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Mor Kutir

Way, way up on the top of that hill you can see a red brick building without any windows. This place is called Mor Kutir. As it is a bit of a climb all the elderly people should wait here at the bottom for us to return because the climb might be too strenous for you and you might slip and fall. Mor Kutir is the place where Srimati Radharani and Krishna became the peahen and the peacock and danced together. Both Srimati Radharani and Krishna were attracted to the activities of the peacocks. Whenever the peacocks would see fresh, blackish rainclouds in the sky they would begin to dance. So trying to imitate the peacock’s mood Srimati Radhika and Krishna began dancing and tried to imitate the stance of the peacocks. Many saintly persons have come to this place to do bhajan and remember this pastime. Haribol!

Dan Garh

This place is called Dan Garh, the place where taxes were levied. Krishna used to block the way here and make the gopis give Him their milk sweets and curd as a form of taxation. This pastime occurred very frequently much to the pleasure of Krishna and the cowherd boys. Hare Krishna!

Vilas Garh

Now we are at Vilas Garh, the site of many of Krishna’s amorous pastimes. Once Krishna decided to play a trick on Srimati Radharani and dressing exactly like a gopi entered this place Vilas Ghar dressed in a sari with jewellery on and kept His head down acting very shy tried to move about like a woman would. But of course Srimati Radharani and Lalita devi were not fooled for one second. Krishna manovered in such a way that He would be able to massage Srimati Radharani’s feet as She was relaxing. Afterwards He began fanning Her and offering fresh fruits and nice little services. Srimati Radhika being very pleased said to the gopikas, look we have a new gopi amongst us, pointing to Krishna. I have never seen her before, but because she is executing such nice service, I think we should reward her. The best reward I can think of is that we take off all these old clothes that she is wearing and give her a fine new silk sari and fresh clean undergarments. Lalita, Vishaka, go get these things at once and also get some new jewellery for her. Everything should be new. While Lalita and Vishaka were getting the new items Srimati Radharani adressing the new gopi told her, you mustn’t be shy, let the gopikas loosen your clothes. We are all women here, there is no need for modesty. Why should there be shyness amongst us. And the gopikas began to loosen his clothing. But Krishna began to resist, He knew He had got into deep trouble and that there was little time to escape; but by then lalita and Vishaka had returned with the new sari and they began unbuttoning his blouse. Krishna tried to resist squirming this way and that, but the gopikas held Him tight. When all the buttons on the blouse were undone two big mangos fell out and all the gopis became immersed in laughter. Actually the reason why Krishna came dressed like this was because He knew Srimati Radharani was extremely angry with Him and She had came here to make maan. So Krishna had devised this plan to pacify Her and to humourously cool Her anger. But wher Srimati Radharani saw Krishna feeling embarassed and a little ashamed she immediately forgave him. In the same way if we somehow or other accidently make offenses if we go and beg the mercy of the Vaisnavas, they too will always forgive us by the grace of Srimati Radharani. Gaura Premanandi!

Maan Garh

Now we are at Maan Garh. This is where Sninati Radhika would exhibit maan when she was extremely angry with Krishna. Here the Supreme Lord Krishna would fall down in the dust at the lotus feet of His beloved Radharani and humbly beg Her to forgive him. One time during rasa lila, there were so many gopis from so many classe and categories present that Srimati Radhika refused to accept it and with Her sakhis ran off in a huff. Krishna totally dismayed by Her absence immediately followed Her here and falling onto the dust entreated Her to come back. But no matter how hard He coaxed or cajoled, requested or beseeched, He could not break Her mood of maan. Finally out of pure humility to Her dominance of His heart, tears flowed from His eyes and fell onto Her lotus feet. At feeling Her lovers tears of love upon Her lotus feet Sri radhika’s heart softened and Her mood of maan was broken.

