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Varsana was the capital of King Vrishabanu, the father ol Srimati Radharani. She grew up here. As you can see Varsana is full of opulence and majesty. The hill Varsana is situated on four peaks. Each peak represents one of Brahmas four faces Brahma once requested of Krishna to be able to serve him in His manifest pastimes on the earth. Krishna instructed him to take the form of this mountain, as it would in the future be Varsana

Sankari Khor

Now we are at Sankari Khor, which means thin, narrow path. This was the only way to pass to the other side of the mountain in the area so everyone had to go through here. Whenever Krishna was grazing his cows in this area he had to pass through here and whenever Srimati Radharani and the gopis wanted to go to the other side they would have to pass this way also. Whenever they heard that Krishna was grazing His cows nearby they would excitedly pack up their milk butter and curds and come to pass through here. They did not pack up all their milk products to sell, they had a different purpose in mind. Do you think that King Vrishabhanu’s daugther, Srimati Radharani, the queen of Vrindavana would just go to the market place to sell butter and milk and curd? It was simply an excuse for them to get out of the palace and go try to meet Krishna. She would tell Her parents there is a yajna at this place today, or She would tell them there is a puja at that place and the Brahmanas need ghee and milk product to perform it. Then Her parents always wishing to please the brahmanas would allow Her to go with Her gopikas.

Krishna would be around here grazing His cows and when He saw them coming with His cowherd friends would run to this spot and block the pass. Krishna would then demand payment saying that He had been appointed by the king to collect taxes from everyone that passed this way. He said, you gopis come through here all the time with your milk products for sale I’m sure you make a nice profit. Well now it’s the kings turn to profit. Pay your tax and you can pass through. And don’t take to long or else I will have to also tax you for all the flowers you take from the kingdom everyday. Pay your taxes and you can pass otherwise you cannot.

The gopis would start complaining to Srimati Radhika that Krishna had a lot of nerve and who did He think He was to harass them in this manner, He should be paying them taxes for grazing His cows all over Vraja. The gopis would start pushing and the cowherd boys would push back. Sometimes the gopis broke through and sometime were held back; but it was all enacted in the spirit of good-natured fun as children everywhere will often do. Sarees were pulled, sikhas were yanked, gopis were jostled and milk was spilt. If you look around you can see many white spots on the stones, this are actually the places where the milk plashed over and this is the remains.

Once all the gopis got together and ganged up on Krishna and His cowherd boys. There were about 200 gopikas against about 20 or so cowherd boys. Surrounding all the boys the gopis tipped a big pot of milk all over Krishna and his friends, when this happened Madhumangal got very upset. He said, this is not right, I am a brahmana boy, but because I am associating with vaisyas I have to go through all this aggravation. Normally brahmanas are always respected, no one would ever think of throwing milk upon one. But just look at me, I am covered from head to toe with milk.

At that time the jewellery that he had received from Srimati Radharani at Surya kunda fell out of his garments and the gopis recognising it picked it up and started calling Madhumangal a thief. Madhumangal started running after them saying, give me back my jewellery, it belongs to me. I’ll have you know I am brahmana and a brahmanas curse is unalterable. The gopis loughing gleefully passed the jewellery back and forth over the head of Madhumangal and then even some of the cowherd boys joined in and amidst much laughter and playing Srimati Radharani and Krishna would meet. So these are some of the ways in which They spent time together, enjoying themselves while performing their pastimes. Hari! Haribol!


Now we are at the village of Chiksoli. This is the village of Citra devi. Citra devi took birth here at this place. It is situated at the lower end of Sankari Khor. On the upper side is located Varsana.


Now we are at Gahwarvan. Gahwar means cave in the mounain. Many caves are here. At the top of this mountain is a mandir of Srimati Radharani and Krishna. This is the place of King Vrishabanu and many wonderful pastimes happenned here.

Dohani Kunda

Here we see Dohani kunda and next to it is Bihar kunda and next to this is the playground of Srimati Radharani. In this playground Srimati Radharani and the gopis use to play by throwing clumps of earth at each other. As you can see this place is very beautiful. There is a very nice atmosphere here. Previously in Krishna’s time there were hundreds of thousands of cows, all grazing peacefully and it was here that they would all be milked, dohani means to milk. From here all the milk would be distrubuted throughout Vraja. When I came here 25 years ago these kundas were beautiful with crystal clear water; but now due to negligence they do not look nice any more. Bihar kunda is where Srimati Radhika and Krishna use to meet alone together and share in intimate loving exchanges. There were so many pastimes shared by the two of Them here that they are unaccountable. Those who are rasik devotees filled with that confidential me11ow they will be able to perceive and appreciate these pastimes in the core of their hearts. It is not possible for any single human being to recount all of these transcendental pastimes. Bul it is possible for us to recall a few of the pastimes that our Gurudeva has given us. You in your turn can relate these pastimes to others as we have given them to you. So now we will give our humble obeisances and take some water from these kundas upon our heads and we will move on. Hare Krishna!

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