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Manasi devi

Now we have come to Manasi devi temple. People mistakeny call this place Manasa devi; but it is not Manasa devi, it has gone through a philological change and people mistakenly call it Manasi devi. What need is there for a Manasi devi temple in Govardhan? In actuality this place is Manasi Ganga. Ganga devi had come here to bathe Krishna and in appreciation she was doing puja and offering choice prayers to Yamuna devi for giving her this opportunity. This temple to the goddess Manasi Ganga is one of Vraja Mandala’s four main devi temples, the others being ?ga Maya devi in Vrindavan, Pataleshwari devi in Mathura and Vrinda devi in Kamyavan. So now we will take darshan of Manasi Ganga and as it is getting late we will return to our esidence for the night and have mahaprasad and take rest. Haribol!

Haridev Mandir

Here is a very ancient temple of Haridev established by Krishna’s great, grandson Vrajanath. The treacherous muslim King Aurangzeb even came here and destroyed the top of this temple. We will now go and surely have darshan of Lord Haridev, because if one makes parikrama of Govardhana and does not have Haridev’s darshan, one’s parikrama is not considered to be complete. Who is this Haridev? Why Haridev is none other than Krishna Himself, who held Govardhana hill for seven days with the little finger of his left hand. It is Krishna in the form of Lord Hari in the pose of Govardhanhari that is residing in this temple. So lel us all go and have darshan of Lord Haridev otherwise ourparikrama which is so important to us wlll not be complete. Gaura Premanadi! Haribol!

Surya Kunda

Now we have arrived at Surya kunda. This place is extremly potent and overflowing with auspiciousness. It was one of the places where Srimati Radharani and Krishna could safely meet each other.

Every Sunday Srimati Radharani would come to this place and worship Surya, the sungod This was the only place her mother in law would allow her to go and so Srimati Radhika would come bere and do puja. And who were the pujaris of this temple to per-form the puja when she would come? They were two very respectable looking brahmanas, one was the guru and one was the disciple. They came fully equiped with their padukas on carrying their sacred books and holding an umbrella. You can guess who the guru was but the disciple was Madhumangal. On the way to the temple Kutila and Jatila saw them and asked them, are you brahmanas? They rephed, yes we are sons of brahmanas. Jatila then asked them, where did they stay? Madhumangal answered we stay in Mathura. Whose sons are you Kutila asked? The gun replied we are the sons of Gargacarya. Being satisfied with their answers Kutila and Jatila requested that they perform worshipp for them. The guru and his disciple told them aetually we do nol have anything to do with women. We are brahmacaris from birth and thus contact with women is not in our best interests. Anyway since we are sattvic brahmans we do not worship any demigods and devis. We only worship Surya and nobody else. Kutila and Jatila excitedly replied, but Surya is who we want you to worship. Please do this worship for our daughter in law, Radharani? The guru replied, well since you are worshipping Surya too and it’s for your daughter in law, we will make an exception and offer the worship; but generally we dont do it. Also we do not take any dakshina or gifts for our service either. A brahinan should not take donations for service. Kutila and Jatila agreed and they all left for Surya Kunda.

When they arrived, her mother in law said, “Radharani we have a very excellent, first class brahmana to do all the worship for you. He is a brahmacari from birth and he knows all the mantras and he can also chant them very nicely. He will execute a very good standard of worship for you. Srimati Radharani recognizing her beloved, agreed and the puja began. But instead of worshiping Surya they actually had arranged for Srimati Radharani to worship Krishna. So after the worship Jatila and Kutila wanted to give some ornaments from Srimati Radhika as dakshina. Madhumangal refused saying we never touch anything from women. My gurudev would never think of it. But Kutila and Jatila insisted saying that some dakshina must be given because to worship is complete without dakshina. So then Madhumangal said, Alright I am the disciple I can take it but my guru will never take it. I will make some good use of it. After performing this pastime Krishna would return here again the following Sunday and in this way He and Srimati Radharani would enjoy Their pastimes.

Here also the puspa caran pastimes were enacted. Puspa means flowers and caran means picking, as well mala granthan or threading of the flower garlands took place here. Sometimes Krishna himself would come here and make a very beautiful gar land using various colorful flowers. When he was finished he would give it to one of the sakhis of Srimati Radhika, who would present it to her. As soon as Srimati Radharani would see it she would know that Krishna had made it becase instead of smelling the flowers she could smell Krishna’s transcendental scent and shewould happily accept it.

So these are some of the wonderful transcendental pastimes that use to go on in the area of Surya kunda. Jagannath das Babaji Maharaja did bhajan here for some time and the samadhi of Gaura Kishore das Babaji’s sannyasa guru, Sri Bhagavat das Babaji is also here. So now let us all look towards the sun remembering Surya, the sungod and giving our obeisances to him here at Surya kunda, pray to him that we have the understanding ta ave the direct perception of these pastimes of the Supreme Lord. Gaura Premanandi! Hari! Haribol!!


Kama means desires and this is the place where all desires of the devotees are fulfilled. This place is completely surcharged with transcendental potency. Every tree, every flower, every bush, creeper and herb. Every grain of dust, every stone, every kunda, all that we see with these eyes that we possess are not being perceived by us as they actually are. We are not able to see these things with the right vision for without a doubt everything here as well as the rest of Sri Vraja is certainly cintamani and Krishna is eternally performing his pastimes here.

As Raghunath das Goswami so wonderfully writes: everyday Lord Krishna is taking the cows out for grazing along with his cowherd friends. These are the places where these lilas are constantly being enacted, but by just coming to Kamyavan will all our desires be fulfilled ? Shastra is saying, the Goswamis are saying, the Lord himself is saying: yes, by going to Kamyavan, the forest where all desires are fulfilled one is able to have this opportunity. Receive the blessings of Kamesvara Mahadeva, who grants all desires, receive the grace of Vrinda devi by whose mercy even the impossible can became possible. Vrinda devi must be unreservedly granting us her grace even now, otherwise how could we, being as unworthy and unqualified as we are be allowed to even enter Sri Vraja Mandala. Here we will see the temples Radha Govinda, Radha Madan Mohan and Radha Gopinatha and have darshan of Vrinda devi. Gaura Premanandi! Hari! Haribol!!

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