Vietnam Tuna Fisheries Improvement Plan (fip) Roadmap General

Figure 3 – Portion of a hypothetical FIP Action Plan

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Figure 3 – Portion of a hypothetical FIP Action Plan

Based on the actions agreed as part of the stakeholder workshop, the assessor is then in a position to build on these actions (it is at this stage that these actions may be formally developed as a Fishery management Plan, or formally linked into existing formal FMPs).

The critical issue is that the FIP Action Plan and any associated logframe clearly and logically links objectives, outcomes, outputs, activities, roles, responsibilities, indicators and verification means.

Implementation of the FIP Action Plan may be structured around the three MSC Principles, but with additional goals, outcomes and activities added, particularly those linked to social and economic goals (for example, it could be linked to establishing local fishing organizations).

Planning for Action Plan / FMP implementation also includes, quite importantly, the appointment of a local coordinator, the mobilization of budgets and the preparation of clear ToRs for specific stakeholders.

It is expected that once the Action Plan / FMP is completed and budgets and resources mobilized, that the FIP will continue for three to five years, with MSC Full Assessment as the end point of the FIP.

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