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Version 1.1, June 2002

These 7 scenarios, written by Yves Fagherazzi and Duccio Vitale, appear in the French boxed game “Vikings”. This game in the “Cry Havoc” series was a development of the game “Viking Raiders”, which was designed by David Levell and published in England by Standard Games in 1987. “Vikings” was published by Eurogames in 1990, and copyright is held by Duccio Vitale and Eurogames. The English game had different rules and maps, and different scenarios. The scenarios here can be adapted to use with the rules from “Viking Raiders” if players have the extra maps, but players would need to make six of their own 3-hex boats to stand in for those supplied only with “Vikings”. References to grappling hooks (which are used to grapple enemy ships and pull them together) should be ignored if playing with the English rules. These scenarios were translated by Bob Gingell in November 2001.


  1. Introduction

  2. Scenario 1: Viking against Viking

  3. Scenario 2: Drakkar in sight!

  4. Scenario 3: Last bend before the sea

  5. Scenario 4: The capture of the Isle of Man

  6. Scenario 5: When the mist clears

  7. Scenario 6: The Princess of Donegal

  8. Scenario 7: The vengeance of Erik the Red


The seven scenarios below illustrate different moments from the era of the Vikings. They add detail to the various types of coastal raid that took place during this period, with all the hazards and risks that are included in such expeditions, even for experienced warriors. If there are several players on each side, we particularly recommend scenarios 4, 5, 6 and 7. Divide up the tasks in a realistic fashion: one player can command sea-borne characters, another characters on land; a third can deal with reinforcements, etc. Supplementary scenarios and new maps can be found in “The Fortified Harbour” (Le Port Fortifié), a special extension designed for Vikings (and due to appear in February 1991). [In fact “The Fortified Harbour” was never published, but supplementary scenarios did appear in the French magazine ‘Claymore’ and have been translated in the ‘Vikings Supplement’.]

Map entry for characters and ships: Characters and ships that enter the map during a scenario start by spending the Movement Points needed for the first hex entered. They move normally, complying with the limitations consequent on the nature of the terrain crossed. The half-hexes at the edge of the game board can be used; they count as if they were whole hexes.
Map exit for characters and ships: Any characters and ships that voluntarily exit the map during a scenario cannot re-enter before the end of the scenario. A character forced to retreat following missile-fire or combat, and who would be obliged to exit the map during any part of his retreat, does not move and instead receives a wound. If he is already wounded, he is treated as dead.
Important: A ship is considered to be on the map so long as its axis of rotation is on the map (half-hexes do count). If this is not the case, it is removed from the game.

Download 35.1 Kb.

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