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Viewing Guide:

Guns, Germs, and Steel: Episode 3

Directions: Before viewing the fi lm, read each question below so you know what information and ideas you should be looking for as you watch Episode 3. Record your answers to each question by providing as many facts, details, and examples as possible to answer each question. Be prepared to discuss your answers with the class.

1. According to Jared Diamond, what is the one factor that allowed Europeans to develop the forces necessary to conquer vast portions of the world?

2. Why were the Europeans who settled the South African cape so successful? Describe two reasons.

3. How did disease allow the Europeans to conquer the native populations in the Americas and in the African cape?

4. While the Europeans who were attempting to overtake/settle the tropical areas of the African continent were responsible for introducing killer germs to the native populations, they also suffered from the effects of the germs native to this part of the world. Describe how these germs worked against the European settlers.

5. How did the native Africans protected themselves from the germs that caused diseases such as Smallpox and Malaria? Give specifi c examples cited in the fi lm.

6. How has the colonization of Africa created countries riddled with disease? Give

specific examples from the film.

7. What is the number one public health problem in Zambia, and who are the people primarily affected by this?

8. How has disease contributed to the poverty in many African countries such as Zambia?

9. According to statistics from the fi lm, how has Malaria effected the net growth in Africa over the last 50 years?

10. Describe how other tropical countries such as Malaysia and Singapore have developed rich economies despite having many of the same geographical and health problems faced by African nations.

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