Vietnam in hd episode 1 The Beginning 1964-1965

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Vietnam in HD

Episode 1

The Beginning 1964-1965

  1. By 1964, how many Americans had heard of Vietnam?

  1. When did America’s involvement begin?

  1. Who supported the North? Who supported the South?

  1. What did the U.S. provide the South with?

  1. What were the U.S. advisors doing?

  1. What did the VC work to do?

  1. What happened August 2, 1964?

  1. August 4th?

  1. August 5th?

  1. What did the Gulf of Tonkin authorize?

  1. Who were the ARVN?

  1. Describe the condition of the South Vietnamese government by 1964.

  1. How did the Vietcong view the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?

  1. Significance of November 1, 1964?

  1. February 7, 1965?

  1. What was Operation Rolling Thunder?

  1. How long did U.S. command think the war was going to last?

  1. Why did U.S. commanders originally want ground troops sent to Vietnam?

  1. Significance of March 8, 1965?

  1. Why were the U.S. pilots getting frustrated during Rolling Thunder?

  1. What happened March 30, 1965?

  1. What was General Westmoreland’s request?

  1. What did Johnson announce on July 28, 1965?

  1. What was the experimental new tactic?

  1. What was the 1st Calvary designed to do?

  1. What was the problem with landing zone X-Ray?

  1. How did the U.S. underestimate the North Vietnamese force at landing zone X-Ray?

  1. What is meant by “broken arrow?”

  1. What was the result of America’s first major battle in the Ia Drang Valley?

  1. What will be the measure of U.S. success?

  1. What will be an important weapon in executing U.S. strategy?

Vietnam in HD

Episode 3

The Tet Offensive


In mid-January 1968, the North Vietnamese (NVA) surround and attack the Marine base at Khe Sanh, shocking the American forces and the public back home. Less than two weeks later, what becomes known as the Tet Offensive is launched. It is the largest enemy offensive of the entire war; more than 120 cities, towns and installations are simultaneously hit. Though U.S. forces prevailed, it seems that the war in Vietnam may not be winnable.

  1. How many American soldiers are there in Vietnam at the beginning of 1968?

  1. Describe the US military strategy?

  1. What is the measure of success at this point in the war?

  1. What do President LBJ and General Westmoreland assure the American people at the beginning of 1968?

  1. Why do the Vietnamese believe they will eventually win?

  1. What does this mean for Americans in the field of battle?

  1. What is Vietnam’s most important holiday? Why is it celebrated?

  1. What is supposed to occur on Tet?

  1. Describe the Tet Offensive:

  1. Explain the battle at Khe Sanh:

  1. Describe napalm:

  1. What is the REAL cost of the Tet Offensive?

  1. What happened on Feb. 1, 1968 on national TV?

  1. What happened 3 weeks after the Tet Offensive began?

  1. What did Walter Cronkite tell the American public as he offered his opinion to the nation as a result of his time spent in Vietnam?

  1. What happened 2 days after Cronkite’s speech to Americans?

  1. How do many Americans view this resignation?

  1. What is the credibility gap?

  1. Who challenges President LBJ for the Democratic Party nomination for President in the election of 1968?

  1. What does LBJ tell the American people in his speech in 1968?

  1. How long was the Battle of Khe Sanh? How Americans were killed?

  1. Describe the losses faced to the Vietcong after the Tet Offensive.

  1. Who won the Tet Offensive militarily?

  1. How did the Tet Offensive affect the American public’s view of the war?

Vietnam in HD

Episode 6

Peace with Honor 1971-1975

  1. By 1971, how long had peace talks been going on?

  1. What is “Vietnamization?”

  1. Why is pressure increasing on the ARVN and U.S. forces in 1971?

  1. What is the Ho Chi Minh trail used for?

  1. Why did they ARVN have to go into Laos?

  1. Why couldn’t U.S. ground forces go into Laos?

  1. How did the invasion into Laos by the ARVN serve as a test for ARVN troops?

  1. What were the ARVN finally doing on their own via Route 9?

  1. How did the U.S. aid the ARVN ground troops in their attack on the NVA supply depots?

  1. Why did U.S. choppers have to aid the ARVN?

  1. What was the result of the ARVN attack? What did it show the U.S.?

  1. What percentage of Americans supported the war by April 1971?

  1. What was John Kerry the first to do?

  1. What did 800 Vietnam veterans do with their medals at the protest?

  1. How many U.S. soldiers remain in Vietnam in 1972?

  1. What did the U.S. begin doing to North Vietnam in 1972?

  1. What is the significance of August 11th, 1972?

  1. What is the significance of January 27th, 1973?

  1. What began three weeks after the peace agreement was signed?

  1. What impact did the lack of U.S. support have on the ARVN?

  1. What did the North Vietnamese Army do in March 1975?

  1. Why were millions of dollars of military equipment dumped into the ocean?

  1. What is the significance of April 30th, 1975?

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