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This place is known as Rasastali. As you can see it is very close to Puncari. Rasastali is where Lord Krishna performed his rasa lila pastimes. And what shall I now speak about rasa lila? I have no qualification or eligibility to do so. I simply pray to the lotus feet of Lalita devi that she will intercede for me to Srimati Radharani that one day she and Krishna will shower their nectarean mercy upon us all. On that most auspicious day in some future lifetime I may have the capacity to correctly understand rasa lila, free from mundane impurities with the proper mood of reverence in a humble state of mind; but at this time I am totally incapable, being bound inescapably by the darkest modes of ignorance.

If you look around you can see that there are tamal trees and kadamba trees. If you notice they are all in pairs. These trees are not from recent times like a few hundred years. These trees date back 5000 years and then they were not so fey in number as now. Then there were lakhs of these trees. These trees you see here actually witnessed Lord Krishna’s rasa dance and thus they are worshipable by us. That is why we have come here to Rasastali today to beg the mercy from these trees, praying at their lotus feet that they give us the purity to see and understand Krishna’s eternal pastimes in our hearts, as they have. These trees are not ordinary trees. They are all transcendental personalities who were witnesses to Lord Krishna’s pastimes, and we pray to then that we can gradually develop the desire to serve Krishna with al our hearts and minds, and then our human lives will be successful.

It must be understood that if one wants to make advancement in spiritual life, one must cry, one must shed bitter tears of separation if one wants to serve Sri Sri Radha Krishna in that ecstatic mood. If we want to sincerely serve them, then we must get attached to this mood of intense separation, otherwise without this mood it is not possible to attain their lotus feet in devotional service. This mood of separation as it intensifies no only exhibits ecstasy when feeling estranged from them; but also like the ecstasy of a lover seeing his beloved after some time the same ecstasy is even more intensified. So when you see them you cry tears of joy and when you don’t see them you cry tears 0 ecstatic joy. Always from crying to more crying, from more bitter tears to more bitter tears, from more lamentation to more lamentation. Are you willing to do all this? The six Goswamis.. Rupa, Raghunatha, Jiva, Sanatana, Raghunatha Bhatta and Gopa] Bhatta all were deeply steeped in this mood of separation constantly.

So, this place we see before us is not an ordinary place. This place, Rasastali erupts with so much spiritual sentiment and emotion that it can not be contained within a human being heart. Just by thinking about it the six Goswamis would be roll. ing around in the dust here in maddened ecstasy, crying out k acute lamentation. Such is the potency of this place. let us also fall down in the dust and although we are not able to attain the ecstatic heights of love in separation at least we can give our most humble and sincere obeisances. Hari! Haribol!

Surabhi Kunda

Now we are standing at the auspicious location of Surabhi kunda. When Indra after harassing the residents of Vraja realised his mistake and understood his true position as nothing but an executive manager of universal affairs, he went to his guru Brhaspati and humbly asked him what he should do. Brhaspati told him that he had made a grevious offense against the lotus feet of Nanda Maharaja, Mother Yashoda and all the residents of Vraja and that he would have to beg their forgiveness in some way to become free of this offense. He told him, you can’t go to Lord Krishna direct, you have to go through someone who is very dear to Krishna and take shelter from them. Then it will be possible for you to approach him. Brhaspati told him, he should go to Surabhi and take shelter from her because the Surabhi cow is very dear to Lord Krishna so Indra following the Instructions of his guru went to Surabhi and asked her would she give him shelter and intercede for him with Krishna. Surabhi was a little surprised at first that the king of the demigods would come to her but then she agreed.