So let us also fall down into this dust and humbly pray that all the dust from this place, the trees, the birds, the grass, everything, bless us so that we will be able to perceive and relish these pastimes within our hearts. But please be very careful and do not try to judge this place and these pastimes from a mundane point of view. These pastimes should be always held in our hearts, we should always bow our heads down to such pastimes and not try to analyze them with our material intelligence. If we do, then everything will be lost. Actually I had no intention of speaking about this pastime, but the mood and atmosphere of the place inspired me and I was also thinking that I may not ever get a chance to speak about this pastime again. Reflecting upon these things I narrated this very confidential pastime to you. Hare Krishna!

Dan Mal

This place is known as Dan Mal. This is where the gopis would swing Srimati Radharani and Krishna. One time Krishna was visiting here with the gopikas and a brahmana came to this place. Seeing Krishna playing here and knowing him to be the son of Nanda Maharaja who possessed 900,000 milking cows, the brahmana thought that it was a most auspicious time to ask a boon. This brahmana had a wife whose tongue was sharper than a barber’s razor and she had sent him out that morning with the ultimatum, do not come back without a suitable dowry for our daughter. It is understandable in householder situations all over the world that the brahmana was now tiying to pacify his wife.

Approaching Krishna respectfully the brahmana said, my dear Krishna even at such a tender age Your reputation as being the protector of the brahmans and refuge of the cows is already spread throughout the three worlds, since I am a brahmana I come to you. My daughter is now of marriagable age and being a poor brahmana I do not have anything to give for her dowry and although she is modest and shy in all respects she is unable to get a husband. I come to You for shelter and protection. Krishna looking around at the gopis said, and whom am I supposed to protect you from? The brahmana replied, my wife, because if I go home tonite without a dowry for our daughter she is going to throw me out.

The gopis hearing this outburst turned their heads to hide their smiles. Krishna feeling a bit uncomfortable said, but what can I do? I am only a cowherd boy I have nothing. The brahmana with all his hopes broken managed to gasp, nothing? Krishna reflected for a while and then gravely said, the most precious thing that I possess is my beloved Srimati Radharani. I am giving Her as a donation to you. She is yours. Then Krishna made sankalpa, He actually made a vow in His mind and gave Her away. When Srimati Radhika heard what Krishna had done She began wailing and crying. The brahmana also was not very happy about His donation and began complaining to Krishna saying "I already was in trouble at home with my wife because I didn’t have a dowry for one daughter and now You have given me another daughter to have to get a dowry for. My wife will cause a scandal if I return home with another unmarried daughter. No definitely, I can not do it. I won’t be able to accept this donation." But Krishna said "it’s too late, I already made the promise to give Her to you. What can I do? I can not retract it." When the brahmana heard this he began wailing and crying along with Srimati Radharani. So then Krishna seeing that the situation was not agreeable to either of them told the brahmana that he was sorry that he had nothing more valuable than His beloved Srimati Radharani. The brahmana bowing his head in resignation started home. When he had left Srimati Radharani suggested to Krishna that it would be nice to do something for this poor brahmana. Krishna agreed and had the gopis bring a scale and on one side placed Srimati Radharani and on the other side piled up all Her golden jewellery and that of the gopis. When the weights were equal took the ornaments and jewelery and had the gopikas take it after the brahmana who receiving it immediately shouted Haribol and began to dance in ecstasy. Taking his dowry upon his back he danced out of sight and we believe he danced all the way home.

So this is oniy one of the innumerable pastimes of Krishna. There are so many it is impossible to count them all. Most of them are not even written in the scriptures. They have been handed down orally from guru to disciple from time immemorial and they reside in the hearts of the pure devotees. There are very slight references and allegories in some parts of the scriptures, a symbolic sloka here or a metaphorical description there. These are the only hints that have been given and only the pure Vaisnava devotee who is seasoned and steeped in this mellow is able to understand the true meanings and import of these hidden pastimes. Only the pure Vaisnava devotee is qualified to deliver these nectarean transcendental pastimes to the thirsty devotees. Now we shall continue our parikrama and go to Sriji Ka Mandir, the temple of Srimati Radharani. Astha Sakhi, the temples to the eight sakhis where they use to play with Srimati Radhika and King Vrishabanu’s palace and King Vrisabanu’s khar and then we shall go to Pili Pokhar. Hari! Haribol!!

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