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Response Cryptographic Protection

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Response Cryptographic Protection

Requirements in this Section 6.4.5 shall apply to Message Category SME.C.NC and all subordinate categories.

The Device shall calculate the Device to Known Remote Party MAC (SMD-KRP MAC) using the parameters in Table 6.4.5.

Input Parameter



To calculate the Shared Secret (‘Z’) input to the KDF:

Private Key Agreement Key


Public Key Agreement Key

Known Remote Party’s

As held by the Device in the relevant Trust Anchor Cell {remotePartyRole, keyAgreement, management}. The relevant Cell will contain Business Originator ID as specified in Message Identifier.

The other input to the KDF (‘OtherInfo’) shall be calculated according to the requirements of Section

As input to the GMAC function, the IV shall be constructed according to the requirements of Section, the Plaintext shall be empty and:

Additional Authenticated Data shall be the concatenation:

0x11 || Grouping Header || Response Payload || 0x00

Table 6.4.5: Calculation of Device to Known Remote Party MAC

The SMD-KRP MAC for incorporation in the Response shall only be calculated once all fields of the Response, except for the SMD-KRP MAC itself, are populated as per requirements for the Response Construction stage, for the Message in question.

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