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Payload sequence and Break On Error

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Payload sequence and Break On Error

All Message Payloads - Command Payloads, Response Payloads and Alert Payloads - shall:

  • only be constructed in the sequence specified in the corresponding Use Case;

  • only be processed in the sequence specified in the corresponding Use Case; and

  • be processed by a recipient Device on a Break On Error basis.

Where a Command Payload contains multiple instructions, processing of further instructions shall cease at the point any one instruction fails. In line with the DLMS COSEM Access Services requirements, a Response shall contain one result for each instruction in the Command. The corresponding result in the Response Payload shall detail that instruction's success or failure. The Response Payload shall explicitly detail a result for each of the subsequent instructions that were not attempted. The results in the Response shall be in the same order as the instructions in the Command.

The specific result codes shall be as specified in the relevant ZSE / DLMS COSEM document, or in this GBCS where standard-based error codes do not exist. Where execution of instructions was not attempted due to the Break On Error requirement, the response shall return:

  • for DLMS instructions, a Data-Access-Result / Action-Result of other-reason;

  • for ZCL / ZSE instructions, a ZCL / ZSE status value of FAILURE (0x01), with a Command ID set to 0xFF.

A ZSE command returning a status of ‘NOT_FOUND’ shall not be treated as a failure.

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