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Device Requirements – DLMS COSEM

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Device Requirements – DLMS COSEM

  1. Introduction – informative

The DLMS COSEM server in the ESME (and CHF where a DLMS COSEM server is present) responds to requests for information, and also provides Alerts in response to events within the meter (e.g. push data at the end of billing period; Alert in the event of a tamper; disable supply when prepayment credit expires). To achieve this, a level of configuration is needed to ensure that the behaviour of the Device is as expected.

SMETS and CHTS require that the Critical Commands mandated by them (and so those defined in the GBCS) are the only Critical commands allowed. Devices may implement additional non Critical features only.

SMETS and CHTS only require DLMS COSEM support on the ESME.

DLMS COSEM objects (or functionality equivalent to them) are required to deliver the ESME functionality defined in the Use Cases in a consistent way but should not be accessible via the ESME’s HAN interface (i.e. it is internal functionality).

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