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Sikhalini Sila

Now we have arrived at the place called Sikhalini Sila. Once the gopis were playing here together and suddenly Krishna appeared on the scene. Krishna was seven years old at the time. Srimati Radharani is always very pleased with La1ita devi, and so She wanted to suprise her. So as soon as She saw Krishna She called him to Her and placing Lalita devi’s hand in His began chanting the mantras for a wedding and performed their mariage ceremony. Now just before Krishna had arrived the gopis had put liquid vermillion on Lalita devi’s feet called alta, and some of this alta spilled on the ground around here. These red colors that you see were spilled 5000 years ago and the more one tries to rub and clean them the more distinct they become. Also this place is where Srimati Radharani and Krishna threw colors at each other during Holika. Recently over 8000 Vaisnava’s from the Ballavacarya sampradaya came and performed Holi here. This is where Krishna and the cowherd boys and Srimati Radharani and the gopikas would come and pelt each other with all different colors. I see some of you pouring water on the rocks and trying to rub the colors off. Make sure the cloth you use is not your dhoti or sari otherwise you will have some red spots on it and it will be very difficult to remove. Gaura Premanandi!


This place is called Trivenikup. Kup means well for water and Triveni came by the grace of Balaram and Lalita devi. Balaram lived in this area for sometime, He use to take bath here everyday before dawn and Lalita devi used to come and take her bath here just after dawn. Those people who take bath from the waters of this well, will have every fruit which is possible to receive from bathing at Triveni. Hare Krishna!

Deha Kunda

Deha Kunda is next to the mandir of Lalita devi. Here is where the gopis mentally and physically gave everything to Krishna. Deha means physical body, so this kunda is where this was given. Now we shall go and see the exact birthplace of Lalita devi and then we shall continue our parikrama and go to Dauji Mandir. Hari! Haribol!

Dauji Mandir

Now we have come to the mandir of Lord Balaram. The question some of you might be thinking is that how is Lord Balaram’s place so close to Srimati Radharani’s in Varsana and Lalita devi’s in Uchagram? According to the etiquette Lord Balaram’s place should not be here. In all of Krishna’s pastimes and incarnations Lord Balaram is always there in different forms and manifestations and He is there to always serve Lord Krishna. Sometimes He is serving in the mood of dasya as a servant, sometimes in the mood of sakya as a friend. Just like when He is playing with Krishna as a cowherd boy. Sometimes He even accepts service from Krishna and He serve Krishna in the mood of vatsalya, and as the elder brother He looks after Krishna and takes care of Him, sometimes He even chastises Krishna. Now in the conjugal mellow of madhurya rasa He is also there. To be able to participate in the intimate pastimes of Krishna, Balarama has expanded into the form of Ananga Manjari, the younger sister of Srimati Radharani. Therefore understanding in this light you can see that it is not at all peculiar that Lord Balaram’s place is so near to that of Srimati Radharani’s and lalita devi’s. Just like Krishna expands and manifests into many different forms, similarly Lord Balaram also expands into many different forms.

Once Narada Muni went to Dvaraka to see Lord Krishna. In one of Krishna’s 16,108 palaces he saw Krishna just getting married to one of his queens. In another palace he saw Krishna playing chess with his dear friend Uddhava. He entered another palace and saw Krishna performing ritualistic ceremonies, in another palace he saw Krishna enjoying prasadam with one of His queens, in another palace he found Krishna playing with His small children, in another palace he found Krishna practising fighting with sword and shield, in another palace he witnessed Krishna consulting with ministers and deciding affairs of the kingdom, in another palace he found Krishna silently meditating and in another palace he saw the Lord taking rest.

In this way just like in the 16,108 palaces Lord Krishna had expanded into, so many Krishnas were manifesting there pastimes. Wherever it was required Krishna’s devotees like Vasudeva and Devaki and Uddnava also expand themselves and participate in the many pastimes of Krishna. All these activities are extremely difficult to conceptualize and understand by our mundane considerations. These activities are totally transcendental and we should never try to understand them by our mundane minds and intelligence. Even Lord Brahma, the creator of material forms of life and Indra the king of the demigods is perplexed, confused and subject to illusion about these transcendental pastimes. So what should we say about our mundane, materialistic state of consciousness?

The illustrious Vajranath Krishna’s great, grandson built the temple here. It was broken down several times but it was repaired each time. Narayana Bhatta Goswami, who was an intimate contemporary of the six Goswamis, revealed many of the places of spiritual importance here in Sri Vraja Mandala under the guidance of Sri Rupa and Sri Sanatana Goswamis, he was living here and doing his bhajan at this place. He was the one who revealed all the spiritual places in this area, and so the Vrajabhasis considered him to be their guru and took initiatior from him.

Now let us all pray to Lord Baladev that he be merciful to us because without his mercy it is not possible to enter into Vrajarasa. Just like it is not possible to enter into Lord Caitanya’s service without the mercy of Lord Nityananda, who is nondifferent from Lord Balaram. So praying at Lord Balaram’s lotus feet and giving our humble obeisances we beseech Him to grant us His blessings, that we may enter into the understanding of these radiant pastimes with the proper mood and correct mentality without the slightest tinge of mundane materialism. Hari! Haribol!

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