Vietnam War Reading Comprehension Activity

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Vietnam War Reading Comprehension Activity

Directions: Using the Britannica link on NC Wise Owl, complete the following Reading comprehension questions by writing one paragraph, 4-5 sentences, unless otherwise indicated. You will only need to refer to the Vietnam War Article to complete this assignment.

Section 1

  1. How was the Vietnam War a manifestation of the Cold War? Explain how Cold War tensions between the US and Soviet Union led to the Vietnam War.

Sections 2

  1. Describe the struggle of independence in Vietnam. Be sure to include discussion of who controlled Vietnam, the rise of Ho Chi Minh, and Ho’s victory against the French.

Section 3

  1. Describe the process of the division of Vietnam. Be sure to include the steps taken to divide Vietnam, the new boundaries, the location of the new capital, and the provisions of the Geneva Peace Accords.

Section 4

  1. Descibe the leadership of Ngo Dihn Diem. Was President Diem a true democratic leader? Why/Why not?

  2. Who were the Viet Cong? How did they fight? Describe the Viet Cong and the fighting tactics.

  3. Describe the response of the Vietnamese Buddhists to the actions of the Diem Government.

Section 5

  1. Describe the events that occurred in the Gulf of Tonkin between North Vietnamese boats and American military ships.

  2. How did the events in the Gulf of Tonkin affect the view of American involvement in Vietnam? Be sure to include discussion of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, President Johnson’s reaction, and the decisions of the US Congress in regards to involvement in Vietnam.

Section 6

  1. Describe Operation Rolling Thunder.

  2. Why was US entry into the Vietnam War significant for South Vietnam? How did the US try to help?

  3. Describe guerilla warfare. Why was this tactic s successful against American forces?

Section 7

  1. How did Americans react to the escalating war in Vietnam? Describe the anti-war movement and its impact.

  2. Describe three ways Americans protested against involvement in Vietnam.

Section 8

  1. What was the Tet Offensive? Describe the Tet Offensive and its outcome.

  2. How Did President Nixon deal with the war in Vietnam? What steps did President Nixon take to end the Vietnam War?

Section 9

  1. How did President Nixon’s bombing raids, on Laos and Cambodia, affect peace negotiations? (1-2 sentences)

  2. What was the ultimate of the Vietnam War?

  3. What impact did the Vietnam War have on the Vietnamese? (2-3 sentences)

  4. What impact did the Vietnam War have on the US? (3-4 sentences)

  5. Did the US win or lose the Vietnam War? Explain your answer. (5 sentences)

Download 4.85 Kb.

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