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Radha Kunda

We are now having darshan at the most holy waters of Radha Kunda. Radha kunda is the most sacred and exalted place in all creation. Beyond the material worlds is the spiritual abode of Vaikuntha and beyond that the area known as Mathura is the supreme abode. On earth the holiest country is India. In India the most holiest place is known as Mathura, within Mathura Mandala the holy place known as Vrindavan is best because that is where Krishna performed His rasa lila, out of all places in Vrindavan, Govardhana is the best because Govardhana hill is Krishna Himself and the most holiest place in Govardhana is Radha kunda. Totally and fully transcendental the glories of Radha kunda have been sung and eulogised by all the greatest sages and saints, and as Shyama kunda which is right next to it is nondifferent from Lord Krishna, Radha kunda is also nondifferent from Srimati Radharani.

After killing the bull demon Aristasura who was sent by Kamsa, Krishna desired to sport with the gopis. But when he approached them, Srimati Radharani and the gopis refused Him saying, don’t touch us. You just killed a male cow. You will have to purify Yourself by bathing in all the holy places in the three worlds. Krishna thinking that if He did this He would be separated from Srimati Radharani replied, why should I have to wander throughout the three worlds? I will bring all the holy places here and take my bath in them. Stamping his lotus heel into the ground all the sacred waters of all the holy places came and appeared before him. The Yamuna, the Ganges, the Saraswati, the Sindhu, the salt ocean, the ocean of milk, all the most holy waters of the universe came so Krishna could take bath in them. After purifying himself by bathing, Krishna told the gopis that He was pure, but that they were contaminated because although Aristasura had assumed the form of a bull he was still a demon and they must take a sacred bath to wash away their sin of siding with a demon. Hearing this Srimati Radharani told the gopis, we will make an even more beautiful kunda. So She and the gopis began digging and in a very short time a kunda was dug by them. Krishna seeing their kunda informed them that it was very nice but there was no water in it. Better you fill your kunda with water from mine. But Srimati Radharani said no, this is not possible, Your kunda is contaminated by your terrible sin of killing a cow. Then she got all her gopis to form a line and bring pure water from Manasi Ganga in thousands of pots. Krishna not wishing to see even one bead of perspiration on Srimati Radharani’s forehead gave a signal to the leader of all the holy waters from all the sacred places. This deities with tears in his eyes and palms joined together gave choice prayers to Srimati Radharani explaining to her that he and all the sacred waters had come here to live by the stamp of Krishna’s lotus foot. But that now they could clearly see that their lives would be totally successful if they could come and live in her kunda. Srimati Radharani smiling at her beloved Krishna from the corners of her eyes accepted and all the holy waters receiving the mercy of Srimati Radharani broke through the walls of Shyama kunda and quickly filled Radha kunda with their sacred waters. Krishna very pleased told Srimati Radharani that Her kunda would always be His favourite place and that it would always be as dear to Him as She was. Srimati Radharani replied, I will always come and bathe in Your kunda and anyone who has devotion for this kunda or who bathes here or who lives here is sure to become very dear to Me.

When Lord Caitanya came here to Radha kunda 500 years ago nobody had any knowledge of where either Radha kund or Shyama kunda were. The Lord therefore went and discovered them both. At that time they were only two small pools of water in two rice paddy fields. Lord Caitanya first took His bath in the pool now known as Radha kunda and then he took bath in the pool known as Shyama kunda. Many years later Raghunath das Goswami was approached by a rich merchant who wanted to do some guru seva and Raghunatha dasa had him excavate both kundas to the present size and shape they are now.

Nowadays there is a tendency by many to consider Varsana as the crest jewel of all Srimati Radharani’s lila; but according to the Goswami’s and authoritative sources this is not the correct understanding. Lord Caitanya himself has said.

kundera madhuri yena radhara madhurima

kundera mahima yena radhara mahima

The attraction of Radha kunda is as sweet as that of Srimati Radharani. Similarly, the glories of this kunda are as glorious as Srimati Radharani. (Sri Caitanya Caritamrta, Madhya lila 18.11)

Varsana, Nandagram, Gokula, Vrindavan are without question certainly very elevated places. In all these places there is no difference transcendentally in essence; but there is a slight variation in rasa. In Gokula, Krishna exhibited his early childhood pastimes in vatsalya rasa. In Vrindavan, Krishna was performing his rasa lila, that was panchayata rasa. Meaning there were different categories of gopis there. There were nitya sakhi gopis, prana sakhi gopis, priya sakhi gopis, param prestha sakhi gopis and also those sages who from the time of Lord Ramacandra had prayed at his lotus feet. They also became gopis. All these various and different classes of gopis entered into the arena of rasa lila, and that is why Srimati Radharani became angry and left the in anger the rasa dance. So in order to pacify her anger Krishna came after her and then Srimati Radharani and only the most intimate gopis enjoyed rasa lila with Krishna. This is actual rasa lila. We see in the different places where Krishna came to pacify her and braided Srimati Radharani’s hair or massaged her lotw feet or the place where he lifted her up in his arms. You can sec there that the impressions of his feet are deeper than othew places. We have all seen these things. Naturaly at Nandagran where Krishna’s parents were living and at Varsana where Srimati Radharani’s parents resided no display of conjugal feelings were ever disclosed. At these places the mood of sakhya rasa was enacted. But here at Radha kunda only madhurya rasa was performed. Ths is why this place is so special. This is why all ow previous acaryas acknowledged Radha kunda as the crest jewe in all the three worlds. Here only the most intimate girifreinds ol Srimati Radharanl were allowed to come here. Not even Nanda Maharaj and Yashodamata or King Vrishabhanu and Kirtida could ever come here. But even Krishna’s friends couldn’t come here excepting the priyanarma sakhas who are very intimate with Krishna. Those intimate freinds who assist Krishna in meeting Srimati Radharani like Madhumangal, Sridam, Sudama, Arjun only they can sometimes come; but even then they must remaji on the Shyamakunda side. Here there are also eight kundas surrounding Radha kunda and Shyama kunda. These kundas repre sent the eight principal gopis who are called sakhis. They are Lalita, Vishaka, Chitra, Indurekha, Champakalata, Tungavidya Rangadevi and Sudevi.

Radha kunda is the most elevated place in the universe, and not only in this material manisfestation; but in the spiritual sky Goloka Vrindavan as well. A place more holy and sacred does not exist. When bathin here one should strictly follow the instructions of one’s spiritual master implicity, in this way no offense wil be made. For example if ones spiritual master or the guru of one spiritual master requested his disciples not to enter the wate when they take bath here, then that request should be considereE as a direct order from the Supreme Lord Krishna Himself. The spiritual master always knows what is best for his disciples in all respects and his orders must always be obeyed. Jay! Jay! Sri Radhe!! Jay! Jay! Sri Radhe!! Jay! Jay! Sri Radhe!! Shyam!!!

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