Vietnam Tuna Fisheries Improvement Plan (fip) Roadmap General

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Vietnam Tuna Fisheries Improvement Plan (FIP) Roadmap

  1. General

On September 12th 2012 representatives of the Vietnam Department of Capture Fisheries and Resource Development (DECAFREP), WWF Vietnam, WWF Coral Triangle Network Initiative, MSC, the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), the Vietnam Tuna Association (Vinatuna), processors, fishermen, US and EU tuna importers and other stakeholders gathered in Nha Trang to discuss entering the Vietnam longline and handline tuna fishery into the process for MSC sustainability certification through a Fisheries Improvement Project.

Following a series of presentations on the current status and knowledge of Vietnam’s tuna fisheries and preliminary review of the tuna fishery documenting key shortcomings against MSC principles, a consensus position from meeting participants was obtain that:

  1. Confirmed unanimous support and interest for implementing a Fishery Improvement Project for tuna;

  2. Identified (through a quick vote) WWF to coordinate next steps including the development of a roadmap for going forward;

  3. Recognized that more consultations and information sharing was required ahead of moving into the early stages of a formal FIP, including identification of the proposed Unit of Certification and client group(s)

To that end, this preliminary roadmap aims to identify key steps and requirements up to the pre-assessment process as well as looking forward to the immediate steps to implement the FIP beyond the pre-assessment (i.e. Action Plan based on the pre-assessment results).

Since the time of the meeting, WWF has initiated some direct consultations with other key stakeholders, including government line agencies, NGOs and private sector representatives, in order to ensure full participation of all interest groups and to pinpoint further the key issues that would need to be brought to all participants for feedback ahead of the pre-assessment.

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