Meanwhile Krishna was inspecting all around Vraja Mandala to see what damage the seven day rain and flooding by Indra had caused to the residents of Vraja, and to see what help they needed. Krishna was especially anxious about Govardhana hill be cause Krishna had used him to shield the residents of Vraja from Indra’s powerful onslaught of lightning bolts. But actually those powerful lightning bolts of Indra felt like tiny little pinpricks to the huge form of Giri Govardhana who was in the utmost ecstasy a being held by the little lotus finger of Lord Krishna’s left hand. So as Krishna started walking towards this kunda, Indra saw Him from a distance and upon seeing Him fell immediately to the ground offering his obeisances. But Krishna did not care about Indra’s obeisances and he completely ignored him. But when Surabhi approached Krishna and said, O Lord, please be merciful to Indra, in ignorance he has made a mistake only then did Krishna take pity on Indra. If one commits an offense against the lotus feet of Lord Krishna only Sri Guru and the Vaisnavas, the surrendered devotees of the Lord can rectify the situation and redeem the offender from the offence, otherwise there is no chance of redemption. If the spiritual master and the Vaisnavas are happy and satisfied then you can be sure that Krishna is also happy and satisfied. So when Krishna saw his devotee Surabhi he became very pleased, and he promised her that if she you so desired that Indra should be forgiven, then he would certainly be pardoned by him. So this is Surabhi kunda, the place where surabhi got Indra forgiven for his heinous attack against the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the most holy residents of Vraja.

In Kali yuga those people who are gross materialists, who have no interest in love of Godhead and in Krishna, if they come to this place even by chance, by the mercy of Surabhi they will have entry into the world of Lord Krishna’s transcendental abode, such is the mercy of Surabhi kund. Those who are millionaires have no real need to make a lot of money because they have sufficient funds. Whereas those who have very little are always hankering for more. In the spiritual sense there is no question of ever having enough, no matter how much spiritual wealth one has. In the spiritual sense, a person who is completely full spiritually should always take a humble position acting as if he does not possess any spiritual qualities whatsoever. Take Lord Caitanya who was Krishna himself. He would always say, I don’t even have the slightest tinge of love for Krishna. Srimati Radharani is also lamenting in the same mood saying, I do not have even a drop of love in my heart for Krishna, otherwise how is it that I am still alive. This is the very unique characteristic of pure love of God, that it captivates everyone and everything that it comes in contact with.

Those who have nothing should always be hankering to have more, even Srimati Radharani who has the power to even captivate the mind of Krishna, she always laments that she has no love and attraction for Krishna. And those who have nothing like us, who are completely turned away from Krishna in every sense of the word, we should be the ones to have the most intense desire to have this love and attraction for Krishna. This love and attraction is such a wonderful phenomena that it does not depend on anything or anyone. It can come at any time, under any circumstances, for any reason. It does not depend on who, why, what is their background, what is their birth or what are their qualifications. Also it does not depend on how many scriptures one has read, or how many slokas one has memorised. or how many disciples one has. But one thing is certain, when this love and attraction does come for Lord Krishna, immediately Lord Caitanya will shower his full compassion on this fortunate soul.

What were Jaghai and Madhai’s previous qualifications? They were nothing but worthless drunks, sex-mongers and murderers; but still Lord Caitanya showered them with his mercy. What was Naga Kaliya’s qualification? This snake was so sinful that even his breath was able to kill all the plants and wildlife in its area of residence and yet Kaliya received the lotus feet of Krishna upon his head. What were the demoness Putana’s qualifications? She was so evil that she use to steal little infant babies from their cradles and drink their blood and devour them. When she gave Krishna her poisonous breast to suck Krishna accepted and while he was sucking Putana tried to push Krishna away, but Krishna pulled her closer and liberated her. Now she holds a position as Krishna’s nurse in Vaikuntha-loka. What pious activities did all these demons perform? What was their status on the ladder o devotion? Still even though these demons were the most evil and black hearted, the Lord out of his causeless mercy redeemed them.

So similarly if we approach Krishna and pray to him saying that our hearts are full of deceit, dishonesty, lust and envy and ask Krishna to please remove these impurities, then Krishna will certainly help us. If he was able to redeem all these demons who were totally inimical towards him, why wouldn’t he help us who desire to be totally surrendered to him; and this is why we have come here to surabhi kunda to pray to her that she intervene with Krishna like she did for Indra so he will give us his full and unconditional mercy. Hari! Haribol!!

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