Viking raid 6th June 774: campaign

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A campaign by Philippe Gaillard for “Vikings” or “Viking Raiders”.

This campaign contains 5 linked scenarios and was published in 1994 as ‘Opération Vikings’ in Claymore #6. It was translated into English by Bob Gingell in February 2001. It uses the material from “Viking Raiders” (or alternatively “Vikings” plus ‘The Coast’ map), and a total of 3 additional maps (‘The Crossroads’ from “Cry Havoc”, ‘The Forest’ supplementary map, and ‘The Marsh’ special map which was also published in Claymore magazine issue #6). It also requires 2 draft horses and carts from “Siege” and/or “Croisades”, and 10 fascine terrain markers from “Siege”.



Scenario 1: Intercepting the Courier

Scenario 2: Intercepting the Supplies

Scenario 3: Destroying the Outpost

Scenario 4: Tactical Reconnaissance

Scenario 5: The Final Battle

Annex: The Marsh map

Foreword: This campaign was inspired by a reading of the research of Jean Deuve on “The intelligence services of the Middle Ages” (published by ‘Editions Corlet’), which illustrated the role and activity of Viking and Norman ‘spies’ during the preparation of expeditions of conquest.
Background: “In the year of our Lord 774 the Danes came and conquered a small foothold in Eastern England at the expense of a local lord. Jarl Olaf decided to gamble all his fortunes and before his invasion organised a careful study of his enemy and the local geography; in short a successful ‘tactical military reconnaissance’ would enable a knockout blow to be struck. Jarl Erik and his men were chosen for this task.”
Preparation: The Viking player chooses 40 men on foot (with a maximum of 6 archers and a minimum of 5 bondis). He divides his men into 5 groups with at least 6 men in each. Four of these take part in information-gathering missions. The survivors of each group rejoin the fifth group for the final battle. If the Viking wins during any of the 4 earlier scenarios, he can capture any horses abandoned by his enemy and use the counters for mounted characters.

Download 99.29 Kb.

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