Vishrama Ghat

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Caran Pahari

This is also a place where Krishna use to perform His early childhood pastimes. Caran-pahari belonged to Nanda Maharaja’s father in law, the parents of Mother Yashoda. Nanda Maharaja and his family would stay on this side and King Vrishabhanu and his family use to stay on the other side. Krishna also use to bring his cows here for grazing and often he would eat lunch here with his cowherd friends. There are many places like this where Krishna would perform similar pastimes. Altogether there are 84 different kundas where Krishna would enjoy with His cowherd friends.

Once Krishna was grazing his cows and while He and his cowherd friends were playing, the cows started going in all directions very far away. As it was getting late Krishna was concerned about how they would collect all the calves and cows together. So Krishna started playing his flute and the calves and the cows hearing its melodious call happily began coming towards Krishna from far and wide. Krishna closed his eyes and smiling sweetly began to play such an extremely beautiful and tender melody that whoever heard it felt that their heart had been opened for the first time, almost to the point of falling unconscious.

This place where we have just walked to is called Moochana, which means unconscious. The mood and melody of what Krishna was playing is not possible to get on other instruments such as harmonium. It is only possible on the flute or one of the Indian string instruments like the veena. Hearing these very tender notes after some time the mountains started melting and immediately the lotus feet impressions of Krishna could be seen on the stones. if you look here you can see the impression of Krishna’s left foot and there a little higher you can see the impression of Krishna’s right foot. Many, many great sages and acaryas have come to this place to have darshan of these impressions, Ballavacarya, Madhavacarya, Madhavendra Puri, Goswamis and as many celebrated and holy saints as you can imagine have come to see this place and pay their humble respects. Also Lord Caitanya and Prabhu Nityananda have also had darshan here and so has Advaita Acarya. One should not make the offense and have the mundane mentality to think that someone had come here and sculptured these impressions of Krishna’s lotus feet onto the stones. These impressions have been here for over 5,000 years without a doubt.

So let us all give our humble obeisances remembering these pastimes and pray that our present impressions may one day be as blissful as these stones were when Krishna played his transcendental flute here. Gaura Premanandi!

Luk Luki Kunda

Now we are at Luk luki kunda. Luk luki means hide and seek and Krishna used to hide from the gopis and then surprise them here in a unique way. One time Krishna was playing here with his cowherd friends when Srimati Radharani came to the other side of the kunda to get water. Krishna seeing her, dived under the water and caught hold of her lotus feet giving her quite a fright. The water here used to be so clear that Krishna would be able to differentiate Srimati Radhika’s feet from the rest of the gopis. But all in all it was in good fun and if Srimati Radika’s lotus feet were not in the water He would give a good scare to Lalita or Vishaka or the other gopis when the opportunity presented itself. So let us all take acaman from this kunda and sprinkling the water upon our heads, remember this pastime. Haribol!


Where we are now is the place where Krishna killed the demon Vyomasura. One day while Krishna was playing with his cowherd friends on the top of Govardhana hill this demon came and disguised himself as one of Krishna’s cowherd friends named Shaka. The cowherd boys were playing a game where some would be constables, some would be thieves and some would be sheep. The thieves would come and steal the sheep and the constables would come and catch the thieves. Krishna immediately realised that a demon had entered their midst. So giving Balaram a secret signal, Krishna took the side of the constables and Balaram took the side of the thieves as well as the demon. While playing the demon stole many of the cowherd boys who were playing the roles of sheep and putting them in a cave in this mountain you see, sealed the mouth with stones. When Krishna saw that so many of his friends were missing, He caught hold of the demon and a terrible fight began. While this fight was going on the whole earth was swaying to and fro, so much so that Lord Balaram had to put his foot firmly down in order to keep the earth from tottering. You can see the impression of Lord Balaram’s lotus foot right here. So let us all come and give our obeisances to Balaramji. Finally Krishna killed the wicked demon, Vyomasura and then following the demons footprints he went to the cave where we will go next. Haribol!


Now we are at Vyomasura Guha, the cave where Vyomasura hid the cowherd boys. After killing the demon, Krishna discovered this cave where the demon had hidden his cowherd friends. Krishna released them and brought them all back to the place where they had been playing. By then it had got quite late and the boys requested of Krishna to feed them as they were quite hungry. So Krishna took all the cowherd boys and went a short distance from here, the same way we have just walked and as you can see, this forest grove is very beautiful. It has a nice sarovara next to it and it is extremely pleasant. At this place Krishna and his cowherd friends had a very nice lunch after he killed the demon Vyomasura. Hare Krishna!

Pichel Pahari

This place is called Pichel Pahari. This is where Krishna and all his cowherd friends use to come and slide. You see this long, smooth rock up above us. This was the slide they used playing in childhood fun Pichel means to move from upper to lower, so this is how they enjoyed themselves at this place. Now we shall also climb up and sliding down we shall think of Krishna and Balarama and all the cowherds fully enjoying themselves. Hari! Haribol!!

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