Virginia Company Joint stock company founded colony in Virginia

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Standard 1 Vocabulary

  1. Virginia Company – Joint stock company founded colony in Virginia

  2. Roanoke – 1st British colony in the new world

  3. Jamestown – 1st successful British colony in the new world

  4. Reason for founding – profit for investors

  5. John Smith – Led the Jamestown colony – “Can’t eat unless you work”

  6. Starving time – Winter 1609-1610 – not enough food for colonies; many died

  7. John Rolfe – Introduced tobacco to Jamestown colony

  8. Joint Stock Company – Group of investors coming together hoping to make a profit

  9. Tobacco – Brown gold; became staple of Jamestown

  10. Indentured Servants - Person who contracts their labor for a specific amount of time

  11. Headright System – New settlers who paid their way to the new world received 50 acres of land; attracted new settlers

  12. Powhatan – Native American leader who attacked Jamestown colony

  13. House of Burgesses – 1st representative government; wealthy landowners – Virginia

  14. Salutary Neglect - Britain left the colonies alone – gave them the desire for self-government

  15. Bacon’s Rebellion – Frontier colonists vs. Virginia gov’t; poor vs. rich land owners; unhappy about crop prices

  16. Pilgrims – Separatists of the Anglican Church; founded colony of Plymouth

  17. Mayflower Compact - 1st attempt at self-government

  18. Thanksgiving – Pilgrims given food by local Native Americans

  19. Massachusetts Bay Colony – Colony where Puritans settled

  20. “City upon a Hill” – Model community for others to follow

  21. Half-way Covenant – Colony needed settlers; made it where you did not have to belong to the church to vote

  22. King Phillip’s War - Metacom vs the Puritans – Metacom lost

  23. Metacom – King Phillip

  24. Quebec – French colony founded in Canada; founded as a fur trade outpost

  25. New England Colonies – New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island

  26. Economy – Fishing and trade; lumber

  27. Massachusetts – Colony founded for Puritans to escape religious persecution

  28. Puritans – Wanted to reform the Anglican Church; couldn’t so they left England

  29. Puritan work ethic – Hard work to accomplish common goals in the community

  30. Massachusetts Charter - Legal right for Massachusetts to have a colony; eventually thrown out

  31. Salem Witch Trials – Most likely to be accused: independent women, people who spoke out, landowning women, etc.

  32. Anne Hutchinson – Kicked out of Massachusetts Bay for preaching the bible

  33. Connecticut – Established by Thomas Hooker for political and religious freedom after fallout with Mass. Bay Colony

  34. Thomas Hooker - Founded Connecticut

  35. Rhode Island – Established by Roger Williams for religious and political freedom

  36. Roger Williams – Kicked out of Massachusetts Bay Colony; against the idea of the Puritans pushing strict religious practices

  37. New Hampshire – Farming community founded by John Mason

  38. Middle Colonies – New Amsterdam/New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware

  39. New Amsterdam – Founded by the Dutch for fur trading and port trading

  40. New York – Former New Amsterdam colony taken over by British b/ they did not want Dutch colony b/w British colonies

  41. Harbors and Rivers – Became important for trade and transportation

  42. Pennsylvania – Founded by William Penn for religious tolerance of all groups

  43. William Penn – Quaker founder of Pennsylvania

  44. Reason for founding – Religious tolerance and tolerance of all groups

  45. Quakers – Inner Light, non-violent; religiously tolerant; underground railroad helpers

  46. Inner light – Did not have to have a religious leader to talk to God; prayer

  47. New Jersey – Founded for farming and trade

  48. Delaware – Founded in 1638 for farming and profit; produced large amounts of food

  49. Southern Colonies – Georgia, Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland

  50. Virginia – Grew out of Jamestown colony; Founded by Virginia Company for profit for investors (gold)

  51. Maryland – Founded as a religious haven for Catholics; economy focused on tobacco

  52. Lord Baltimore (Calvert) – Leader of the Maryland colony

  53. N & S Carolina – Economy depended on tobacco, rice and cotton

  54. Georgia – Founded by James Oglethorpe; relief colony for poor English; Buffer colony between the Carolinas and Spanish colonies in Florida.

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