him. Krishna gallantly told Her that He would apply it on for Her. So Krishna told the gopis to bring some anjana and in this place He applied it to Srimati Radharani’s eyes and She looked very beautiful. Hare Krishna!

Prema Sarovara

Now we have come to Prema Sarovara. Here Srimati Radharani and Krishna exchanged many intimate and confidential pastimes. Once Srimati Radharani was sitting in one of the groves here when suddenly a big black bumblebee came buzzing in and started circling around her lotus feet, taking them to be lotus flowers. Becoming afraid she requested Krishna to make it go away. Krishna made a sign to Madhumangal and told him to chase it away. Madhumangal ran and chased the bee very far away. Now as you all know madhusudan is a name for bees and also a name for Krishna. When Madhumangal returned he proudly announced, I have chased madhusudan very far away, he will never return. No sooner had Srimati Radharani heard that Madhusudan would never return, even though Krishna was sitting right next to Her, She was immediately struck by the arrow ol separation. She fell to the ground weeping and beating Her breast cying, O my beloved Madhusudan is gone, my beloved Madhusudan is gone. Seeing this ecstatic display of love in separation, Krishna became overwhelmed and He also began to shed tears of ecstasy. So both of them were shedding incessant tears of love for each other and these tears ran down and formed this lake. This water is the melting of their hearts. Their hearts melted together in love and becoming tears formed these waters called Prema Sarovar.

Now let us all give our humble obeisances here at this spot and pray that our hearts which are filled with the frozen ice of unwanted desires, melt a little and allow us to understand the true signifigance of these glorious pastimes. Now we shall hear a very nice lecture about why Krishna left Vrindavan.

After the pastime of Prema Sarovara, Krishna reflecting began to consider not to stay in Vrindavan any longer. Krishna had decided to leave Vraja and it has been described by the Goswamis that after this time Krishna prepared to go to Mathura. Why did Krishna go to Mathura and why didn’t come back? And even if He didn’t come back to stay, why didn’t at least come to visit and find out how everything was in Vraja? These are always the questions that serious students of Krishna katha desire to know and Srimad Bhagavatam extensively explains this puzzling phenomena. By the mercy of the Vaisnavas I will attempt to speak about it.

In Mathura, Kamsa had two queens, Prati and Asti. They were the daughters of King Jarasandha. After Krishna had killed Kamsa, the widowed queens taking all their belongings returned to their father’s palace. Jarasandha all during the time that Krishna was living in Vrindavan had been assisting Kamsa in his attempt to harass the Vrajabhasis and destroy Krishna. So when his daughters returned they approached their father sobbing and wailing, tearing their hair and clothes, complaining to their father about the unfair murder of their husband, Kamsa. They told their father that Kamsa had actually done nothing. He was just watching a wrestling match in the arena and Krishna and Balaram came and murdered him and all his brothers. Jarasandha hearing this became very enraged and swore to his daughters that he would destroy both Balaram and Krishna along with all the Yadu dynasty.

The external consideration is that Jarasandha wanted to take revenge due to the plight of his daughters. As we know he would attack Krishna 18 times in the future. Krishna knew this would happen and He also knew that if He stayed in Mathura He would have the protection of a big fort, a strong army fully equipped with weapons, horses, chariots and elephants and professional, seasoned soldiers with which to fight and defeat Jarasandha. Then He thought that if He were to stay in Vraja, Jarasandha would know that Mother Yashoda and Nanda Maharaja were His real parents and that Vraja was the place where He actually lived.

Then Jarasandha would bring his armies and attack. The residents of Vraja are all concerned with cows and agricultural development. They are vaisyas no ksatriyas. The only weapon they know is a goading stick for tieying cows. They never learned how to fight. They will be massacred. Thinking like this Krishna decided to stay in Mathura until Jarasandha was defeated and subdued. Krishna had by this time annihilated so many demons and disturbing elements; but there were still a few left.

So according to Srimad Bhagavatam Krishna returned to Mathura for these external reasons; but we see that even after He defeated and subdued Jarasandha, still He did not return to Vraja. So the conclusion is there must be some esoteric reason why Krishna did not return to Vraja. There must be some very confidential, internal reason for this seemingly contraditory behaviour. Krishna thought, there is no way I can take all the residents of Vraja with me to Mathura or Dvaraka, This is not possible. What would they do? How could the gopis and the cowherd boys live in Dvaraka? Dvaraka is so opulent and filled with such grandeur and splendour. They would feel totally out of place if I brought them there. In Dvaraka my beloved gopis would not find the Yamuna, they would not find beautiful little forest groves, they would not find peacocks playing or forests of kadamba trees and I would never want to take them away from Govardhan. Also Mother Yashoda and Nanda Maharaja would not feel comfortable in the court of Devaki and Vasudeva, they all would feel out of place. And my most precious and beloved Radharani, I could never take Her from the paramount position of beloved and paramour and place Her on the platform as one of my queens.

My queens only love me in the mood of awe and reverence and oppulence; but my most worshipable Radharani’s sweet, precious love is in the mood of paramour and beloved and is always superior to the mood of my queens. It would never work. It is impossible. Yet if I remain in Vraja will that be best for my beloved Srimati Radharani? So many times I was embracing Her in my arms and even then She was under the influence of love in separation and with all the gopis would start crying and lamenting. No, it’s impossible. If I stay here I will just be a source of pain and distress to Her and the gopis. But if I am away then they will be overwhelmed with strong feelings of separation, always remembering the wonderful pastimes we shared together. Always thinking about me in this intense mood of separation will keep Me eternally situated within their hearts and it will be as if I am always here.

What does viraha mean? Viraha means the external perception goes inside and then the outside world ceases to exist and transcendental bliss is felt and experienced within. Now in reunion it is just the opposite. All the feelings that one keeps safely in one’s heart bubble out and all these emotions are externalized. The beloved is there before me, now I can take him in my arms, whisper sweet words in his ear and show him how much I love him. The internal perception has stopped and the external process has began. So in vipralamba or the mood of separation all emotions are internalized; but in reunion all these same feelings are expressed externallly.

So considering all these things in this light Krishna left Vrindavan for Mathura, and once there after killing Kamsa, He reinstated his grandfather Ugrasena as king and then put all the affairs of the kingdom in order and fortified the kingdom in expectation of Jarasandha’s attacks. It is said that after killing Dantavatra, Krishna came back to Vraja and there along with all His associates, gopis, friends and all the residents of Vraja disappeared and terminated all of His madhurya pastimes of conjugal love at this time. Then He went to Dvaraka and exhibited the remainder of His pastimes in the mood of complete splendour and full opulence. These esoteric and highly confidential revelations are undoubtedly complicated and difficult to understand from our mundane, materialistic points of view. Never the less we hope and pray that one day in some distant, future birth we will receive a Vaisnavas mercy and then we will be able to relish and fully appreciate them. Gaura Premanandi! Hari Haribol!

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