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Bimala Kunda

This was a favorite place of Krishna and his cowherd friends when He was young and even when He was grown He displayed wonderful pastimes here. One such pastime was enacted with the Pandavas during the time they were in exile.

The Pandavas had been living here for sometime peacefully with their beloved wife, Draupadi, when one day after they had finished eating, the powerful sage, Durvasa muni came with 60,000 rishis, all very hungry. Durvasa had been sent by wicked Duryodhana.

When Durvasa Muni visited Hastinapura, Duryodhana pleased him very much and then asked him for a favour, he said to Durvasa Muni, "My cousins the Pandavas have been living in the forest for some time and it would be very nice if you could go and visit them, they will be very happy to see you, but in order not to inopportune them you should reach their ashrama at a certain time. According to Duryodhana’s calculation it would have been after Draupadi had served her five husbands and herself had taken prasada".

Durvasa muni told Draupadi that he and his followers were extremely hungry and that after taking bath they would return and would expect a suitable feast to be prepared. Now Draupadi had a cooking pot that could provide food and drink for as many people as was necessary; but it would only be able to be invoked once each day, and once it was washed it would not be usable till the next day.

Now as Duryodhana had foreseen the Pandavas had just finished a sumptuous feast and in fact Draupadi had just finished washing the pot when Durvasa muni and his 60,000 rishis had arrived. Now she was in quite a predicament, because Durvasa muni was an extremely powerful sage who was known to give very disagreeable curses to those who displeased him. Draupadi not finding any solution for the problem within herself and not wishing to disturb the Pandavas with household problems, she immediately thought of the lotus feet of Krishna and praying to Him, beseeched his help. Krishna at once came to the aid of his surrendered devotee, Draupadi. Arriving, Krishna told her that He was very, very hungry and that He immediately would like something to eat. Draupadi almost fainted, that was her dilemma, she had nothing. Krishna then asked her where was her pot. She explained that they had just finished eating and she had just thoroughly washed it. Krishna told her to bring the pot to Him, when Draupadi brought the pot, Krishna inspected it and noticed that there was one, minute particle of spinach stuck to the side of the pot. Krishna took it and ate it and then drinking water told Draupadi, now I am fully satisfied, fully satisfied.

Naturally when the Supreme Lord is fully satisfied everything else everywhere is automatically satisfied. All over the earth and throughout countless universes and planetary systems all the inhabitants and living entities from a one celled amoeba through the human species up to the highest developed demigods, felt fully satisfied and not the slightest feeling of hunger existed. To the contrary, everything felt completely satisfied according to the mode of sustenance with which it was necessary for it to exist.

The plants felt they had plenty of water and sunshine. The fish felt full with no need to eat. The animals felt no hunger so they all relaxed. All human species were feeling the bliss that comes after eating a well prepared meal. The yogis that subsist on air alone felt totally satisfied that they had received enough air and the yogis that stop all their bodily functions and remain in this world by meditating upon the brahmajyoti, the glaring effulgence of the Supreme Lord, they felt totally satisfied by their meditations. The demigods in the higher planetary systems and universes also were completely and totally satisfied in every way.

So from this it is apparent that Durvasa muni and his 60,000 rishis were also feeling completely satisfied. While taking bath Durvasa muni suddenly felt that his stomach was full to the brim, in fact he was sure that he could not even eat another bite. When he discovered that all his followers felt the same way, he became alarmed. What to do? Draupadi had prepared a feast for them by his order, how could they refuse.

At this time Krishna told Bhima to go fetch Durvasa muni and his 60,000 rishis and bring them here for prasadam. Bhima took his club and went to get them. Draupadi said, but we have nothing to feed them when they get here. Krishna smiled at her telling her not to worry. In the distance Durvasa muni saw Bhima approaching with his club looking fierce and terrible.

Bhima will kill us all if we do not come and accept prasadam, he quickly gathered his rishis and not even drying or dressing themselves properly they immediately fled away from here not looking back and not stopping until they reached Brahmaloka.

Here also Duryodhana came with a mighty army including Bhisma and Karna and Drona and among them, in order to capture the Pandavas, Yudhisthira Maharaja and his four brothers. At this time the king of the demigods, Indra sent the commander of his army, Citragupta here to arrest Duryodhana and bring him back in bondage at once. Citragupta came here with his forces and defeated Duryodhana. Duryodhana’s troops were forced to flee for their lives in haste. Duryodhana captured and bound by Citragupta began to weep and wail in grief. Yudhisthira Maharaja heard his crying and thought to himself, oh my cousin Duryodhana is in trouble, he is crying, let me offer him some help. So thinking like this Yudhisthira Maharaja sent Arjuna and Bhima to go rescue him.

They went at once and Arjuna fought fiercely against Citragupta defeating him and at that time Citragupta came to him and implored why was Arjuna fighting against him. Duryodhana is the enemy of the Pandavas so by Indra’s order he had defeated the Pandavas strongest enemy. Arjuna told him that he had been ordered by his brother King Yudhisthira to rescue Duryodhana.

You should know that our uncle, Dhrtarastra has 100 sons who are our cousins of which Duryodhana is one. We Pandavas are five brothers, but when an enemy comes from outside we become 105. Whether we fight amongst ourselves according to ksatriyas code or not it does not matter; but if an enemy comes we are one. Arjuna then took Duryodhana to Yudhisthira Maharaja. Yudhisthira Maharaja told Duryodhana that he should return to his father’s kingdom happy that he was free and alive and that if ever he was in difficulty in the future, he should not hesitate to call on him, for he would always help him. Hearing these words from Yudhisthira Maharaja who he had originally come to make prisoner infuriated Duryodhana like a poisonous snake bereft of its fangs. He burned in shame and in envy at being treated so magnanimously by the saintly Yudhisthira Maharaja and he swore to himself he would take revenge for this insult as soon as possible.

Here also one of Duryodhana’s allies, King Jayadratha who was very inimical to Krishna and the Pandavas, kidnapped Draupadi. She called out in fear while being carried away and Arjuna and Bhima very angrily set out in pursuit. Catching this king Arjuna wanted to kill him at once, but Draupadi felt pity for him and told Arjuna not to kill him but to set him free, so by the mercy of Draupadi he was released and she and Bhima and Arjuna returned here to Bimala kunda.

Krishna and his sakhas and cowherd friends use to always come here and drink water and take bath. They would all have great fun splashing and playing water sports in this kunda. Also they would bring the cows to refresh themselves by drinking the cool waters here. All these pastimes took place here at Bimala kunda.

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