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Airavata Kunda

This pond is called Airavata kunda and is the place where Indra’s elephant carrier, Airavata came and put the water from the celestial Ganges here, with which he bathed Lord Krishna. From here we will go to the village of Jatipura, the place where Sri Madhavendra Puri lived. Hare Krishna!


Now we have arrived at Jatipura. As you can see it is on the parikrama path of Govardhana hill. This place is called Jatipura because Sri Madhavendra Puri use to live here. Since he was a sannyasi, another name for the renounced order is called jati. Thus after him this place is called Jatipura. He use to live here with his worshipable Lord, Sri Gopalaji and he use to worship him here. He use to worship Krishna in his form of Gopal and it was here where he offered him the huge bhoga offering of 56 preparations. Also the big annakuta at the appearance of Gopa was performed here at this place called Jatipura. Hari! Haribol!

Chakra Tirtha

This place is called Chakra Tirtha. Before Indra’s pride has been totally crushed by Krishna, he had sent the powerful samvartaka clouds usually used at the end of the material manifestation. At this time Krishna had his Sudarsana chakra whirling above Govardhana to protect him and to subdue the force of the clouds and rain. When Indra was finally forced to excepi defeat the chakra stationed itself here and has been worshipped ever since.

During Sri Caitanya’s appearance Sanatana Goswami always used to perform his bhajan near to Lord Shiva, that way he felt protected. When he was staying in Vrindavan he use to stay at Gopishvara. When he was in Kamyavan he was living next to Kamesvara and here when he was in Govardhana he would stay at this place called Chakreshwar Shiva. Sanatana Goswami and Lord Shiva were very close and that is why he always choose his bhajan kutir close to where Lord Shiva resided, after requesting his permission to stay there. Once while he was staying here performing his bhajan he was plagued with so many mosquitoes always biting him that he could not stand it any longer and he began to pack his belongings to go elsewhere. When Lord Shiva became aware that Sanatana Goswami was leaving he disguised himself as a Brahmana and approached Sanatana asking him what was his reason for leaving. Sanatana told him that the mosquitoes were biting so fiercely that he could not properly execute his devotional service. Lord Shiva breathing a sigh of relief told Sanatana to stay one more night and he promised that he would not be plagued by mosquitoes any longer. Sanatana agreed. Lord Shiva immediately sent for the demigod in charge of insect life. Lord Shiva was feeling very sad because for him there is nothing more pleasurable or joyous than the association of a pure devotee of the Lord, like Sanatana Goswami, and to Lord Shiva there is nothing more sorrowful than the separation of such a pure devotee of the Lord. When the demigod in charge of insect life arrived, Shiva told him that a pure devotee of the Lord was being harassed by mosquitoes and that he wanted all the mosquitoes in the area to depart at once and never return. That night Sanatana Goswami was able to do his bhajan in complete peace and to this day the area around this place very seldom has any mosquitoes.

Sanatana Goswami when he would travel throughout Braja would sleep under a different tree every night. He used to eat very frugally, usually only a chapati or two, spending all his time writing books on devotional service and instructing Gopal Bhatta Goswami to compile Hari Bhakti Vilasa as instructed by Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. HBV explains the basic duties of a devotee, love of Godhead, Vaisnava duties and activities of devotional service to Krishna, and all this was compiled under the direction and guidance of sanatana Goswami. Hari Bhakti Vilas is especially important for householder devotees. They should direct their lives according to the instructions found in this book.

Every morning Sanatana Goswami would go for parikrama around Govardhana and often he would do 1008 dandavats. Whenever he saw another Vaisnava he would give his full obeisances. He would sleep only two or three hours a day and at night he would burn dry leaves and with that light he would write his books. That is how be was spending his life. If someone wants to do bhajan properly he should take inspiration from Sanatana Goswami and direct his life in the service of the Lord in this manner. He was the epitome of compassion. His heart cried out in anguish for the conditioned souls. He directed his life in trying to uplift the masses who are engrossed in materialistic activities, yet he never felt that he was doing anything special. He was always in a humble state of mind. So here we should pray to Sanatana Goswami that by his grace we may be able to take shelter from him and direct our lives by his example, then our life on earth will also be successful. Now we will hear a very nice lecture comparing the glories of Sri Vraja Mandala Dham with its direct nondifferent, manifestation Sri Navadwipa Dham.

