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Application Associations

Any ESME or CHF shall communicate using pre-established Application Associations (AA). These shall be set at manufacture, and the Device shall reject all subsequent attempts to open or release Application Associations.

An ESME or CHF shall support the Application Associations in Table 7.3.8c. An ESME or CHF shall not support any additional Application Associations.

The Application Associations in Table 7.3.8c shall limit access to DLMS features by configuring the object_list attribute to reflect the access granted to the role in ‘SMETS Required Objects’ tab of the table in Section 20. Any other methods and attributes of any class shall be made inaccessible by listing them in the object_list attribute such that there is no access.

The Public AA shall only expose:

  • the SAP Assignment object; and

  • the DLMS COSEM Logical Device name object and object_list with no objects listed other than the Association Logical Name (LN) Object (with its Blue Book meaning) and the SAP Assignment Object.

When a Message is received by the ESME or CHF, the Message shall be validated against the AA based on the Business Originator ID and the Message Code within the Grouping Header.

Other attributes in the Association LN Objects and the Security Setup Objects shall be set at manufacture in accordance with Tables 7.3.8d and 7.3.8e.

The ‘SAP Assignment’ object shall be configured at manufacture in accordance with Table 7.3.8f. The method associated with the ‘SAP Assignment’ object shall not be accessible to any Application Association.

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