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Pilli Pokhar

Now we are at Pilli Pokhar. Pili Pokhar means yellow pond why is this place called like this? Listen, once for a festival Srimati Radharani had gone to Nandagram where Krishna lived, actually Mother Yashoda was very affectionate to Srimati Radharani, she loved Her very much. Whenever she saw Her she just could not stop from thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Radharani and my darling Krishna would get married. Although neither of them was anywhere near marriageable age, stil Mother Yashoda thought like this and was extremely attracted to Her.

She use to think, how beautiful She is, what an exquisite face, look how modest and demure and perfectly poised and composed She is. What wonderful qualities She possesses. If I could somehow arrange for Her to marry my son Krishna it would be marvellous. So the very next time that Srimati Radharani came to Nandagram, mother Yashoda was unable to control herself, somehow or the other she cleverly applied some turmeric paste to Srimati Radharani’s hands. Do you know what it means to apply turmeric paste to the hands of a young girl? The custom is that when the bride’s father and the groom’s father have agreed that their children will be married and the marriage contract has been agreed upon and accepted by both parties, then this vow becomes solemnized by applying turmeric paste on the hands of the future bride. But as we have heard mother Yashoda has just applied turmeric paste to the hands of Srimati Radharani without the necessary exchange of promises and agreements and vows what is to be done? Srimati Radharani looked in amazement at the turmeric paste on Her hands, What was She to do? I’ll tell you. She became ashamed and afraid at the same time because now She won’t be able to return to Varsana. Once all Her neighbours and friends, saw her yellow hands they would think, has She already been married or is She already betrothed? Why didn’t we hear about this? And Her mother and father, King Vrishabanu and Queen Kirtida, what about them? Surely they did not give their consent for any marriage arrangements. So Srimati quickly came to this pond and vigorously washed Her hands in the waters of this pond. The water became yellow from the turmeric and as you can see even today the water is still yellow. After Srimati Radharani had washed Her hands She went back to Varsana, but some towns people had witnessed the pond turning yellow and deducting what had happened came and reported it to Srimati Radharani’s parents. When King Virshabanu and Queen Kirtida heard the news they began to dance in ecstasy, they were so jubilant. Hugging and embracing each other for their great good fortune they said, how lucky we are, how wonderful it will be to have Krishna as a son in law and how nice will be to have Mother Yashoda and Nanda Maharaja as our relatives by marriage. King Vrishabhanu and Queen Kirtida were so happy that they called Srimati Radharani and embracing Her told Her that they had accepted Nanda Maharaj’s and mother Yashoda’s proposal and that Srimati Radharani could consider Herself betrothed to Krishna. Then a plate was prepared and filled with different precious jewels and gems, pearls and gold. This was the custom in those days when one accepted a marriage proposal for one’s daughter. Then this plate was sent to Nandagram to Mother Yashoda and Nanda Maharaja by royal courier. When Nanda Maharaja and Mother Yashoda received this priceless plate from King Vrishabhanu and Kirtida they became so jubilant that they began also to dance in ecstasy. And when all the townspeople heard the news they ran to Nanda Maharaja’s palace and began singing. All over the city of Nandagram could be heard the jubilant chanting of Radhe Shyam! Radhe Shyam! But then after some of the excitement had gone down Mother Yashoda looked at the plate and began to think, this plate is filled with the most priceless jewels I have ever seen, every gem is worth a king’s ransom. We have cows and butter and milk and curds; but we do not have any jewels anywhere near this quality and grandeur. Thinking like this she said to Nanda Maharaja, my dear husband when we accept this proposal we must send the plate back filled with rare and valuable jewels and we don’t have any. What are we to do? While they were discussing this matter they suddenly realized that the palace was full of guests that needed attending too. So leaving the plate on a table they went to take care of their guests needs.

Krishna coming in and seeing the beautiful coloured gems lying on the table took every one of them and wrapping them in some cloth ran out to his father’s agriculture fields and there He threw all the jewels onto one that was newly ploughed. Krishna as a young boy was thinking, many times I have seen my father’s farmers throwing seeds on this ground, alter some time crops grow and we have food to eat. We don’t have such priceless jewels in our house; but if I take these and plant them, soon they will grow into trees and we will have a lot of jewels and gems. Then we will have so many, that a plate won’t be big enough, a bullock cart will have to carry all the jewels that we will send, and we will have so many. Then my father will be so proud of me. Thinking like this Krishna threw all the jewels on the field and this is where we shall go next. Haribol!

