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Common Message Processing steps - informative

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Common Message Processing steps - informative

A common set of stages for Remote Party Message processing is used in this GBCS and the Use Cases, except for Variant Messages15. Variant Messages include Security Credentials and Prepayment Top Up related Messages.

The common set of stages for Commands is shown in Table 5.4a.

Name of Stage

Summary of the stage

Responsible Smart Metering Entity

  1. Command Construction

The Command is fully populated, apart from cryptographic fields


The entity undertaking this phase is not known to the Device

Although not apparent to the Device, the DSP’s Transform Service would normally undertake such construction for DCC managed Devices

  1. Command Cryptographic Protection I

This stage is only needed where a Remote Party, other than the Access Control Broker, is required to add Cryptographic Protection to the Command. So for digital signing of Critical Commands only

Known Remote Party

  1. Command Cryptographic Protection II

The Access Control Broker adds its Cryptographic Protection to the Message. This is by way of the ACB adding a MAC

Access Control Broker

  1. Command Authenticity and Integrity Verification

The Device undertakes the range of checks needed, including those to ensure authenticity of the sender and integrity of the Message.

This includes checking the Identifiers and Counter in the Command and verifying the Access Control Broker’s MAC


Table 5.4a: Common stages for Commands

That common set of stages for Responses is shown in Table 5.4b.

Name of Stage

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