Vietnam Tuna Fisheries Improvement Plan (fip) Roadmap General

Figure 2 – Hypothetical fishery pre-assessment

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Figure 2 – Hypothetical fishery pre-assessment

  1. FIP Scoping

Step 2 involves the assessor evaluating the outputs from the pre-assessment, scoping the potential improvements, and recommending a series of ‘actions’. These actions are designed to help improve performance against all individual Performance Indicators considered during Step 1, but they also incorporate best practice and lessons learned from other fisheries.

  1. FIP stakeholder workshop and workplan development

Once the pre-assessment and related scoping is completed and results circulated, a multi-stakeholder workshop is held. The main goals of the workshop are to:

At the workshop stakeholders consider the practicality of the recommendations and refine these to suit local conditions. Stakeholders consider the priority of different actions and determine who will be responsible for what as well as set out the appropriate timelines. The timelines are mostly within year 1 and 2, with some activities such as review of mitigation strategies for year 3 and beyond

  1. FIP Implementation

Implementation of the FIP, and the first follow-up from the stakeholder meetings, typically involves:

  • Revision of draft workplan with stakeholder

  • Linking each activity in the workplan to specific performance indicators

  • Writing an “action plan” based on discussion/activities from stakeholder meeting

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