Vii issue 1 2009 Journal for Critical Animal Studies

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Volume VII Issue 1 2009
Journal for

Critical Animal Studies


Dr. Richard J White Chief Editor

Veda Stram Associate Editor

Lindgren Johnson Associate Editor

Nicole Pallotta Associate Editor

Dr. Richard Twine Book Review Editor

Kevin Collen Book Review Editor

Sarat Colling Film Review Editor


Dr. Ralph Acampora, Hofstra University; Dr. John C. Alessio, Sociology Department St. Cloud State University; Mahalley D. Allen, University of Kansas; Dr. Julie Andrzejewski, St. Cloud State University; Philip Armstrong, University of Canterbury; Dr. Tracy Basile, Purchase College, State University of New York; Dr. Piers Beirne, University of Southern Maine; Dr. Steve Best, University of Texas; Jennifer Laurie Black, Political Consultant Washington D.C.; Dr. Carl Boggs, National University; Dr. Matthew Calarco, Sweet Briar College; Dr. Jodey Castricano, University of British Columbia; Dr. Stephen Clark, University of Liverpool, UK; Lauren Corman, York University, Canada; Dr. Karen Davis, United Poultry Concern; Dr. Abraham DeLeon, University of Rochester; Dr. David Detmer, Purdue University; Dr. Jason Dew, Georgia Perimeter College; Dr. Lauren Eastwood, Plattsburgh, SUNY; Dr. Leeza Fawcett, York University; Dr. Carol Gigliotti, Emily Carr University; Dr. Stephen Hanson, Department of Social Sciences, McNeese State University; Amie Breeze Harper, University of California; Pattrice Jones, Eastern Shore Sanctuary & Education Center; Dr. Richard Kahn, University of North Dakota; Dr. Stephen R. Kaufman, Co-chair of the Christian Vegetarian Association; Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, Montana State University; Dr. Charlotte Laws, Councilperson for Valley Glen, California; Dr. Bill Martin, DePaul University; Dr. Alyce L. Miller, Indiana University; Dr. Peter McLaren, University of California, Los Angeles; Anthony J. Nocella II, Syracuse University; Dr. Annie Potts, University of Canterbury; Dr. Nicole Pallota, Animal Legal Defense Fund; Dr Kay Peggs, University of Portsmouth; Donovan O Schaefer, Religion and Philosophy, Syracuse University; Dr. Maxwell Schnurer, Humboldt State University; Deric Shannon Ph.D. Student U. of Connecticut; Nathan Snaza; University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Dr. H. Peter Steeves, DePaul University; Dr. Nicola Taylor, Central Queensland University; Dinesh Wadiwel, University of Western Sydney, Matthew Walton, University of Washington, Ph.D. Student; Dr. Cary Wolfe, Rice University.

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