Video Guide: Guns, Germs, and Steel Conquest

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Video Guide: Guns, Germs, and Steel - Conquest

1. What question is Jared Diamond trying to find the answer to?

2. Where did agriculture begin and to where did it move?

3. Describe how the Incas first viewed the conquistadors? How did they later describe the Spaniards?

4. What do the Spaniards have that give them an advantage?

5. Where did gun powder first come from, and who first used it as a weapon?

6. Although guns were important, what was the real power behind the conquistadors? Where did this originally start?

7. How did Cortes' defeat of the Aztecs help Pizarro? How did Pizarro know about Cortes' story?

8. Where was writing developed?

9. How did geography favor the spread of ideas/technology in Eurasia but not in the Americas? i.e. Why was it easier for technologies and ideas to spread East - West rather than North - South?

10. What other weapon of mass destruction did the Spanish have, and why didn’t the Incas have these?

11. What is the final answer to Jared Diamond's question? Do you agree with his answer?

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