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Shyama Kunda

If you look you can notice that the shape of Shyama kunda is made in an irregular way. This is because when Raghunath das Goswami finished excavating Radha kunda and was beginning work on Shyama kunda, Yudhisthira Maharaj appeared to him in a dream and requested him not to cut down the trees on the bank of Shyama kunda because he and his four brothers are residing here as these trees performing bhajan. The next day by the order of Sri Raghunathji the plan of excavation was altered and the blessed, illustrious Pandavas: Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva were allowed to continue their bhajan in peace.

Now we shall all take darshan of these trees and begging the Pandavas for their mercy take their dust from the ground below them upon our heads remembering their pastimes with Krishna. Then we will all take darshan of the samadhis of Raghunath das Goswami, Raghunath Bhatta Goswarni and Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami who wrote Sri Caitanya Caritamrta here. Then we shall go to that small mandir you see on the other side of Shyama kunda. This is Lord Caitanya’s pada pitha and the Lord’s lotus footprints are enshrined there. After circumambulating this mandir and fallng to the ground giving full dandavats, we will beg 1£rd Caitanya to bestow upon us his mercy and to nullify any offense we may have inadvertently committed by thought, by word or by action in this holiest of holy, supremely most sacred spot. Jay Jay Sri Radhe! Jay Jay Sri Radhe! Jay Jay Sri Radhe! Shyam!!!

Kusuma Sarovara

Now we are at Kusuma Sarovar. This place is so very beautiful. Once all the places of Sri Vraja Mandala were as beautiful as this. Look at the cool, clean, fresh water here. How mviting! Just look at the majestic and elegant architecture on the opposite side. So perfectly symetrical and marvelous. Srimati Radharani used to come to this beautiful place with her sakhis and pick flowers for Krishna’s garland before, going to meet him. In Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s time this place was known as Sumanah Sarovara and in the Sri Caitanya Caritamrita it has been described that ere after he went to Radha kunda. Sarovara is a kunja grove known as sometimes Krishna would get the Srimati Radharani’s hair. Also close by is a great acarya Srila Bhaktisiddhanta recorded during his parikrama of Sri Babaji recited Sri Vraja Mandala go down and take acaman and sprinkle give our obeisances to this place.

Lord Caitanya took bath along the banks of Kusuma …?shoka kunja. This is where opportunity to braid Srimati… temple to Uddhava. Our Saraswati Prabhupada has Vraja Mandala that Udd… Mahima here. So let us now sprinkle water upon our head. Haribol!!


Now we have arrived at Mukharavinda of Govardhan. Mukharavinda means his lotus mouth. if you remember before it was explained that Govardhana is formed in the shape of a peacock. Radha kunda and Shyama kunda are the eyes, Dan Gati is its long neck, Puncari is its back and tail feathers and Mukharavinda is its lotus mouth. The peacock often curves his neck and puts his head under its stomach, this is a’ classical pose that a peacock makes sometimes. Giri Govardhan is formed in this classical pose as if he is putting his head under his stomach.

Many people say that Jatipura is the mouth of Giri Govardhan, some people even say that Dan Gati is his mouth. But according to the scriptures and our previous acaryas the place where we are right now, Mukharavinda is the lotus mouth of Govardhan. Following the strict scriptural injunctions even Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu came here to make his offering to the lotus mouth of Giri Govardhan. Also our Goswamis, Rupa and Sanatana and our previous acaryas, His Divine Grace Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada and mY own spiritual master Srila Keshava Maharaja, they all came to the mouth of Govardhana here at Mukbaravinda and made their offerings to Giriraj. Also from time immemorial all the Annakuja offerings were made here so for us this is the place to give our offerings because this place has been autherized by our parampara. Just like a Salagram Sila has his face in all directions, his nose, his eyes, his mouth are in all directions. According to the scriptures he has thousands of hands. So similarly Govardhana can have his face ill many, many directions. Govardhan’s mouth can be in any direction and every direction and it is anywhere and everywhere; still following our disciplic succession and following the sriptures Mukharaviiida is the place of Giri Govardhan’s lotus mouth. So everyone can come and offer your samosas, and your sweet rice, and milk sweets and whatever othe nice eatables you have prepared. Our pujari has plenty of tulsi leaves so if your preparation is without please take some tulsi from him and offer her with your offering, then Giri Govardhana will be completely satisfied. So now we will offer our humble obeisances to Giri Govardhanji and begging him for his mercy make our offerings. Gaura Premanandi! Haribol!

Manasi Ganga

Here we are at Manasi Ganga. Once Nanda Maharaja and Mother Yashoda desired to make a pilgrimage to bathe Krishna in the waters of the holy Ganges. How could this be possible? It is the Yamuna which flows through Vraja. Krishna not wishing to have his mother and father travel such a long distance just for Him, revealed to them that Ganga devi had already manifested herself in Vraja as Manasi Ganga and that they could go and bathe there. Nanda Maharaja and Mother Yashoda were amazed that Ganga devi had manifested herself in Vraja and they were no aware of it, so they asked Krishna to tell them all about it. Krishna related how once he had to kill a wicked demon, named Vatsasura who had assumed the form of a baby calf. After killing the demon his cowherd friends told him he would have to would have to bathe in the holy Ganges to purify himself. Not wishing to travel so far away, by His mystic power, Krishna caused the rive Ganges to appear here and then he took his bath. In this way He pleased His friends and Ganga devi who had been hankering for an opportunity to bathe the Lord’s lotus feet.

From where we stand now the gopis use to cross over to the other side and Krishna somehow or other was the boatmatan. When the gopis requested Krishna to take them over, Krishna told them that his boat was very old and that it was dangerous to travel in it. But Srimati Radhika and the gopis insisted until finally Krishna agreed, but He mischievously added that they would have to help row. The gopis agreed and they all got in and began rowing. But in a very few moments Krishna noticed tha water was swiftly coming in a hole from the side. He told them we are carrying too much weight. We must throw all the pots of milk and butter overboard. The gopis seeing the water come, quickly threw all their pots over the side. Then Krishna told then that the boat was still over loaded and that they would all have to throw their heavy gold jewelery over the side too. At the same time Krishna threw all his weight on one side of the boat so mud water rushed in. The gopis shrieking in fear took off all their jewelery and tossed it overboard also. But still Krishna would no relent, he threw all his weight to the other side of the boat and a the waters gushed in told them that the boat was still to heavy and that they would have to take off their clothes and throw them overboard as well. At this time all the gopis became exceedingy fearful and Srimati Radbarani throwing herself into Krishna’s hands said, O boatman, o boatman! Somehow or the other make it possible to take us across. Whatever you want I will give you. Only please take us to the other side. Then on Srimati Radhika’s request, Krishna became very pleased and sticking a cork into the hole stopped the water from coming in and then taking the oars Himself rowed them all peacefully across. So like this Krishna and the gopis performed so many pastimes here at Manasi Ganga. So let us now take acaman here and remembering this pastime give our humble obeisances. Hare Krishna!

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