Victims: Sharon Tate Jay Sebring Abigail Folger Voytek Frykowski Steve Parent Leno LaBianca and Rosemary LaBianca “Family” Members

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Helter Skelter
Answer the following identifications/questions:
Explain who the following people are:

  1. Sharon Tate-

  1. Jay Sebring-

  1. Abigail Folger-

  1. Voytek Frykowski-

  1. Steve Parent-

  1. Leno LaBianca and Rosemary LaBianca-

Family” Members:

Explain (A) who they are/were, (B) Where are they now?

  1. Mary Brunner-


  1. Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme-


  1. Susan Atkins-


  1. Patricia Krenwinkel-


  1. Leslie Van Houten-


  1. Linda Kasabian-


  1. Charles “Tex” Watson


  1. Charles Manson-



  1. Ronnie Howard-

  1. Danny DeCarlo-

  1. Paul Watkins-

  1. Terry Melcher (Doris Day)-

  1. Rudy Altobelli-

  1. William Garretson-

  1. Dennis Wilson-

  1. Roman Polanski-


  1. Vincent Bugliosi-

  1. Aaron Stovitz-

  1. Ronald Hughes-

  1. Irving Kanarek-

Answer the following questions:
27. What was the personal background of Charles Manson? (Birthplace, parents, early life, teen years, etc...)

28. What type of leader was Charles Manson?

Was Manson a charismatic leader? Explain.
Who was Manson's hero?

29. What does "Helter Skelter" mean?

What role was Manson to play in "Helter Skelter"?

30. How many murders were associated with Manson and his followers?

31. Should murderers be put in jail and prisons with offenders of non-

violent crimes? Explain.

32. Was Charles Manson crazy? Could he plead insanity at trial?
33. If you were the prosecutor, would you have given immunity to Susan

Atkins and Linda Kasabian?

34. How responsible where the Beatles for writing the "White Album"

which advocates revolution and killing people of the establishment? Is

it just music, or are musicians responsible for their songs? Explain.

35. Should Charles Manson ever be paroled? Why or why not?

36. Should any of the girls or Tex Watson be paroled? Why or why not?

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