Video, "Poisoned Dreams"

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1960’S UNIT

SRING 2014


1960-63 Video, “Poisoned Dreams”
1960 Election, Kennedy vs. Nixon-
Kennedy’s administration and how he organized his presidency……..How did young people feel with Kennedy in charge?
Space Race…Bold proclamation that America would be the first to put a man on the moon…
Bay of Pigs embarrassment
2nd Berlin Crisis
Cuban Missile Crisis
Peace Corps
Special Forces
Domino Theory
President Diem, South Vietnam…how did America help in the coup? Isn’t a little strange that America seems to be supporting corrupt, dictatorial governments, all so South Vietnam doesn’t become ___________________!
Viet Cong-

Communist rebels, many of whom lived and operated within South Vietnam

Kennedy’s Popularity, impact of his death in ’63-
Describe the circumstances surrounding Kennedy’s assassination, including the impact it had on the American public-

(By the way, much of what we have discussed, covered already is “repeated” in Chapter 20, sections 1 and 2…any specific terms necessary to understand we will clarify later)

Shared “background of Viet Nam war” notes…..PASTED HERE AGAIN

Vietnam Notes, progression of how we got involved and how the war progressed/digressed..
Brief look at how we “got there”….Vietnam had a long history of colonization (French, then the Japanese during WW2). Liberated by U.S. at end of WW2.
French back in control of them after war but U.S. bankrolling the French resistance to communist rebels.
Ho Chi Minh led Communists following war, French eventually surrendered, got out of Vietnam in 1955,

1954 Geneva Convention had set up 17th parallel division and called for elections as to how the country would be united and governed, that the U.S. never would allow and we didn’t allow these elections because we feared they would result in VNam being unified under a communist government!

Special Forces, ’62-63- 1000 advisors sent in to aid, advise our ally, non Communist South Vietnam.
Domino Theory- if one country, any country, falls to communism, then others will fall too.

(relates to “Containment” don’t it , dawg???)

President Diem, South Vietnam. 1963…how did America help in the coup? Isn’t a little strange that America seems to be supporting corrupt, dictatorial governments, all so South Vietnam doesn’t become?
Ho Chi Minh- Communist leader of North Vietnam who was determined to unify the entire country into one, independent nation.

Eventually, America kept upping its “ante” into the war, committing more and more until we were in a full scale war with an elusive enemy that was determined to not meet us head on, and persist until support for the war waned.

Viet Cong- Pro communist rebels, guerillas in South Vietnam.

Vietnam War funkiness….

  1. Longest war we ever fought

  2. Only war we ever lost, didn’t win

  3. We won every battle, but lost the war

  4. First war on TV

  5. War was never officially declared, approved

  6. Despite being 10% of the population, African-Americans constituted 22% of the casualties…(student deferments and other policies indirectly allowed the rich to get out of service more easily)

Let me add…Gulf of Tonkin Resolution…the “blank check” that allowed the Vietnam War to occur-

Disputed “attack” on U.S. patrol boat in 1964. Some historians argue that LBJ/U.S. government fabricated entire story, at best exaggerated the truth about it. Only two senators voted against it however, basically gave LBJ power to wage war without an official declaration of war.


Chapter 20, Section 3

Read/review this section (pages 686-691 with a chart showing all of the Great Society programs on page 690) and “do” in writing * Main Idea #2 at the end of the section, only for the “Great Society”

*And, please answer question #1 after reading the point/counter point on page 692.
Bottom line, you should know what LBJ’s Great Society was all about and have an opinion about it!
5/12/14…share responses from last week regarding the Great Society..
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution..

Shared, discussed the following from Encyclopedia Britannica…

Discussion questions, after highlighting/underlining most important phrase or sentence..

  1. Why is this often called a “blank check” for President Johnson

  2. What is the potential problem with a “blank check”?

  3. Is President LBJ alone to blame for the escalation of the VN War? (evidence from this source?)

  4. Predict how people are going to feel about the VN War if it escalates and is not going well?

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, also called Tonkin Gulf Resolution, resolution put before the U.S. Congress by President Lyndon Johnson on Aug. 5, 1964, assertedly in reaction to two allegedly unprovoked attacks by North Vietnamese torpedo boats on the destroyers Maddox and C. Turner Joy of the U.S. Seventh Fleet in the Gulf of Tonkin on August 2 and August 4, respectively. Its stated purpose was to approve and support the determination of the president, as commander in chief, in taking all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression. It also declared that the maintenance of international peace and security in Southeast Asia was vital to American interests and to world peace.

Both houses of Congress passed the resolution on August 7, the House of Representatives by 414 votes to nil, and the Senate by a vote of 88 to 2. The resolution served as the principal constitutional authorization for the subsequent vast escalation of the United States’ military involvement in the Vietnam War. Several years later, as the American public became increasingly disillusioned with the Vietnam War, many congressmen came to see the resolution as giving the president a blanket power to wage war, and the resolution was repealed in 1970.

In 1995 Vo Nguyen Giap, who had been North Vietnam’s military commander during the Vietnam War, acknowledged the August 2 attack on the Maddox but denied that the Vietnamese had launched another attack on August 4, as the Johnson administration had claimed at the time.

“Unpinned” guide and “assignment”…Analyze aspects of American society that became unpinned as the 1960’s unfolded. The concepts on the guide are “testable”..INCLUDING CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT RELATED QUESTIONS.

Chapter 22, Section 4
Tet Offensive, ’68- How did this ultimately turn public opinion against the war?

LBJ’s withdraws, when/why/impact?

MLK killed, 1968-

Robert Kennedy killed 1968-

1968 Democratic national convention, what happened?

Who benefitted from Democratic party chaos and became president in ’68?-
Are you getting the idea that 1968 was a pretty important, tumultuous year in American history?
Chapter 22, Section 3, read pages 742-743 and understand the nature of the draft in Vietnam War.
Read about 6 men who faced decisions re the draft, military service during Vietnam, discuss which of these men they respected the most and the least.


Primary source collection, witnesses to VN war:
Consider, for this and all primary sources-

Audience, Context, Purpose, Message,

SIGNIFICANCE---How did the author change? Can he atone, be forgiven for what he did? In the larger context of the Vietnam War and what it must have been like to fight in it, what does this story “say”???


Overall, what’s the Tone of this music?
What are some specific “complaints” you can see in these songs?

Vietnam Era Music-

Fortunate Son…how relevant to the Vietnam War and VN War era?

Born in the USA?... “statement” about the VN War? “Ohio”..what did this have to do with the Kent State tragedy of 1970 and VN war in general? Kent State was where protesters were killed in 1970, actually many Americans at this time sided with the police, evidence that many in America were “tired” of the Vietnam War and protests about it.


End of the war, its legacy, wrap up

Chapter 22, Section 5-

  • Richard Nixon and “Vietnamization”-

  • “Peace with Honor”-

  • American bombings of N. Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos-

  • My Lai Massacre-

  • Pentagon Papers-

  • The end of the war for America (page 758)-

  • The end of the war overall (page 759 and video of last days before Saigon fell to Communists)-

  • Vietnam Memorial (and artifacts)

War Powers Act-

Legacy of Vietnam War-

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