Video Study Guide “Lee and Grant”

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Video Study Guide “Lee and Grant”

  1. Lee and Grant both attended West Point at different times

  1. Two of Lee’s relatives signed the Delectation of Independence.

  1. Grant’s father was a tanner of animal hides.

  1. Grant and Lee both served in the Union army during the Mexican War.

  1. Grant is sent to different post in the Mid-West and on the East coast, but resigns after he is stationed in California.

  1. Jefferson Davis, the US Sectary of War, appoints Lee to be the superintendent of West Point.

  1. Lee is offered the position of senior commander of Union forces assembling to suppress the rebellion, Lee refuses the appointment.

  1. On April 23rd, 1861 Lee was offered the command of the Virginia forces, which he accepts.

  1. Grant, feeling honor bound offers his service to the Union. He notified the war department of his availability, but his letter was ignored.

  1. Grant was then assigned to Springfield IL. , where he trained troops.

  1. At the beginning of the Civil War, Lee fought mostly in the East and Grant fought in the West.

  1. The first of Grant’s use of the Union Navy was at the Battle of Belmont in Missouri.

  1. After Grant took Fort Donelson the press wrote that his initials U. S. stood for unconditional surrender.

  1. General Sherman would become Grant’s best friend and confidant.

  1. Unlike Grant, Lee was well liked by his men.

  1. When Confederate General Johnson is wounded, Lee replaces him as the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia.

  1. Within 30 days Lee’s forces lose 20,000 men.

  1. The greatest battle for Lee and his forces was the Seven Day’s War.

  1. It was thought that a Southern victory on Northern soil might prompt England and France to recognize the Confederacy and help end the Union blockades on Southern ports.

  1. 23,000 men fell in the battle of Antietam, which was the bloodiest battle in the Civil War.

  1. Lee is noted as saying that “It is good that war is so terrible else we would grow too fond of it.”

  1. The loss of General Stonewall Jackson leads to the end of General Lee’s offensive victories.

  1. President Lincoln used four commanders in eight months. To lead the Union army, before General Grant is appointed commander of Union forces

  1. Grant’s greatest victory and Lee’s biggest defeat come within hours of each other on the Nations 87th birthday on July 4, 1863.

  1. After almost a year of siege the people of Vicksburg have taken to living in caves.

  1. Lee and Grant met for the last time as enemies at Appomattox Court House to sign the treaty for peace.

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