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Hans Christian Anderson

1.02 Interpret the literature of Hans Christian Anderson and his humanitarian theme. 

Bias – prejudice in favor or against another

Literature – writing of lasting or artistic value

Oral history – stories from people who have knowledge of the past

Humanitarian – promoting human welfare
How do Hans Christian Anderson’s stories show support?
Danes dislike restrictive legislation. The have a tradition of questioning authority, support for the underdog, and human rights for all. Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytales are typical of the Danish humanitarian tradition: the ugly ducking becomes the swan and the vain emperor turns out to be naked.
Problem Solving
Anderson’s fairy tales, based on a belief in living miracles, combine a complex sense of humor that exposes pettiness and egoism with firm belief in eternal justice. His writing shows extraordinary sensitivity and subtlety, but these qualities tend, unfortunately, to be lost in the modern translations.
The Hans Christian Anderson Festival is an important annual event in Denmark.
Little Mermaid

The Ugly Ducking

The Emporer’s New Clothes

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