Let us always seek the shelter of Sri Navadwipa Dham. Navadwipa Dham is a nondifferent, direct manifestation of Sri Vraja Mandala. One must always take shelter of Navadwipa Dham. The Holy land of Krishna always weighs and analyses the offenses made by the living entity. But Lord Caitanya, his manifestation, His holy name and his holy Dham do not consider aparadhas or offenses. This is why we always have to take the shelter of Navadwipa Dham. If anyone takes the name of Lord Gauranga with tears in his eyes full of love for the Lord, then that purchases the Lord immediately and He relieves them from all sinful reactions.

Lord Krishna is also extremely merciful. Krishna always measures his mercy like on a balance scale. According to the devotion of the individual he gives equal measures of his mercy. As Krishna tells Arjuna at the battle of Kuruksetra.

ye yatha mam prapadyante

tams ta thaiva bhajamy aham

"As they surrender to me, I reward them accordingly." (Bhagavad-gita 4.11)

So Krishna’s reward is always extremely measured. Whatever one desires from Krishna, Krishna will surely give; but exactly in equal proportion to the individuals surrender.

Now in Lord Caitanya’s pastimes we see that the Lord distributed profusely and freely to everyone without consideration of surrender, devotion, position or status. When Lord Caitanya travelled through the Jharikhanda jungle from Jagannath Puri to Vrindavan with Balabhadra Bhattacharya we see that he inundated wild, ferocious tigers and elephants with love of Godhead. All the jungle animals that Lord Caitanya passed would jump up and start dancing, chanting the name Krishna, Krishna! He distributed Krishna prema freely to every living entity that he came

anarpita carim cirat karunayavatirnah kalau

samarpayitum unnatojjvala rasam sva bhakti sriyam

harih purata sundara dyuti kadamba sandipitah

sada hrdaya kandare sphuratu vah saci nandanah

There were many precious incarnations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; but none were so generous, kind and magnanimous as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, for he distributed the most confidential aspect of devotional service, madhurya rasa of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. This is why Lord Caitanya’s holy name and the name of Lord Nityananda who is the original spiritual master. Their names can exonerate and redeem anyone from the most heinous offenses and aparadhas.

Our previous Acharya’s Jagannath das Babaji Maharaja and Gaura Kishore Maharaja and even the Goswamis, they resided for many years in Vraja Mandala. But they felt that they had to go to Navadwipa Dham because in Navadwipa Dham there is no consideration of eligibility or qualification. Navadwipa Dham is the total embodiment of compassionate magnanimity and all encompassing mercy of the Lord. We also following in the footsteps of our previous acaryas shall take full shelter of the holy names of Nitai and Gauranga and the holy abode known as Navadwipa Dham. Because they have come to specifically give us the highest benediction any living entity can receive, and that is love of Krishna. Lord Caitanya is the rasaraja and the mahabhava. He is the enjoyer of all spiritual mellows and he exhibits the highest spiritual ecstasy but Lord Nityananda is even more merciful that Lord Caitanya. It was by his grace that Lord Caitanya redeemed Jagai and Madhai. If Lord Nityananda is pleased with you Lord Caitanya immediately showers his mercy upon you. But if Lord Nityananda is displeased with you then Lord Caitanya punishes you double.

So in conclusion by taking full shelter of Prabhu Nityananda and Lord Caitanya, they out of their causeless mercy will reveal to us our eternal service to Lord Krishna, Krishna’s eternal abode and how we can become maid servants of the maid servants of the maid servants of Srimati Radharani. All this can only be revealed by Prabhu Nityananda and Lord Caitanya’s mercy. Gaur Premanandi!! Hari! Haribol!!!

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