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DLMS Device Requirements Tables

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DLMS Device Requirements Tables

Table 7.3.8a: Objects tab in embedded file

Table 7.3.8b: Scripts tab in embedded file

Table 7.3.8c: Application Associations tab in embedded file

Table 7.3.8d: Association LN Object Content tab in embedded file

Table 7.3.8e: Security Setup Object Content tab in embedded file

Table 7.3.8f: SAP Assignment Object content tab in embedded file

Table 7.3.8g: Conformance Content tab in embedded file

Table 7.3.8h: End to End Communications tab in embedded file

      1. ESME accounts, credits and charges - informative

As detailed in the Mapping Table, an ESME shall have two Account objects (Class ID 111) which shall be used in both Credit and Prepayment Modes:

  • a single ‘active’ Account object (OBIS code 0-0: which can be read in Use Cases but which is never written to directly; and

  • a single ‘passive’ Account object (OBIS code 0-1: which can be written to in Use Cases but which is never read.

Both relate to Import Energy.

The activation attribute and method of the ‘passive’ object leads to its static values being copied from the passive to the active object, rather than the passive becoming active (see Section

The ‘Set Payment Mode to Credit’ and ‘Set Payment Mode to Prepayment’ Use Cases are used to trigger such activation of the ‘passive’ object. The SMETS attributes Suspend Debt Emergency and Suspend Debt Disabled are implemented as part of these objects and so are set in these Use Cases. If an ESME is in Prepayment Mode and the value of either Suspend Debt attribute is to be changed, this can be achieved by sending a Set Payment Mode to Prepayment Command containing the new values.

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        file -> Remove this if sending to pagerunnerr Page Title Light Rail Security Recommended Best Practice
        file -> 8 Section 1 : Sport
        file -> Notice of exercise of additional powers of seizure under Sections 50 or 51 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001
        file -> Home office circular 004/2014 Powers to search for and seize invalid travel documents in Schedule 8 to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014
        file -> Consultation on the Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2012
        file -> Crown copyright 2012
        file -> This is the Report to Government by the Film Policy Review Panel The brief
        file -> Impact Assessment (IA)
        file -> Dcms/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund a public-Private Partnership (2002-2010)

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