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Change management Process

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Change management Process

The Change Management process establishes an orderly and effective procedure for tracking the submission, coordination, review, evaluation, categorization, and approval for release of all changes to the project’s baselines.
    1. Change Request Process Flow Requirements

[Outline the project team’s agreed upon change request (CR) process flow. The following outlines a generic change request process flow.]



Generate CR

A submitter completes a CR Form and sends the completed form to the Change Manager

Log CR Status

The Change Manager enters the CR into the CR Log. The CR’s status is updated throughout the CR process as needed.

Evaluate CR

Project personnel review the CR and provide an estimated level of effort to process, and develop a proposed solution for the suggested change


Approval to move forward with incorporating the suggested change into the project/product


If approved, make the necessary adjustments to carry out the requested change and communicate CR status to the submitter and other stakeholders

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