Mukta Kunda

Mukta kunda has a very, very unique history. After attending their guests Mother Yashoda and Nanda Maharaja returned to the table and were shocked to find that not a single jewel remained. Frantically they began to look here and there and then they realized that only one person in all of Nandagram could be the culprit, Krishna. So they had Krishna brought to them and they told Him, Krishna, You are such a nice boy, you can have all the milk sweets and butter that you want if you tell us what you did with the lewels on that plate? Krishna frankly admitted, yes mother, yes father, I took the jewels and I have safely planted them in our fields for cultivation so that they will soon grow.

Nanda Maharaja smiling said, don’t you know that you can not plant jewels like you do with rice, wheat and vegetables. It does not work that way my son. Krishna replied, no, no, I am sure they will grow, let us go to the fields and see. The worst that can happen is that we have to pick then up again. So they went with Krishna and Krishna pointed at the field and said, look it’s growing and sure enough they saw that a small sprout was growing, and in no time right before their very eyes this sprout had grown into a big tree full of jewels and priceless gems. The place where this tree once stood is now called Mukta kunda. Krishna then gathered so many jewels and gave them to Nanda Maharaja and mother Yashoda. They were very happy to receive the jewels and gold, they made many, many, gold ornaments like necklaces, bangles, crowns and anklebells, all studded with these precious and priceless jewels. They placed the ornaments on a plate and sent them by royal courier to King Vrishabanu and Queen Kirtida, all the excess jewels they piled on a bullock cart and sent that as well as their acceptance of the marriage proposal.

What happenned next is extremely informative because as we all know Srimati Radharani and Krishna were not ever publically married. So what events transpired that kept this from taking place? Wait, you will soon find out in a very nice lecture about Yogamaya who in Sri Yraja is Paurnamasi.

As we all know life does not always transpire as neatly and as perfectly as we would like it too. This can apply to transcendental pastimes as well. Listen closely, Paurnamasi who is Yogamaya, Krishna’s internal potency watched this whole pastime unravel in amazement. She then suddenly realized that the whole situation was completely impossible. Why? The reason was that this is Sri Vraja Mandala. Here there is no place for madhurya rasa in the mood of husband and wife. In Sri Vraja there is only room for madhurya rasa in the mood of beloved and paramour. It has to be this way, Krishna desires no other mood here. So Yogamaya had to devise a plan to prevent this marriage from happening at any cost.

Yogamaya’s expansion in Vrindavan is Paurnamasi, and Paurnamasi’s position in Vraja is very, very elevated. Every single person residing in Vraja considered Paurnamasi as his or her siksa guru and whatever she said instantly became law. So it was natural for Nanda Maharaja and Mother Yashoda to go to her with the news of Krishna’s betrothal to Srimati Radharani and receive her blessings before actually performing the wedding ceremony. Paurnamasi reflecting on this matter perceived the way to put a stop to the marriage. She said, actually at the present moment the astrological configurations are not auspicious. Also the individual charts of the bride and groom are not in perfect harmony at the present time. If these children, and I must say, they are not yet at the proper marriagable age. If these children get married at this time there will be a lot of problems and difficulties and the marriage will not last. There is time. They are both still very young. Later, when the astrological configurations improve and they are both a little older, I will send for Gargacarya from Mathura, the royal astrologer for the Vrishni dynasty. He will scrutinize their charts carefully and make the final decision, as for now forget about this marriage, in the future we will see.

So this is how Yogamaya’s expansion, Paurnamasi stopped the marriage. For if she had allowed the marriage to happen then Srimati Radharani would have become like one of Krishna’s 16,108 queens in Dvaraka and we would never have known aboul the ecstatic, mahabhav symptoms that She exhibited. All the ecstatic pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Krishna would not have existed because they would have been existing in the mood of sakya rasa as husband and wife. And not that of madhurya rasa, beloved and paramour, where the apex, the pinnacle, the paramount exhibition of loving ecstatic exchanges were expressed. Hare Krishna! Jay Jay Sri Radhe! Jay Jay Sri Radhe! Jay Jay Sri Radhe.. Shyam!!!

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